Embrace your uniqueness

You see it’s 10 minutes short to 4 AM and I’m wide awake thinking of endless topics to write about. I opened my browser thru my phone and started typing. Finally, doing it again.

See, the past coupla days I’ve spent contemplating on how bad I must’ve been how annoying I am or just how unbearable I am to be with. Then I realized, I can’t possibly change who I am to please others who won’t even give a nanosecond of their time to help me should I be having a hard time. Right? Right.

You see I’m down right comfortable in who I am. More often than not, I am far more comfortable than any one else that I just say everything that my brain cells come up with. Seriously, give me a topic and I’ll tell you everything in a split second. (You see I won the nationals for extemporaneous speaking so that must mean something).

Anyhow, I decided to let all of other people’s opinion of me go. Why? It only creates drama. Your perception of me doesn’t make me less of who I am. I single handedly built whatever I have now when the rest of the world was laughing at me. I remember them saying they’d buy me a broomstick to save me on my flight expenses. Fast forward today and I have a small number of people directly on the payroll of my humble Corporation. I pay my taxes as an individual and as a company perse. I pay my lawyer on time and per session. An accountant, secretary and a couple more employees. I bring food to the table and provide for mama and my son. What’s there to laugh about? If I let the #fortuner car I drove a couple of years ago affect me,I wouldn’t be able to create jobs for people here and abroad.

You see my goal is to make it bigger one step at a time. Not because I want to be really rich (not that I don’t want to) but for me to be able to reach more people and hire them. Give them something and help them create the change in their lives they all so eagerly want.

I haven’t gone far enough just yet but I’m grateful. Then again, there are a lot of people who ran off with my hard earned money. Some just tried to create issues to use me and get attention. At least unlike them I can proudly say that I didn’t do those things to get to where I am at.

Bottomline? It just doesn’t matter to me now whether or not you view me as an important part of your life or just merely there to ask me for my shopping services. At the end of the day I’m happy with the work that I do.

We don’t live to please everyone. It only steals the joy of our existence. Trust me. Been there, done that. One too many times if I may add.

So today, I’d like to finally let go of the thoughts; finally brush aside the ideas on my head and stop spending time thinking what is wrong. Because just like me, each and everyone of us are born differently. If someone perceives you not at par to their taste, then it’s not your burden to carry. Let’s free ourselves from that cell. We are unique. Let’s embrace it. Let’s shine and love our unique-ness. If other’s can sit with that,then they don’t deserve a seat in your life. Remember that. ❤


Hoping to write more in the next few days.




Just a quick update. hehe

I swear I tried my best to update. Seems like it was only yesterday when I wrote that it was almost June or just turned June. My days are crazier than before and for that I am grateful. hehehe.

Just a quick round up:

So the month started with my being featured in SparkUpPh the millenial arm of BussinessWorld!!!!! I’m not even 30 yet and i have been featured there! I love the whole team and I will forever support them.

By far the best article and feature ever written for me.

Read it here:




My madame friend celebrated her birthday and of course I will never miss it for the world.

I flew first thing in the morning. Literally the first flight out to shop with the one and only queen of all media.

Traveling with her is so much fun! She has this new passion for everything vintage- which I will discuss in the next article.

Ate Kris is fun to be with. She gets happy with the little things, believe me and her happiness is contagious! haha! You get happy when you see her happy. (more Japan trip experience on a different post)


On the day of my arrival – my very own column in spotted magazine was published—-one of my dreams (huhu)


you can read it here     


http://: http://www.spottedmagazine.co/2017/06/07/angelina-cruz-interview/



okay I have a lot more to say but am supposed to make my q and a for my next article for the column so plssss pray that I find the time to write again tomorrow. haha!




Hey it’s June!

I know I haven’t been writing for a while now. My busy-ness level to a 100 is now doubled— making it level 200! haha! Good problem, eh? Grateful for all the blessings thrown my way.

A couple of exciting news to jump start my June. I know right? can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the 2nd quarter. Another School Year and another dream come true for me. he he he.

Should be out pretty soon. To give you a hint- I can finally be able to put my amateur writing skills out in the open with a bigger audience and a wider reach.

In the next couple of days I need to catch up on:

  1. What’s in  my bag article featuring my love Julia Montes
  2. New feature from another magazine
  3. My rogue feature and the whole experience
  4. loveluxebaby and loveluxelite

Those are just some of the topics I need to write about ASAP

Anyway I also need to catch up on my K Drama addiction haha! My migraine is killing me that I have very little time to watch and I rarely have moments when I don’t suffer from those excruciating attacks.

Wishing everyone to be safe summer is always a pain for me so forgive me for the absence. Will make up for it.





I think this needs no further explanation.



Thank you for writing a JUST and FAIR article PEP.PH

Let me just give some pointers and answers to the magazine I don’t even want to mention (for causing harm to my little one).

I forgive, yes I do but when it is a 3 year old boy and his rights and privacy are compromised it makes the story turn 360 degrees.

See Ms writer? And the magazine? See what kind of harm you brought to my son? So no I am not forgiving quickly.

Authenticating a fashion item is not something easily done, especially if the item can only be viewed through a photograph, and not in person.

Without finding an exact match to the design of the T-shirt in children’s size 12 on the brand’s official website or other retail sites on the Internet, we could not definitively say that the T-shirt’s design was one from the brand.

And because the image of the receipt from the D&G boutique in Dubai that was sent to us by Ms. Hashim as evidence was very low in resolution and had numerous parts of it blacked out, we could not read the receipt properly and conclusively say it was in fact the receipt of the T-shirt.


So Ms writer, before putting up an article do make sure that you’ve done extensive research. Research that can possibly dignify you and set you apart from the rest of the nay sayers. For the article that you published which put the security of my son at risk, yes you are accountable. Because saying that it was translated verbatim when I have an article dissecting everything is clearly contradictory.

When in the future you become a mother yourself and you happen to be in my shoes at that time, I don’t know how you’d feel. I am certain though that no loving mom would want any of the things I had to deal with.

You interview people to listen and understand. To give light to the dark and start presenting facts. NO – YOU DO NOT ASK FOR CARD DETAILS. YOU CALL THAT a TRADE SECRET.

My points are of significant value and like any other cards you know how fraud has been one of the most common major crimes all over the world.

I’m no pro in writing but obviously I write truthfully. I take my readers with me as if they are experiencing everything as they happen. So no-you don’t question my being a writer in my own way too.

Most of all it is my son that deserves your apology for not calling abroad when you could have because the internet was much more accessible than spending a couple of bucks to ensure the veracity of your statements which in turn inflicted harm to a minor. Yes- I will reiterate that time and time again because as a mother and as an individual, I do believe in upholding morals above all.

PASSION. COMPASSION. I wouldn’t be here today if I did not breathe those.

Life is a learning process and in the same way that I proved my innocence to everyone I will in all means prove it to you too— Ms. Japan (in private and abiding due process).





Lana Marks commemorates Princess Diana – an interview with Lana



Who can ever forget the time when Lana marks was introduced to us by the queen herself while trying to look for unique designer pieces that deserves the spotlight?

Before Lana Marks became a household name in the Philippines via the viral Marian Rivera Cleopatra clutch, the brand has made it’s mark on the luxury industry.

Once commissioned by the beloved Princess Diana for a creation that would span generations and would become an icon in a league of its own, Lana marks benchmarked the title of being “the designer to the royalties”.

It is common knowledge that perhaps in this lifetime, the most adored and loved royalty is and forever will be Princess Diana.

A humanitarian, compassionate woman who never fails to connect to people in all walks of life.

In commemorating the 20th death anniversary of Diana, dubbed as the “Princess of Hearts,” LoveLuxe Bags Trading Inc., has once more teamed up with the eponymous label and sat down with the one and the ONLY Lana Marks for a one-on-one:

1. Before the eponymous label, what was Lana Marks doing? Before LANA MARKS I played some international tennis and raised two wonderful children together with my husband and did much volunteer and charity work for underprivileged children, hospital patients particularly children  and the arts.


2. In the many niches in the fashion industry, why get into the bag business? I decided on fine exotic leather handbags because I could not find one in vivacious red alligator for an event we were invited to; to attend The Queen’s birthday on the Royal Yacht Brittania – and it led me to believe a niche existed in very high end fashion handbags in vivacious colours. I had looked at all the Collections.
3. What was, by far, the most intricate and challenging bag you have designed? The most intricate and challenging handbag- actually there are two:
First: The Princess Diana Handbag was the most challenging by far in my career, as it was commissioned by Princess Diana, herself, and in her name, and had to be different than any other handbag ever created and also be regal, fashionable, and be able to transcend the test of time, always be fabulous! When Princess Diana received the first one she said it was tall and slim just like her; and then thanked me in writing for the most beautiful handbag imaginable. She ordered 15 of them.
Second: The most intricate is The Cleopatra Clutch which is hand stitched onto the frame, and the signature front contour is cut by the factory owner in Italy. A 10 in terms of level of difficulty.

4. What was it like designing for Princess Diana? Designing for Princess Diana was an honour and a privelage ! A memory I will cherish particularly as we went on to become very close friends.


5. How it is working for celebrities and designing bags named after them? Do you directly collaborate with them on each piece that goes in each bag? Working with Celebrities has also been amazing! Particularly as the majority have given me complete creative freedom.it is my chance to be most creative. Yes, I always collaborate directly with them on each piece of each handbag- then they know all aspects as we proceed. It is most enjoyable as each star is so different! Again such an honour to have worked with A list Royalty and A list Hollywood.



6. Do you have plans of setting up shop overseas? If so, which regions are looking at? We are in Harrods, London, China, Macau, Qatar and USA, and hope to expand in the coming year. Am open to all regions that like couture handbags.

7. What sets Lana Marks’ handbags from the rest? What sets Lana Marks handbags from the rest is that they are produced in the finest of high end exotic leathers in vivacious colours, and in extraordinary handcraftsmamshio – the most skilled artisans of North Italy.
Also three fashion Collections per year.

8. With the hours that you carefully put in each design, how difficult is it to part with them each time their owner comes in to get them? It takes many hours to design each new Collection and when they are sold quickly it is bittersweet. The new Mosaic Collection – one customer in the USA bought the entire Collection. !!!

9. What is your biggest undertaking or project so far? The biggest undertaking so far is when we opened five new major Flagship stores in China in such a short time. I had to do a lot of traveling, meet many celebrities there and government officials, and do many many interviews there back to back!


10. When can we anticipate a new  LM collection to be released? The new Mosaic Collection is just being released and there are 14 individual and different colours in each handbag, with amazing workmanship and proportion. Two clutches, a tophandle and a tote!