What’s in my bag?

This morning before stepping out of the house to do my errands, I suddenly remembered a friend’s question and thought about making it as an entry for the blog.

I know we usually see a feature on what’s inside your bag in magazines. So, I decided to make a little twist and will only feature the bags of other people/clients/friends and what’s in it every other week. I don’t want to bombard you with posts that are all the same. He he 😁

To begin with, let me answer you my friend thru this post. 😁

What’s inside your personal shopper’s bag?



 My essentials are rather simple. Let me enumerate them to you:

1. Hermès passport holder

2. Hermès money clip

3. Hermès kelly wallet in lime (gift from my client/friend)

4. Celine oversized sunnies

5.Marc Jacobs hair tie

6. Power bank

7. Hermès key case in ostrich leather

8. Beats by dre head set

9. Hermès card holder

10. Jo Malone cologne

11. La Mer lip balm

Of course I always carry around my phones and my personalized notebook and pen. I have a secret collection of notebooks. hehehe.

This particular notebook is my current favorite. It was hand made by a Chinese Artisan, with my brand name printed on it.

I also have a thing with ball pens.

I'm still into beautiful notebooks and pens
I’m still into beautiful notebooks and pens

Bynd Artisan leather bound personalized notebook and my favorite Cartier pen in ruby. (I have this in other colors too) hehe

Basically these are the things I usually carry around. 🙂 It doesn’t matter what bag I am using for the day, I just have to transfer these things.

So what’s in your bag? Also, who  would you like to suggest who should I feature for our next What’s in your bag-Loveluxe edition? Do let me know.



The last days of November is just the beginning of my days to remember.

In 2 days we bid adieu to November. The year went by so fast and in exactly 15 days I turn a year older.

What I thought was another ordinary Monday turned out to be the beginning of the days that I’ll look forward to.

Today, I am on the inquirer online page. My story, My love luxe, is there an is featured. Honestly, I am teary eyed, as I read it. You know having gone through the ups and downs of the business for almost 9 years is no joke. All my sacrifices, my passion, my hard work is little by little getting noticed. I am forever grateful. I thank God everyday for the abundance, that despite the fact that there are people trying to throw stones on my side, He guides me and keeps me calm and dignified.


I have no time to dwell on others’ negativity. I am just so thankful that I am not on the same position as those who are resorting to extremes and false accusations just to taint someone else’s reputation and business.

At the end of the day, I am thankful. The good. The bad. The happy and sad.

The people who left that taught me to be stronger and become more self sufficient and most of all to the people who never left my side.

Let’s put our glasses up to celebrate.

This. Is. just. the. beginning.

Exciting days ahead.




Lana Marks: designer to the royalties.

Marian loves unique and elegant pieces. One time we were talking, she asked me to know more about the brand Lana Marks and to try to check their pieces. She particularly liked the bag made for Princess Diana, what with that sleek and sophisticated look. I immediately knew that would be her next “it” bag.

That same day, I tried to get in touch with the Lana Marks team. A little past midnight I got a reply via my email and gave exchanged contact details with their team. I was so surprised when I received a WhatsApp message that said: “Hi Aimee the princess Diana bag should be available in a few weeks.- Lana Marks” As if her message was not enough, (or maybe she sensed that I was in huge disbelief) She gave me a phone call. Yes THE LANA MARKS herself! We discussed how to go about it and that the bag will be made upon confirmation. Weee!!! I was so excited!!


From the 1st message, the 1st phone call, the updates to the finished product 😀

She even attached a photo of herself and Princess Diana and wrote a dedication letter to Marian. Which the primetime queen appreciated so much.

I was so happy to be a channel in making this possible.

The bag and the letter even made it to the local news! See what I mean when I said Yan has a Midas touch? 😉 screenshot_2016-11-27-22-34-14

Let me share with you a copy of the letter from Lana as posted on IG:


Lana Marks' hand written note with a photo of herself and Princess Diana for Marian Rivera <3
Lana Marks’ hand written note with a photo of herself and Princess Diana for Marian Rivera <3


Here is a photo of the most talked about bag fit for a royalty. loveluxebags_lana_marks_marian_rivera_5loveluxebags_lana_marks_marian_rivera_6loveluxebags_lana_marks_marian_rivera_2


Yay! til our next shopping project!



On Baby Julia: Clara Is My Real Life Mara. Shopping For The Daytime Drama Queen.

As I previously mentioned, I will feature my clients as we go along. Particularly on how I built a good relationship and friendship with them.

Julia Montes, my baby made it big when she played the role of Clara on the remake of Mara Clara. The most successful drama series of the 90s. Then on, her career sky rocketed to teenage superstar status.

Julia openly admits that she looks up to Yan Yan and got to know my account because  she learned that I am the queen’s shopper.

After a few talks, several deliveries, we just became really close. You know that level of closeness where you feel like you’ve known each other forever? Thats exactly how we felt.

Bonding night with my baby Julia and bestie Kakat. Missing beshie Maan here



Julia calls me her fairy fashion ate. Whatever she wants or whatever I think would look good on her, I source and bring to her doorstep. She loves the fact that I always suggest different brands that will complement her age and style. On random days, we simply hang out, be it on the set of her top rating afternoon soap, her day off or after work. We would have merienda or dinner together and talk about what’s going on in our lives. What’s stressing us over the past couple of days and so on. Juls got to know me to the point where one time she was so worried that I suddenly wasn’t my jolly self. As soon as I stepped out the set, she messaged me and re assured me that whatever I am going through or whatever stressful events are going on, I have her and that everything will pass.


When she learned about my blog she was so excited and immediately promoted on her account. I felt so happy knowing that I have gained not only the trust of these people but also earned their respect and love.

montesjulia08: this is it !!! congrats my ate @loveluxebags check her blog guys :) Image and caption courtesy of @montesjulia08 on IG
montesjulia08: this is it !!! congrats my ate @loveluxebags check her blog guys 🙂
Image and caption courtesy of @montesjulia08 on IG

As for Julia, shoes makes her happy. She is one of the easiest people to shop for. Why? When she likes something no questions asked. She will just tell me, “go ate, I trust you get natin”.

Her biggest fashion investments, she let me purchase. I told her to stick with the classics in her bags adding some fun designs/brands every so often. Her investment pieces, she would always ask for my advice and would sweetly ask ate to source it for her. 🙂

You know my heart is swelling with pride and joy knowing that my opinion matters. My suggestions are well considered and my work? Appreciated.

You see, my business’ most rewarding profit is not the monetary value, but the happiness & fulfillment I gain whenever I am able to execute my plans and visions, bring in what my clients are eagerly looking for and the experiences & relationships I have built with them.

My goal in love luxe is not to be the most well known shopper there is, rather, I want to be the Lifestyle consultant/friend whom they can lean on at all times. I do not aspire to be famous, I want to be remembered and known for being able to give unparalleled customer service and relationship to the people I cater to. 🙂




Baby sis, I know you are reading this right now and I’d like you to know that in the same manner, I got you. Be it your shopping needs or personal matters, you know you have a sister from another mother right here. I’m always one message away. Okay? Okay. 

Love you always,

Ate. <3

My Generation’s Drama Queen Is My Bekimarsie. Angelica.

It was during grade school days when I started to know Angelica. What with her infamous roles as Becky in princess Sarah, Princesa in Ang princesa at and pulubi (baks, I know you’re reading this, don’t text me to nag why I forgot your character’s name, cos obviously that was 10 lightyears ago. Char!). I love how she can shine even though she can’t be the damsel in distress type of lead. She is so strong she can only afford to be the alta in every role. HAHAHAHA!

Angge and I became really close after several meet ups. A few weeks ago, she celebrated her 30th birthday. She hosted a very intimate dinner in her newly renovated home. I was among the chosen few. Ang taray di ba20161114_215845

Everyone knows her as the easy going, fun loving babaeng beks who only laughs everything off. On the contrary, Angelica is very professional. She is very passionate about her craft. I witnessed it. I can attest to it. Baks would call me in the middle of the night to share how her shoot went by. How she felt and what she’s looking forward to. She shared her love matters and what troubles her whenever she has the chance to talk and update. She welcomed me to the side of her that not everyone gets a chance to even have a glimpse of.

You know, when people want me in their life and trust me to a point where they share their innermost thoughts and feelings, I feel really, really happy. Cos honestly, no amount of material possessions can ever equate to that.

Angelica is so versatile. She can give justice to a role be it heavy drama or heavy COMEDY. hehe. Not that I am patronizing her. It’s just an honest opinion.

In 2010 if my memory serves me right, she played the role of Rubi and I remember wanting to watch every episode. My friends know that I am not the type who would patiently watch a tele serye from beginning to end. Kakat- (who was introduced in my kuri core article) fondly calls me her very own Rubi back then. he he he.

Looking back, I have never imagined to reach this point where my presence would be appreciated on her special events. As Kakat says, we only used to watch her and who would’ve thought that we will become this close.

It is such a great privilege to be called her friend. To see her off screen where is is just her. Carefree, fun loving and no non sense kind of girl.

Mars, your latest project was a work of art. I know what you’ve put in the line to make it worth the 2.5 hrs of every movie-goer’s time. Know that I am always here for you in good and in good. Char! I will always be here supporting your endeavors every step of the way. Kahit yung sabon at lotion mo pa yan. 😀

You rightfully deserve the title given to you as this generation’s drama queen. You worked for it. You totally earned it.

Sharing with you a short video clip for you to have a glimpse on how fun it is to be with her.


Mars, Ganda Ganda ———— Ganda. HAAHAHAHAH! Love you. Thank you for the gift of friendship.




Letizia is one!

Maria Letizia Gracia Dantes. Image courtesy of @therealmarian's IG account 😊
Maria Letizia Gracia Dantes. Image courtesy of @therealmarian’s IG account 😊



My dearest darling Letizia turns one year old today! We celebrate as you officially become a toddler! You bring so much happiness not only to your family but to everyone who loves you dearly. Know that whatever happens, tita is here for you. I love you my darling! 😘





Then came THE Kris Aquino. The one, the only.

Being a friend and a shopper to the primetime queen Marian Rivera is something I can consider a dream come true. Often times, people would ask me, since I already got the elusive queen, is there any one else I wish to shop for?


Image courtesy of google
Image courtesy of google

I would always say, Ms. Kris. Why? Because she is THE Kris A. No one does it like she does. I grew up in a household where her face was a staple of our tv screens. Whatever talk show she has, we watch. My mom is a fan. Mama has always been amazed by her level of intelligence and so am I.

For the longest time, I met and catered to people who had direct connections with her, then again having the mindset that referral and not request is the best form of marketing. I waited and prayed for the day to come.

On that fateful morning, I woke up quite early. My phone kept abuzz. With one eye open, I scanned my phone. Lo and behold an unfamiliar number popped on WhatsApp.


I rubbed my eyes (yes my LASIK treated eyes) and made sure I was wide awake. Re-read the message and checked if I was dreaming. Man, it was indeed her!

The very same day I went to her place to arrange and take care of some stuff.

On the third time I went to her place, when I came unprepared, turned out to be the first time we’d ever meet!!!

My mama prepared food for her since she heard that Ms. Kris wasn’t feeling well. As soon as I entered the room, I saw her! Eyes wide open, beaming with joy and anxious at the same time, I greeted her. She was her usual fun self. All I could do for 5 minutes there was smile. She ate mama’s specialty while chatting with me and I couldn’t be any happier and proud for my mama. She loved her cooking by the way.

What surprised me though was that she was surprised to see me. As you know, if you follow my social media accounts. I never really posted any photo of myself. I couldn’t and wouldn’t forget how she said: “OMG ang ganda mo!” In the duration of my stay she must have said that a couple of times. Good heavens, my charms worked when I needed it most. Nyahaha. (sorry di aka maka move on :D)

We had a chat and she asked me about my job, how I started. The normal getting to know you stage. In no time, I felt at ease. I was just myself telling her and answering her questions from the heart. It felt like I was talking to an elder sister. he he.

“You are so lovable and nice” were the adjectives she used to describe me while having the chat. I would never forget that.

You see my main capital in this industry is sincerity and passion. I’d like to believe that she must’ve seen that.

A few hours went like a breeze. I actually didn’t want to leave and yet I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable or give the wrong impression that I was “feeling close”. hehehe

She read my mama’s letter for her and she smiled. Touched by the gesture of my mom.

Generally, apart from saying that meeting her was another dream come true, the fact that we got to talk and learned more about each other was surreal.

I will forever keep that in my memory chest and would tell the story to everyone over and over again. After all, she is THE Kris A. The one, The Only.





My (kuri) Core. Of Bffs Who Are On The Same Level Of Craziness As You

“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves”

I couldn’t agree more. In this day and age, finding your true friends is no easy task. Tell me, how many times did you get into the wrong group before finding your best friends?

I have a very small circle of friends. I keep them so close to me. I don’t have any siblings. That’s the main reason why I love my friends with all of me. They are an extension of my family.

So let’s make an introduction to my over excited BFFs whose been waiting for their article/feature since day 1.

Disclaimer: this will make you cry FROM LAUGHTER.

We are a group of three who fondly call ourselves BESHIES. It was Kakat who introduced me to Maan. The two were classmates in middle school and Kat and I were workmates in Rustan’s.loveluxebags-bestfriends10

Kakat, smiley Aimee, Maan :D
     Kakat, smiley Aimee, Maan 😀

Kakat and I both stay in Manila while Maan used to stay in Bacolod since she’s the CEO of their company. HA HA!15127369_10211049391815071_695501779_o


Our closeness solidified in 2010 when we all went to a trip overseas. We learned so much about each other. There was never a dull moment whenever we’re complete. I bet you, you’d never expect our kind of bonding, ever.



kuri snack on the streets of Macau



My beautiful girls
My beautiful girls

We appreciate the finer things in life and yet we are still so kurimaw you will die from laughter whenever we do our PBO game.

During BlackBerry days we have this BBM group where we play every night. The game goes like this: the designated member will give a letter and everyone must come up with local celebrities whose name starts with that. Maan is the queen. You give her the letter B and she will score 2 points for thinking of someone whose name and surname starts with it! God, it’s been 5 years and I still remember how she said: “Bernardo Bernardo for two points!” that didn’t stop there, she immediately followed with “Bonel Balingit” and we laughed til our stomach hurt.

We love dressing up. In the past, we would think of themes every meet up and dress accordingly. We would spend long weekends in hotels just because we wanted to take nice photographs. haha! We literally don’t care as long as we were having fun.




Like any other group, we all have our moments, struggles and arguments. Then again these made us stronger and brought us closer.loveluxebags-bestfriends14

It was in 2012 when I got pregnant with my Connor and they were so ecstatic.

Even after having a son, we would bond and meet like always. It felt like we had another member in our group. Connor is always my date whenever we have get togethers.

With their movies
With our loves

This is how we roll- the kurimaw way.

Do you know anyone who enjoys fine dining in finestra on a random dinner date and yet can finish Salbakuta’s S2pid Luv? I do! haha! I am actually one of them!loveluxebags-bestfriends11

loveluxebags-bestfriends12We are now on the next chapter of our lives. I have my Connor and Kakat is already preparing for her upcoming February wedding, the (mis) adventures of which you will be a part of as we go along.

When your face powder is dust powder. haha During Kanye’s concert in MNL

The other day the two went to source some invitations for the wedding. Kakat didn’t even bother to tag me along. Why? Only she can answer. HAHAHAHA! 😀

Happiest place on earth with my happiest girls

Funny how all three of us are in different fields career wise and still are on the same wavelength in all other aspects of life. Given our impossible schedules, we never fail to talk or laugh about anything under the sun.15126075_10211049383614866_322945114_o

Yup! Diapers for their favorite little man in the universe!

Expect these girls to get mad ahead of me if anyone dares to treat me bad, cry harder than me in trying times and laugh louder than me on happy days. Of course, it goes without saying that I am also like that to them.

So this is my brief introduction of my kurimaw beshies. My extended family. The girls I chose to be a part of myself. I love them dearly.


Remember this girls, I know you hear this from me often but bear in mind that

Whatever is mine is yours too. You are mama’s daughters and Connor’s Ninang 1 and 2. The view from wherever we stand is best enjoyed with the people who truly matters. Success is defined in our own terms. Whatever I am today, you are a part of it. From the days we used to walked the side streets of Manila Bay to walking the streets of Rodeo, we are solid.







On dealing with people who try to put you down


There’s a hundred things people can say against you. More often than not, 99 percent is not true. If you fail the test of discernment you are unworthy. Because you judge without even trying to open your mind to reality. I have a big heart which always has a room for the grateful ones. Beauty encompasses the physique. It goes over and beyond what our eyes can see. Look through one and know everything. The ungrateful will always be there stuck in the past for he will always look at the faults of yesterday than the blessings of today.

This morning I received another call. You see I have quite a number of loyal acquaintances. Unfortunately, someone has been spreading rumors about me. I found it absurd, really. How can someone so sure, so confident (as one openly claims) go that low? Interesting.
Not so long ago, I used to have a group of so called ‘friends’ who revealed their true colors along the way. Hurt, used and feeling abused, I walked away and never looked back. Amazingly, after dropping these people from my life, a lot of intrigues and gossips surfaced. Me, being the center, of course. Imagine, even my car- that I worked so hard for became an issue to them! Of course, there’s no denying the fact that at some point I wanted to reveal their secrets, wanted to get even and reveal to everyone their true colors. Then again, I thought to myself: that wouldn’t make us any different anymore. Sometimes, you keep quiet not because you have nothing to say, but because you are more dignified than people whose happiness relies on trying to pull others down. Ironically, I learned this from a person who turns out to be someone who cannot live by example.
Then it hit me, I still have messages of these people asking me to offer their products! If I am the type who likes bringing others down, I would’ve easily forwarded those or posted for everyone to see. Then again, what would that make me? Yup-their spitting image and I don’t want that.
I may look like a snob what with my foreign features but truth be told? I am rather rational and have a good heart.
“If you live your life believing in the saying -an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth then you are a very sad person. You only want to hurt others for hurting you. It means you did not receive enough love and care that you want others to feel as miserable as you.”
This is one of my favorite lines from a series I used to watch.
I smiled and said. I must’ve received so much love from my family that I don’t want others to go through the same kind of pain they put me through.
You see, the solar system has 9 planets. If none of them is named after you, chances are the universe doesn’t revolve around you. In that case you wallow in your misery while we live our lives fully. No amount of money can cover the fact that breeding actually shows when you have every right to confront or fight with people who try to ruin you and yet you choose to distance yourself instead of doing so. You see, regardless of how hard a person tries to get along with everyone and make an effort not to intimidate others by being funny and blending in, maturity and breeding comes out in times like these. Most of all I will always be proud of my mother never probing or trying to ignite the flame by trying to sidesweep one’s personality based on how highly they think of themselves. She doesn’t take my side simply because I am her daughter, instead she weighs things and when I am at fault she never lets me get away with it easily. I get scolded to death till I make things right. If there’s one thing I learned from my mama, that is to be very intelligent with my battles and respect others regardless of how bad they’ve hurt me. At the end of the day the luxury of having peace of mind is something not everyone can afford.
I view loopholes ahead of everyone else when someone tries to put something up. I have that complex ability to see through. You don’t praise yourself, you let others do that for you esp when it comes to “upbringing”.
Luxury is too accessible these days that you can’t actually size up a person with her possessions.
Just because I don’t show every bit and piece of my life doesn’t mean yours is better. It simply means that boasting isn’t my expertise.
Most of all, anyone born with a silver spoon in the mouth never goes out telling other people that she is. Whoever does so clearly isn’t.
I even heard others saying that I don’t even travel. he he he. I just don’t post them because my social media accounts are not for that. My IG is mainly for business. That’s the reason why I came up with this blog as well. Because this is the proper place to do so.
So I’d just like to reiterate that if you carry on with that, you leave me with no choice but to formally bring it to the proper venue. Live and be confident enough that your work will speak for itself. Deliberately ruining one’s reputation to make you look better isn’t the way to go.

Here comes the Queen

As everyone knows, it was primetime queen Marian Rivera who gave me the biggest break in my career.

I only have good things to say about her. Really! What’s not to love? She’s a goddess. Her beauty radiates from the inside.

‘How does it feel like shopping for such a big star?’

The pressure was present of course. Then again having been friends with Yan made it easier for me, because the pressure was instead replaced by excitement to score whatever the latest pieces are. My Yan knows exactly what she wants, she knows which would perfectly suit her style and which would complement and enhance her assets.

She is always up to date and I would always be on the look out. It worked perfectly that way.

Her closet is what every girl could ever wish for. Her bags? Would make one green with envy. Her shoes? Aplenty.

Amongst my favorites from her collection are:

Ralph and Russo

Dolce and Gabbana

Carolina Herrera

Paul Andrew

and Lana Marks as of late. (which I will blog about in the next days)

You see, not only is she up-to-date, rather, she has the eye for anything classic and timeless. She has a penchant for all things beautiful. Her rule of the thumb? Look neat, clean and stay fresh.

She is an epitome of beauty and shopping for her is not only fun but is a great privilege.


Does any of you remember how Arunaseth made it big in Manila? During the time Marian was pregnant, she made sure that even in flats, she would look stylish and would stand out without compromising her comfort.

She fell in love with the trademark butterfly design of the brand. I found a pair in her size and made everything I can to have it delivered in 24 hours. Yup in 24 hours or less. The following day, it was right at her doorstep. The gorgeous preggy was so happy!

Manolo Blahnik flats were her signature footwear in the duration of her pregnancy. They looked classic and chic that she can dress it up on special events, or pair it with jeans on regular days. She was also the first to carry the hot pink hangisi clutch. I made sure she would get the exact color to match her shoes.




Manolo Blahnik clutch
  Manolo Blahnik clutch

Dolce and gabbana espadrilles were fun and luxurious at the same time which fits her perfectly. She owns a couple of pairs for her casual strolls to use.

Roger Vivier strass chips and slip ons were also among her favorites.


It was Ralph and Russo which was quite a challenge to get hold of. The haute couture house was only by schedule that time. When I was able to get in touch with one of them, I immediately informed Yan and she was grinning from ear to ear.

We ordered her first few pairs of shoes and my designated stylist was taken aback since its not everyday that a Filipino client would order.

This Ralph and Russo Lavender clutch is limited edition. If my memory serves me right, only a hundred pieces or less were produced and she is one of the very few who owns one.


We started collecting new pairs of high heels after she gave birth.

Her pink Oscar dela Renta embellished heels are to die for!


                           My favorite pair. Python rose pumps


loveluxebags_marian_3She is a fashion icon and designers from around the globe are noticing her and have been wanting to dress her up or work with her. Simply put, Marian has a Midas touch. Whatever she wears, expect it to be off the shelves in no time.

Yes magazine even had a feature on her collection of bags and shoes. Man, I tell you. Seeing the things I shopped for her on those pages made me feel like I was there too! ha ha!

Grabbed from my IG account
              Grabbed from my IG account
                           A feature on style bible.


All these are documented on @marian_ootd, her online fashion diary (managed by a fan).






See? It’s as exciting as it gets! That’s how it is to shop for a queen. I am forever grateful to be trusted with such task. 😉