Marian’s Dolce and Gabbana Clothes Can Now Be Yours

It’s that time of the year! The Queen, my friend Yan Yan whose advocacies are known to all, wants to clean out her closet to give way to the new season’s collection of various fashion houses. In lieu with this, Yan entrusted me to hold her sale on her behalf. Part of the proceeds will help her advocacies. Again, shopping made even more rewarding by the primetime queen. Alongside the clothes, I will throw in some of my stocks and would also donate a partake of the sales to those institutions Marian supports. She was very happy to hear that when I told her so.

If you wish to participate in this shopping event, you may check out my instagram account and message me privately on which ones you wish to purchase. Her clothes were only worn for a couple of hours so it’s as if buying the item from the store itself.

Here are some items that are included.



Kindly check out the rest on my IG page @loveluxebags

All clothes are size S




It’s your final shot, take it. 😆


For a while I contemplated on whether I should post this or not. Then, when I typed her name on the google, all these appeared. Apparently, this person, is wanted and have pending cases in Makati RTC. Although I won’t talk about it in detail just yet, I believe it is my social and moral responsibility to warn people of her modus. She owes a lot of people money. From photographers, contributors, artists, printing press, suppliers and almost everyone else.

Oh, apart from myself she did ask for a lot of things from my friends as well. If you are one of the people she duped and promised things that were never executed, you may get in touch with me or Atty. Frias. These people will never learn if we don’t put them where they should be.

April, you are more than anything a mother. Before doing that to people who tried to help you I wish you tried to think over and over again about the negative impact and the possibility you might drag her to the mess you single handedly committed.

Somehow I believed that there was goodness in you, yet you proved all of us otherwise.

Money is the only thing that’s important to you. Your words are empty and shallow. In as much as I’d like to empathize on your current plight, no one else wants to do so. With all the chances we have given you, you will only learn your lesson when all of us finally do our part. The lies you try to spread to twist stories are just too lame.

I told you, I am a good person but I’m not stupid. 😛


Now this is your shot, take it. 😀


Takers and Givers

The world is full of pretenders, blinded by money, eaten up by greed. I came across a couple of people this week who actually proved to be a proof that con artist are everywhere. Clad in business attires, disguised as someone concerned yet at the end of the day they only intend to consume you and suck up the life out of you.

Recently, I met someone exactly like that. Since the person saw I find it quite difficult to say no to people in need, this person took that as a way to use it to her advantage.

Although I have a soft spot for the needy, I’m not stupid. The person tried to get everything that would be of advantage to her. Yes, unfortunately despite being in an industry requiring credibility to remain in the circulation, she fell short.

It’s quite alarming how a professional can turn to a con artist in no time. Then again we can’t always shrug it off.

Anyway, enough of that strong and long introduction. I was actually trying to come up with a way to open the topic about dealing with difficult people around us.

Although they may have their reasons and in as much as we want to analyze their situation and empathize with them, admit it, there will always be times when you just can’t take those anymore.

You see, the world is comprised of takers and givers. It’s actually a well known fact that I am a giver. I’m not the one who likes to be on the receiving end. I also find it hard to say no to those who ask me of something.

I know, I am extremely generous and whoever begs to differ most probably never had the chance to be close to me, really. Then again the thin line that differentiates generosity to being gullible is definitely there. It’s amusing to see people who are “users” sorry for the term. When they get something from you, they look forward to more and make it seem like you are indebted to them.

To the rest of the populace like me, I think its about time to learn how to say no. At the end of the day, they need know where they stand and what they’ve done to deserve it.

To the rest of the people who thinks receiving is better than giving. I tell you, the kind of satisfaction you get every time you’re able to help others is different. It kind of feels addicting actually and you feel as though you are some sort of wonder woman (well at least for me) hehehe.




Becoming The Face Of Eestetique 😍

Happy to be the face of Eestetique clinic! Will be writing about this soon!

In the meantime kindly follow their instagram account @eestetiqueclinic.


The Trend That Is= Tee Shirts


Eversince Dolce and gabbana launched their t shirt line costing an arm and a leg (1400 USD plus tax) for a white tee with some floral appliqué, almost all fashion houses dropped their version of ludicrously priced tee.

Then again being our ever so fashionable selves, join the bandwagon and buy whatever the holy wood stars wear. Here’s a quick run through of the It statement shirts today.

The Dior shirt that graced the magazines




Very Pregnant and Beautiful Natalie Portman dons the infamous Dior shirt



The one that started it all. Always, Dolce and Gabbana. Each country has a different design with the words I WAS THERE written in their language.


Gucci oversized tee with floral embroidery

Chanel coco cuba shirt


Of course Balmain is a staple

Should you wish to purchase any of these, you may contact me on IG and I’d be glad to shop them for you!





How To Do Twinning When You Have A Baby Boy


Weeee! Connor’s turtle dove and mommy’s newly-acquired zebra. Worked with my little one yesterday and he was in the mood to wear matching shoes with mom! Who says you can’t do twinning when you have a son?

I actually bought several pairs of shoes which has a version for children. As for clothes, I am only limited to tops. I remember when Connor was still a baby I bought us matching denim long sleeves.

Since I always wear black I can’t always match our clothes. Thus, I make up with the shoes or shades.

Here’s a list of some items you might want to buy to enjoy twinning with your little man.


Yeezy boost 350- although toddler’s design only comes in turtle dove and black pirate.

Gucci ace sneakers came up with a version for our little ones!

Fendi Monster



clothes and shirts from Dolce and Gabbana



Aviator junior


Hermes constance belt.- I ordered size 60 and he has 2 of this. Acquired them in Japan and he’s been using it since he was 5 months old. hehehe


There you have it, you might want to consider getting these too so you can start twinning with your little boys in a subtle way.







What’s Your Purpose?

I often get a lot of compliment about my being thoughtful, generous (to a fault) and kind (to those who knows that behind my strong persona is a very soft hearted human being). Out there I’m one tigress but in my fortress I take care of everyone around me.

Then they go asking me, “why are you so generous?” “you can possibly be a rich woman easily what with your hard work and all the money you share”.

One time in an overseas rendezvous with my friend from a different country, she told me, “you know, money is of no value to you for the people you love”. I smiled and answered:

“you see, there’s no point in saving everything when you can’t enjoy what you worked hard for with those who matter to you.”

Ever since Ioveluxe started to get somehow recognized by a few, I felt the need to share all the more. I may not look like it but you know, I always believe that I am one of the stewards being used to spread whatever little act of kindness thru what I worked hard for to those around me. I am the happiest everytime my mama smiles when I surprise her with small things, big presents, small envelopes to donate etc.

It has always been my innate trait to give more than to receive. Oftentimes, I even get taken advantage because of it.

I think, my purpose apart from being a good person and mom, is to be able to share in every little way.

I don’t think there’s any point in working hard and not share. My life, as I always say that there’s no sense in living an abundant life all to yourself.

My business you know, not only helps myself but a lot of people around me. Staff, runners, delivery men, my helpers, my driver. basically everyone around me.

I think I was given the gift of connecting to people so that in return I can create a breathing room to those around me.

Just some random thoughts on a Tuesday while nursing my flu.

I have another topic to write about in a bit.





So, How Are You As A Mom?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how can you rate your motherhood skills?

I know most of my clients are female. Majority of which are moms. I, being a mother myself oftentimes think about how good or how lacking I am as one.

It was in 2013 when I conceived my little man, Connor. Back then I faced a lot of challenges. I struggled as to how I can be a good mom to my son.

There were people who judged me. To the extent of trying to call me names for trying to rest once when my bunny got sick. Without even knowing that it is I who is awake the whole night to look after him. It actually scarred me. Those were one of the lowest points of my life. I asked myself, I resented, I almost gave up, really.

Then one morning, I read an article about how moms show their love to their kids. Others are hands on, while some, I included, see to it that all their children’s needs are well taken care of. I believe I take after my mother.

Growing up, mama and papa were busy and I grew up with my lolo and lola. That didn’t make me any less loved though. If anything, it made me strive harder to protect my spot as being the 1st in class and the whole school. So at least in my own way I can give back to my parents who works hards for me.

As for Connor, a lot may not seem to understand, some, like in my case will judge you for the choices you make. When Connor was 1, I had to make a very tough decision of leaving the country. Due to some circumstances I have no control over, I stayed abroad all on my own.

I remember there was a time when my son needed to be hospitalized and I realized that I can never rely on anyone. I then started to appreciate every sacrifice mama had to make when I was growing up in order to provide a comfortable life for me when my papa passed away, more.

I know that most people still have the perception that motherhood means you always have to be there physically and making sure to attend to all your children’s needs. I beg to differ though. We all have our own motherhood styles.

Choosing to have a career in order to provide the best this world can offer for your child doesn’t make you less of a mother nor, less of who you are. I think, we should never allow the opinion of others get into us.

At the end of the day, their opinion can never pay hospital bills, school requirements, travels, clothing or even food expenses.

I believe I have the people who looked down on my parenting style and those who believed I can’t stand on my own feet to thank for making me very strong and persevering. If only I could give the world to my son, I would have.

Finally, I will make sure that when he grows up I will be supportive of all his endeavors. When the time comes that he has to settle down, I pray that I never judge the person he would end up being with basing on social status.

Life is full of surprises anyway, who knows? The one you called names not so long ago will also be typing an inspirational article like this 😉




Of Birthdays, Friendship, Love and Amuys :D

It’s almost the second quarter of the year already! Golly! Where did time go?

Anyway, March 1st is my mama’s birthday. So today we celebrated it with our extended family, the kuris and their fams.

Take 1

Mama her beshie Mommy Christy and My Connor

Mama and her beshie Mommy Christy are already planning their day out haha and I’m all for it! Yup our families are this close and we loveeeee it.

Mama shares the same birthday with Rachel, (kuriKat’s sister-in-law and self-proclaimed member of beshies haha).


 Bday girl Rachel whose alter ego is——— ADELLEEEEE (lan…) chos hahhaah!

We had a simple dinner celebration with our own version of  ‘family’ the ones we chose for ourselves 😉

I know Kuya Aph, (My amuys) Ferds (of FerKat) and Choki (choki chocolate) are waiting for this post since they’ve always wanted to see themselves in my blog. So today, it’s your time to shine! hahaha


Amuys extraordinaire Kuya Aph!!! hahahahah!


Superstar CHOKI

(He actually has a tooth ache today but managed to chew on lechon and steak, as I always say, “maliit na bagay” hahha)

Mayor, Congressman, Senator hahahha


This will be a very fun and light post so enjoy the photos as we had fun taking them.

Yay! Finally complete after almost a month!! My KuriCore

My loves

(Adelle) Rachel, KuriMaan, KuriKat and meeee




Kuya Aph again! Wuhooo! So Bida!!! hahahaha! Rach and cutie Raffa

This is actually kuya Aph’s entry I believe. haha

With the Star of the night Choki!!!

We plan to have another celebration since we missed each other so much that the time we spent today wasn’t enough.

Happiest Birthday again to my mama. I love you!

And yes, Beshie Rachel too! haha

Love you all always!