Bag Of The Day. My Vintage Gem.

Wee! will finally start working tomorrow. Been married to the bedroom this past coupla days. Preparing for another meeting tomorrow. Something I’ve been waiting for and is extremely special. I can actually consider it a milestone for my career. Yii!!

As I was organizing my stuff, (got my new dolce and gabbana notebook today wee) I chose my beautiful vintage gem of a baby to use for tomorrow.



My vintage Kelly 32 ostrich sellier in gold hardware.

Unlike my pink birdie, this one is more structured since it’s sellier. I use it for more formal meetings since it looks more business like unlike the relax feel of the pink retourne which I often use for casual days out.

Will update this post with what’s in my bag by tomorrow. Happy Friday everyone!



A Picky Eater’s Guide To Satisfying Her Tummy: Restaurant Of The Week – Finestra.


I’ve always been a picky eater. My mom would often scold me because I always taste or pinch whatever she cooks and that’s it. HEHEHE. Thing is, I have specific preferences. So my mom finally got used to it and now tells the helpers not to worry about what they should cook and would tell them: “Hay naku magsasabi yan pag may gustong kainin, pag wala pabayaan nyo.” BWAHAHA.

Okay, so another thing about my eating habits is that I have a certain phase- say for example this month is for seafood, following month salad, like I can eat these every single day until I no longer want to see it.

So during my Italian phase Keket the kuri and I were craving some fine dining Italian goodies since we still have a hang over from our recent trip. I asked her to check the latest and cool restos in the metro and we ended up in Finestra. Maan couldn’t make it cos she was on a business trip abroad.

Let me share with you some of the food we tried and loved and rate them for you afterwards. Since I am a bag momma, I will rate them using bags. Like 5 bags, 4 and so on. heheheh.


Bread for starters. I love bread!! I can finish a basket literally. hahah! I have a love-hate relationship with rice but bread? Man, it’s my constant. haha!


Katrina is such a cheese lover. I often tease her as ‘dodeng’ You know the rat character in Bananas in Pyjama’s? hahaha

That’s her Jet fresh buratta with spiced ham. (for some reason she skipped taking pic of my salad since it’s her least favorite haha)

On the other side, you can see my favorite foie gras 😍 which we often pair with steak and we forgot to take a photo of yet again. Hehehe



Prosciutto pizza and seafood linguine.


Finestra’s grand finale!


I only have this photos for now since we are digging the rest of our 30k plus photos. So I promise to update once I find the rest hehehe.


Loveluxe Score:

As for the rating:
I would give 5 exotic birkin bags for the food

5 exotic birkin bags for the ambience

5 exotic birkin bags for the service- they made sure to accomodate my never ending request (even made a dish for me that wasn’t on the menu, the waiters and servers were so friendly and attentive. The manager went out of his way to serve their grand finale and made it complimentary as well. (PS: I never said that I blog hehe) They were genuinely good to us.

Finestra became an instant favorite and we are now planning our next celebrations there.

Will post more food trips and restos on my next article. Need to rest now as I’ve been down with the flu for several days.







I’ve had enough of you and your trolls. Don’t worry you’ll see all of this during your trial. I don’t just move. I use my head and do my move.



I have a dozen more which you will get to see in person esp the ones you asked for. I’m just the type of person who actually values and respects my clients so much. Now that you’ve been given the right for due process and can’t even face me in court tells more about you than what you try to throw against me. I have all the evidences but who are you to deserve an advertisement from me? Work hard in silence. All the accessories, the ones who questioned and insinuated I’m sorry but you are a part of this too. I told you, I fight fair.  Sorry I already spent too much for you and I don’t mind if that will be the way to get the justice I deserve. I do hope you have a very strong evidence against  me and your claims. Otherwise I know that you know what awaits. I wish you’re more than what you say and post and there’s more to you than blocking me. Evidences don’t lie and you need to face the consequences of your actions.

Need I remind you? Be sure to taste your words before you spit them.

I have a name and a reputation that I’m protecting and fighting for. I am for one a registered practitioner and it is an insult to my license for you to smear my reputation. At 19 I am already holding that license and am still a professional with one to date. I didn’t get accelerated several times for nothing. Sometimes, I need to let it out you know. Oh and I am also protecting the multiple academic awards I am holding, apart from my title and license, my certificate of recognition as a speaker, my magazine features and lifestyle editorials. You see its more complicated than you ever imagined.

I hope you and your gang can actually back up and I do hope they help you this time. Legal matters are different from IG matters. Unfortunately you hit on a person whose shield is knowledge. You pulled the trigger and I’m going to watch how your bullet ricochet.

Oh, and by the way if I’m totally irrelevant to you, how can you and your gang afford to always hit on me on your post? Blimey. You talk? I work. 😅

PS. Thank you to my beautiful and equally genius legal counsel from Frias, Frias & associates for being there and for doing all researches necessary. You and I will last a lifetime Atty. Remember that. Thank you for always fighting for justice.



Marian’s Love Affair With Florals Is Forever.

There are a lot of things we can associate with Yan that makes her really happy.

If you’re a keen follower of her account, Flowers whether real or printed— on her bags, shoes or clothes are a constant in her feeds. The sight of blossoms makes her extremely elated.

Several days ago I posted her latest loot. All dolce and gabbana nonetheless. Before showing you some of what we shopped, I collected some photos via the net (photo credits to pep, marian ootd and google) of the queen wearing her signature floral printed clothes.








Even foreign designer Jao, made a beautiful dress with floral appliqués for her.

There was also a time when she owned the brooch trend with her floral brooches from designer houses of course.

It’s just as lovely as her. Like flowers that always blossoms beautifully, Marian is ever so blooming. Her aura is fresh, radiant, young and carefree.

Take a look at some of her latest addition to her lust-worthy wardrobe.


Like a kid, she was extremely happy to see the beautiful floral patterns on the blouses, dresses and Zia’s apparel too! You may view the rest as posted on my intagram page and soon on Marian OOTD. Wee!

So expect more impeccable twinning post pretty pretty soon.

To make you feel more excited, I’m delaying my article on her shoeeeees. I’m thinking if I should make it top 15 or 20 hahahha!!!






So my second magazine feature for the year is already out. YAY!!!

Before finding out that this issue is already out, was actually thinking of a very good way to open a very very important topic for me. Before I go there, you might want to take a look on and read about my journey here first.









As with my other magazine features, I provide my own wardrobe. Simply put, Whatever I wear is something I actually own. I don’t pull out. Why did I have to reiterate it? Simple. I am allergic to counterfeit.

Does anyone recall the song “Live my life”?

In one of the verses, TI said: “I’m the opposite of moderate, Immaculately polished with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid, Allergic to the counterfeit, Impartial to the politics, Articulate but still would grab a n by the collar quick”

As if he is writing for me, I am like that. For one, since I was a little girl, it was never my thing to wear anything that does not belong to me. I’d have lesser (chos) things than most in my ballet class but mama and papa always makes sure I have the best they can provide. At 8, my aunt gave me this apple green dolce and gabbana t shirt. I have two major things I keep in mind ALL THE TIME. Wear something branded all the way, or something that does not have any but is not an inspiration or an imitation.

Growing up, mama always taught me to only embrace what we can afford. NEVER go over what we have just to look cool. 9 years in the business and I still go by that rule every single day.

You see, not that I am bragging nor for the purpose of letting anyone know the kind of life I live, I had to make a decision to open up at some point and let those who warrants and suggests negative things about me get to see who I really am.

Yes, the clothes are all designer stuff. I saved a lot to be able to buy myself those pretty ones. Those who know me knows how I get happy whenever I get to own something from the runway, from the season’s collection of gabbana, fendi, J brand, Valentino, Chloe, Philip Lim to name a few. I’m not talking about overruns (not that I have anything against it either) but you see it’s all hard earned money that I wear. It’s my representation. Why do I have to expound on this? Simple. How can someone who can’t even bring herself to wear something that is not from the store itself ever use ANYTHING knock off? I don’t own one, I don’t support any of those.

It took me 9 years and in the span of 9 years it was only as of late that people try to throw false tirades on me. LIKE COME ON. Please. Look at me in the eye and tell that to me, and I bet you 100 percent it will back fire to you. Even in Jewelry, I’d rather have only one pair of cartier earrings, and a piece of Alhambra necklace than buy something inspired. It’s not me. It will never be me.

Tell me then, does it make any sense for people to say otherwise? When in reality, not even a fleeting moment for pleasantries nor a simple social media check was done yet there they are spitting words as if they’ve seen me grow up.

My Connor is also way too exposed to this. It’s either he wears dolce or wear generic white t shirt and shorts. NOTHING IN BETWEEN.

You see, you can’t force something you are not accustomed to, really. It will show in one way or another, believe me. Anyway, what’s the best and easiest way to try to smear someone’s reputation? Don’t people throw mud to the things that shine? Typical trait of most people in our circle, sadly.

So I only have this to say to them not analyzing clearly: walk in my shoes, it’s 5 inches, stilettos, pointed toe and in every way hurt your toes—if you’re not the owner you can never walk in them with grace. 😀

In short, I am one who can truly claim, I don’t support counterfeit so I will NEVER let my clients have them too. 😉

As I promised I will be forgiving but I will be assertive this year. So know your laws and stick by them.

Again, Hindi ako gumagamit ng peke. Napahiya na kayo sa pictures ninyo kasi mali ang sinabi nyo once. What do I have to prove to you anyway?

Whoever has a shop, or has followers more than yours would always be accused of the fake thing issue how very funny. Stop it. I’ve done my move so do yours. Lawfully. Properly. Honestly and with integrity.  I’m willing to do it over and over again no matter how much time money and effort should be put in to it. Remember that.


And I will see you in court hunny.  😉




The Uncertainties Of Changing The Year

I know we are always positive about the New Year and what it holds. I for one am excited. Then again, at the back of my mind I am still uncertain of what could happen.

Don’t we all have that feeling? Yes we are very eager to start again, to have a new chance in everything or start something as one year ends.

Truth be told? As the year changed and another one began, I am quite scared. Why? Maybe because I haven’t gotten hold of the rhythm, the tempo and the beat just yet. Unlike when its already say for instance the 2nd quarter, somehow you already know how to dance with the tune of the year. I mean at some point you can say that oh I’m on a roll. I need to keep up or something.

I am actually quite certain about life’s uncertainties that every time I try to think about it, I tell myself to just relax, take it easy and continue to do what I am doing with more room for learning. Then again I am praying for everything and am asking for Guidance in every step I take.

2017 is looking bright and promising. Brand is due to be in stores 11th of this Month, (Wed) and another feature for a different magazine, which I will write about once it’s out. A lot of more exciting things are on the works and I’m praying for the best of everything.

Although I haven’t really prepared a resolution, I promised myself to do some things I haven’t done in the past year. I will be stronger yes, forgiving yes of course but will never let anyone ridicule me in one way or another. Never let others’ jealousy get me and affect me, instead as I always do, put things in the proper perspective and fight for what is right.

I have actually started it already. With all the people spreading false rumors; online most specially. 🙂 I will actually write about these things once everything has been taken care of.

What about you? I’d like to hear your thoughts on how you feel about the new year. Do you also feel the same way? Let’s learn from each other and keep the faith together. 😉 Feel free to comment and share your thoughts too. 🙂





Bags Fit For A Queen – Primetime Queen Marian Rivera Shares Her Top 5 Favorite Bags

Happy New Year guys!

Of course my first post for the year has to be special. So today, let me share with you what our queen, Marian Rivera’s top 5 favorite bags are!

I know you’ve all been waiting for this. Of course as per every post, I ask for permission from the featured artist before I make my article. I told Yan I wanted this to be my first post for 2017. It was quite difficult for her to downsize her favorites and come up with only 5 since we know that her bag collection is massive. HAHA! I personally cannot recall how many she owns. As I mentioned before she is the type who buys something in all colors once she falls in love with the brand and the design.

Evidently, her Hermes collection alone is to die for. Not to mention other designer bags she has amassed over the years.

So what are the top 5 bags of our queen?


5. Princess Diana Bag from Lana Marks

Designed by Lana Marks for the late Princess Diana.

I wrote about this bag several articles ago. It made quite a buzz in the entertainment industry, not only on social media but the press picked up the story as well (When we first revealed this bag). Naturally, like I said Yan has this ‘Midas touch’. She can turn anything unknown to be the next big thing. Take it from me. I’ve been working with her closely and I’ve seen how some designers we barely even know skyrocketed to a list status after she wore them. As expected, everyone talked about it. For one, she’s the first Filipina to ever own this as per Lana Marks herself, who even wrote a hand-written note congratulating her for that.

She debuted the said bag on Zia’s 1st birthday celebration with Godparents and friends, nonetheless. A very remarkable bag for a very special occasion.

A bag designed for a Royalty deserves to be owned by another royalty (in showbiz that is 😉 )


4. Analeena croc

Awaiting go signal to post the pic.  😀

FYI, Olivia Palermo is crazy in love with this brand


3. Suvimol My sweet box Himalayan croc leather

Long before she showed her collection to the public, Yan and I were contemplating on which bags from the brand to get. If my memory serves me right, She was still pregnant with Z when we started to look into Suvimol’s designs. I told her that even in Dubai, the royalties also carry this bag. Actually, even Eva Chen (EIC of Lucky magazine) herself, one of the icons in the fashion industry adores the brand. Of course being a real fashionista who never sticks with one brand alone, Yan developed a love affair with the creations of S’uvimol.

This bag became her instant favorite. She first wore it to a showbiz commitment. She also used this bag when the family celebrated mommy Amy’s birthday.


2. Hermes kelly 28 in pink nilo shiny croc


I know it would take a lot of you by surprise to learn that Hermes is not her most favorite. Although as I always say, the most fashionable people who are confident with their style never really stick to one brand alone. Just like Yan, being a queen herself, she knows exactly what she likes and is not afraid to experiment.

Although her collection of Hermes bags is honestly almost every girl’s goal, I love how she views them as a mere accessory and not as something to define her individuality.

She doesn’t really identify herself with these bags alone, let alone the brand, in fact she can leave the house and live as luxuriously without them.

Since time immemorial the Birkin and Kelly bags have been a status symbol to most of the society people. They often associate it with affluence what with its hefty price tags and long wait list. Yet, if you know how to carry yourself and if you really can set trends, you don’t let your bag carry you. You carry the bag and still stand out because of you. Exactly how Marian does it, Right?


  1. Lana Marks Bespoke Marian Rivera Cleopatra Clutch

Man, I don’t really think this needs a lot of explaining. It’s not everyday that a renowned designer names a bag after you. Imagine a piece especially created for you and was made according to your style and preferences.

One that can speak for itself; that when you look at it, people will immediately say: “Ah, that’s so her”


As seen on the official website of Lana Marks, alongside Hollywood actors who have their own version of the cleopatra bag designed for them, Marian’s bag stands out and was for a time the photo on their home page.

Ahhhh, makes me feel so proud to be of help to bring this for her.


Whew! I’m sure she had a hard time choosing only 5! I’m telling you, she has so much bags that the public hasn’t seen yet. She has a lot, really. You can’t even imagine. hahaha! Can’t wait for her to share all of them to us. At least one at a time.

Oh, and I know what you guys will say, don’t worry my next top 5 will be her favorite shoes which will be followed by her favorite twinning outfits with Princess Z.

Exciting isn’t it?

Cheers to a positive and happy 2017!