Bag Of The Day. My Vintage Gem.

Wee! will finally start working tomorrow. Been married to the bedroom this past coupla days. Preparing for another meeting tomorrow. Something I’ve been waiting for and is extremely special. I can actually consider it a milestone for my career. Yii!!

As I was organizing my stuff, (got my new dolce and gabbana notebook today wee) I chose my beautiful vintage gem of a baby to use for tomorrow.



My vintage Kelly 32 ostrich sellier in gold hardware.

Unlike my pink birdie, this one is more structured since it’s sellier. I use it for more formal meetings since it looks more business like unlike the relax feel of the pink retourne which I often use for casual days out.

Will update this post with what’s in my bag by tomorrow. Happy Friday everyone!



Bags Fit For A Queen – Primetime Queen Marian Rivera Shares Her Top 5 Favorite Bags

Happy New Year guys!

Of course my first post for the year has to be special. So today, let me share with you what our queen, Marian Rivera’s top 5 favorite bags are!

I know you’ve all been waiting for this. Of course as per every post, I ask for permission from the featured artist before I make my article. I told Yan I wanted this to be my first post for 2017. It was quite difficult for her to downsize her favorites and come up with only 5 since we know that her bag collection is massive. HAHA! I personally cannot recall how many she owns. As I mentioned before she is the type who buys something in all colors once she falls in love with the brand and the design.

Evidently, her Hermes collection alone is to die for. Not to mention other designer bags she has amassed over the years.

So what are the top 5 bags of our queen?


5. Princess Diana Bag from Lana Marks

Designed by Lana Marks for the late Princess Diana.

I wrote about this bag several articles ago. It made quite a buzz in the entertainment industry, not only on social media but the press picked up the story as well (When we first revealed this bag). Naturally, like I said Yan has this ‘Midas touch’. She can turn anything unknown to be the next big thing. Take it from me. I’ve been working with her closely and I’ve seen how some designers we barely even know skyrocketed to a list status after she wore them. As expected, everyone talked about it. For one, she’s the first Filipina to ever own this as per Lana Marks herself, who even wrote a hand-written note congratulating her for that.

She debuted the said bag on Zia’s 1st birthday celebration with Godparents and friends, nonetheless. A very remarkable bag for a very special occasion.

A bag designed for a Royalty deserves to be owned by another royalty (in showbiz that is 😉 )


4. Analeena croc

Awaiting go signal to post the pic.  😀

FYI, Olivia Palermo is crazy in love with this brand


3. Suvimol My sweet box Himalayan croc leather

Long before she showed her collection to the public, Yan and I were contemplating on which bags from the brand to get. If my memory serves me right, She was still pregnant with Z when we started to look into Suvimol’s designs. I told her that even in Dubai, the royalties also carry this bag. Actually, even Eva Chen (EIC of Lucky magazine) herself, one of the icons in the fashion industry adores the brand. Of course being a real fashionista who never sticks with one brand alone, Yan developed a love affair with the creations of S’uvimol.

This bag became her instant favorite. She first wore it to a showbiz commitment. She also used this bag when the family celebrated mommy Amy’s birthday.


2. Hermes kelly 28 in pink nilo shiny croc


I know it would take a lot of you by surprise to learn that Hermes is not her most favorite. Although as I always say, the most fashionable people who are confident with their style never really stick to one brand alone. Just like Yan, being a queen herself, she knows exactly what she likes and is not afraid to experiment.

Although her collection of Hermes bags is honestly almost every girl’s goal, I love how she views them as a mere accessory and not as something to define her individuality.

She doesn’t really identify herself with these bags alone, let alone the brand, in fact she can leave the house and live as luxuriously without them.

Since time immemorial the Birkin and Kelly bags have been a status symbol to most of the society people. They often associate it with affluence what with its hefty price tags and long wait list. Yet, if you know how to carry yourself and if you really can set trends, you don’t let your bag carry you. You carry the bag and still stand out because of you. Exactly how Marian does it, Right?


  1. Lana Marks Bespoke Marian Rivera Cleopatra Clutch

Man, I don’t really think this needs a lot of explaining. It’s not everyday that a renowned designer names a bag after you. Imagine a piece especially created for you and was made according to your style and preferences.

One that can speak for itself; that when you look at it, people will immediately say: “Ah, that’s so her”


As seen on the official website of Lana Marks, alongside Hollywood actors who have their own version of the cleopatra bag designed for them, Marian’s bag stands out and was for a time the photo on their home page.

Ahhhh, makes me feel so proud to be of help to bring this for her.


Whew! I’m sure she had a hard time choosing only 5! I’m telling you, she has so much bags that the public hasn’t seen yet. She has a lot, really. You can’t even imagine. hahaha! Can’t wait for her to share all of them to us. At least one at a time.

Oh, and I know what you guys will say, don’t worry my next top 5 will be her favorite shoes which will be followed by her favorite twinning outfits with Princess Z.

Exciting isn’t it?

Cheers to a positive and happy 2017!




What’s In Your Bag? Angelica Panganiban Shares What’s In Hers.

Hello there! For my first celebrity feature under this category, my marsie, Angelica Panganiban allowed me to feature what her bag essentials are.

Come and discover the things our beloved Angge carries everyday.

Since she has regular tapings the beautiful beki mars carries her back pack with her to work.



Inside you will find her red gucci soho wallet where she keeps her bills cards and what nots. 😆

Her coins are placed separately in her YSL chyc cabas coin purse.




Takot si baks sa jabar so she has this perfume in tow.


Fairness mars dami pa ha hahaha! Love you naman!

This pretty Anna Sui compact mirror to check on her beautiful face all the time.


Angelica carries several pouches with her. Goes to show how organized she is. Truth be told she’s quite OC. As I observed. 🙂

This Moncler pouch holds her hand cream, cologne and wet wipes.




Pouch number two is a medicine kit.


Pouch 3 keeps her power bank, cord adaptor etc.

Her mini accessory pouch holds several pairs of earrings. Three of them happen to be mise en Dior. She also has some bracelets and a cutesy watch inside.




Her Dior so real sunnies and Saint Laurent reading glasses are always present.




So that’s what’s inside Angge’s cutie backpack. Thank you marsie for allowing me to feature this. Love you and see you soonest!

Til the next article! 🙂




Best Birthday Ever

I know, I know. Been MIA for 2 days and even my mom’s bugging me to write a new entry. (Stage mom sya hehe). I had 2 celebrations for this year. 1 was my salubong with my closest friends and tonight I had dinner with my family and the kuris.

Yan Yan even surprised me with her presence when she told me she’s still in her Mcdonald’s event! I felt really loved and appreciated because she made time for me out of her extremely busy schedule. I love her to bits! She never fails to remember and she knows how to pull off a surprise perfectly!!

I will post the photos and get into detail about it tomorrow as our dinner just commenced. hehe! I had a great time and more than the material gifts, the gift of family and friendship are the most important ones I have received.

The most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. (Inside and out) Yan Yan surprised me along with tita Bambbi! Showing half of my face here since it’s my birthday! hehe

After the party, I will now work on a charity project with my friends and celebrity clients (friends as well) as my way of giving back to the less fortunate. God helped me and gave me a chance to be a vessel in helping them so I will make use of it and make sure that I do my part in fulfilling my duty as His steward.

My cup is always being filled and I’d like to share the abundance to others in every way possible.

Promise to write about all these by tomorrow! Thank you for all your messages and for allowing me to have a celebration. Ang taray! May ganon. HAHA!

Thank you. Thank you.

Love and prayers to everyone.





And The Winners Are…

It’s 11:50 PM of December 11 and as promised, I will be announcing the winners for my birthjday/blog give away.

First, allow me to thank all of you for taking time to read my posts and articles. Reading your entries made my heart swell with joy. I was left teary-eyed because I never really thought my writing, my stories, my experiences and my life in its totality can affect people in a good way.

I started this blog without expectations. I didn’t put this up for the fame or what not. I did this to satisfy my hunger for writing. To have a journal of my life, the ups and downs and how I choose to always turn the odds in my favor. How I choose to make good of the circumstances that are quite unpleasant.

Again, thank you very much. Yes, please expect more articles as soon as I finish my engagements. I will continue to share my experiences and shopping journeys for your favorites.

Now, here are the winners!!!

By the way Kuris decided to add more shoemate prizes and dinner invitations since it was really really difficult to choose!!

The consolation prizes of 1 dozen shoemate shoe boxes each courtesy of my BFF Kuri Kakat also known on IG as @shoemate_ph are as follows










Major Prizes:

Dinner invitation:







IT services/assistance from JC Florendo and Co. Plus 1 dozen shoemate



Gold bracelet from @jewelryempire_ph




Round trip ticket for 2 to bohol courtesy of @kilometrotravelinc


Prada bag + dinner and surprise loot 



Congratulations to all the winners!!

Please get in touch with me via DM on IG so I can give you instructions on how to claim your prizes.

Please stay tuned cos I might have another one come Christmas Day!



Grand Launch… Grand Prize… 💖

And the grand prize has finally been decided. 😍

A brand new prada tessuto tote in Ibisco.

Don’t forget about the 2nd and 3rd and consolation prizes too! Read about the guidelines on my previous post to know more.

Read more

What’s in my bag?

This morning before stepping out of the house to do my errands, I suddenly remembered a friend’s question and thought about making it as an entry for the blog.

I know we usually see a feature on what’s inside your bag in magazines. So, I decided to make a little twist and will only feature the bags of other people/clients/friends and what’s in it every other week. I don’t want to bombard you with posts that are all the same. He he 😁

To begin with, let me answer you my friend thru this post. 😁

What’s inside your personal shopper’s bag?



 My essentials are rather simple. Let me enumerate them to you:

1. Hermès passport holder

2. Hermès money clip

3. Hermès kelly wallet in lime (gift from my client/friend)

4. Celine oversized sunnies

5.Marc Jacobs hair tie

6. Power bank

7. Hermès key case in ostrich leather

8. Beats by dre head set

9. Hermès card holder

10. Jo Malone cologne

11. La Mer lip balm

Of course I always carry around my phones and my personalized notebook and pen. I have a secret collection of notebooks. hehehe.

This particular notebook is my current favorite. It was hand made by a Chinese Artisan, with my brand name printed on it.

I also have a thing with ball pens.

I'm still into beautiful notebooks and pens
I’m still into beautiful notebooks and pens

Bynd Artisan leather bound personalized notebook and my favorite Cartier pen in ruby. (I have this in other colors too) hehe

Basically these are the things I usually carry around. 🙂 It doesn’t matter what bag I am using for the day, I just have to transfer these things.

So what’s in your bag? Also, who  would you like to suggest who should I feature for our next What’s in your bag-Loveluxe edition? Do let me know.



How can we call one an expert?

Let’s get back to basics.

Back in the day, when luxury trading wasn’t as big as it is today, I remember there were only a few major players in the industry. I was 19, armed with determination and eager to learn, I slowly started personal shopping services freelance. I would stay awake a little past midnight, no— till my eyes hurt from reading.

I read and read and read. I searched, I read, and I searched a little more.

I have this mentally where I believe that no matter how good you are, you always need to constantly learn. It was quite a struggle starting over without a major company backing you up. Then again, my passion and desire to prove everyone that my vision can be executed and can take me places, I persevered.

I came across a lot of reputable sellers, so to speak ,during that time. I started offering what I have, thru friends. There were countless of times when I’d literally go home carrying my stuff in a paper bag because one friend saw my bag and would tell me she’ll buy it. I, in turn would laugh and yet give in by the end. It became a cycle. Whatever I wear, I get to sell. Little by little I have built a small name on my own thru referrals. I could’t be any happier. I opened a selling account on Facebook and started sourcing out designer goods. fast forward to a few years later, the elders-whom I still have contact with would randomly call me and ask me about a thing or two about the background of Designer this-designer that. I became a go to person in asking whether one item would have a market in Manila or not. I became a channel to those who has access to more limited goods.

When I earned enough I asked my aunt to help me go to DXB so I can start sourcing a wider variety of goods. I was able to offer more choices and the people loved it. I met a lot and have received a lot of invitations to check their boutiques seeing my shopping records in their group systems. I have built my small network.

Today sellers-shoppers are everywhere. I am happy really, knowing that the career I have taken seriously when no one else believes it was a career, is being recognized. The market is big, the goods? There are endless of choices. I tried to stay away from associating myself to others not because I am snob, but because I believe that’s the right way to do business. Simply put-my business ethics tells me that. I also veered away from those who are true to my face and are intriguing me the moment I step out of the room.

Going on, I have seen sellers come and go in a duration of almost 9 years.  Some, have remained and they are still the ones I look up to. What sets us apart is that I did not concentrate on selling bags alone. I shopped the whole wardrobe. I shopped clothes, memorabilia, small goods, shoes, accessories. Name it. As long as it’s something I can have access to, I shop for it.

I was able to enter the scene and started making noise when celebrities started to notice.

I was excited, I was happy and yet I remained to give my best. You ask for something, I wouldn’t rest until I have an answer or a lead at the very least.

In all those years, short courses and trainings here and there, never did I refer to myself as an expert. I would rather be called knowledgeable. Like a sponge, I take each day as a learning experience.

The competition in the industry became steep. What with a lot of people offering lower prices, flexible terms and the likes. What I fail to comprehend though is the fact that sometimes, people would immediately jump into conclusions based on what they see. Would start spreading rumors according to their “expertise’.

And so I asked myself- how can you legitimately call yourself an expert?

I know a few- 3 at the most that are- at least in my opinion and based on the others too. Yet, I go to the stores talk to the high ups only to be told that unless you are one of them, you are not to be called a certified expert.

In a few month’s time I’ll be turning 9 years in the industry. A year shy to call call LoveLuxeBags a decade’s old. I can’t even believe that.

In all these years, I never referred to myself as a bag expert. Until the time the brand recognizes my knowledge themselves, I will not go out prying on someone else’s achievements.

As of late, I have been the center of a group of people’s negative tirades. I kept silent. Will remain to be yet, I have to make a stand. I have passed everything to my legal counsel and let her handle them now on. One can only take so much. If it is your name at stake and you are on the right side. Fight for it, BUT in a DECENT and LEGAL way.

I have to give it to mama, for raising me well. Well enough never to play dirty.

I don’t do low blows. I don’t go tell the world hey this is what I saw I am good at this I am legit at this.

And so my advice to my fellow entrepreneurs is simple, as long as you know you are doing the right thing, you do not owe anyone an explanation. Moreso, if the people concerned are not even affected and are the ones telling you to just don’t fuss about it, you carry on.

One of my clients allowed me to post her certificate.
One of my clients allowed me to post her certificate.



Closer photo
Closer photo


Remember this:

“when they go low, we go high”.