So they say today marks the beginning of Ghost Month. Keeping myself positive though. Safe to say the ghosts really come out and haunt you; to taunt you and never leave u at peace.

Funny how we only get to see the real intention of people around you once you get a grasp of reality. That the purity you used to believe isn’t even there to begin with.

Perhaps my excessive trust and openness to people and thinking that everyone is on the same page as you- is to blame.

As we grow old and as we experience life on a day to day basis, we begin to see the motives of people around us.

I recall the promise of having my back was the best thing to hear. Slowly though as I analyze it now I believe I turned a blind eye on the truth that I was being manipulated so much so that I completely forgot the thin line differentiating my business and “friendship”.

I remember not so long ago, another encounter with the same set of people who laughed at what I do, belittled me and made it seem like life will be dependent on their existence. Now it makes me think I wasn’t handed everything on a snap. I worked day in out for it. Perhaps the reason why I know the value of TRUST, LOYALTY, EQUALITY and never trip on those who are eagerly working to get there.

I shook my head and thought, all along the clues were there. Then again no bad deed will ever prosper when its sole purpose is to destroy a person. Moreso, a person who selflessly and honestly gave her sincere intentions, friendship love and respect.

I’m seeing a pattern actually. Especially as of late. Can’t help but smile all I can say- been there, done that.

So I lit a candle as it’s Baclaran day for enlignment. For unwaranted anger to be out of your system, abundance (more of it though you already are) and a heart that really sees thru one’s sincerity.

I pray for your happiness.


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