Just a quick update. hehe

I swear I tried my best to update. Seems like it was only yesterday when I wrote that it was almost June or just turned June. My days are crazier than before and for that I am grateful. hehehe.

Just a quick round up:

So the month started with my being featured in SparkUpPh the millenial arm of BussinessWorld!!!!! I’m not even 30 yet and i have been featured there! I love the whole team and I will forever support them.

By far the best article and feature ever written for me.

Read it here:




My madame friend celebrated her birthday and of course I will never miss it for the world.

I flew first thing in the morning. Literally the first flight out to shop with the one and only queen of all media.

Traveling with her is so much fun! She has this new passion for everything vintage- which I will discuss in the next article.

Ate Kris is fun to be with. She gets happy with the little things, believe me and her happiness is contagious! haha! You get happy when you see her happy. (more Japan trip experience on a different post)


On the day of my arrival – my very own column in spotted magazine was published—-one of my dreams (huhu)


you can read it here     


http://: http://www.spottedmagazine.co/2017/06/07/angelina-cruz-interview/



okay I have a lot more to say but am supposed to make my q and a for my next article for the column so plssss pray that I find the time to write again tomorrow. haha!




Singapore jazz festival and gabbana preview

It was another random trip with kitty kat in tow.

As always, it’s such a pleasure working and having fun at the same time, with my BFF.


SQ lounge





because comfort comes first. my room 🙂
Gastronomic delight 😛




The event was by invite-only and we were escorted to the VIP section where the bosses of AP were located. I feel extremely happy to get the kind of support their team extended. I am also given the chance to get custom-made orders for my clients. Which isn’t available to all. Extremely grateful to be able to offer another unique and personalized service to my clients.

Right after the event we had to rush to Orchard for the exclusive preview of Dolce and Gabbana. I held a small live session on Instagram and was totally delighted that the viewers learned a thing or two. It makes my job all the more meaningful and fulfilling when I get to impart even the slightest bit of trivia to others.

‘Til my next adventure!



Maja Salvador’s True Love. The Dance Princess Shares With Loveluxebags.

It was in the latter part of 2016 when I got to meet the Dance Princess Maja Salvador. For some reason we just hit it off! Perhaps we were in tune with our inner cray selves that it was so natural and became close right away.

I often ask her what she likes and what her wishlist is. I have constantly been getting one answer. Every time she talks about it, her eyes will automatically reflect images of heart as if she’s seeing the one she loves. Don’t get me wrong, Maja is really in love—- with shoes. haha

The first pair I shopped for her were her Zanotti harmony heels in nude. Then on, we would always whatsapp each other especially when she can’t contain her love for shoes anymore. haha!!

The very first pair I sourced for Maja


I remember being asked by Maja, or bes as we fondly call each other, to purchase a pair of shoes for her mom’s wedding. I was so happy to buy a very important pair for the most important person in her life.

Then on, she would ask me to look for some pairs and would purchase whatever she decides to get.

For Christmas, I got her a pair of Givenchy jelly link slides which would be useful for her casual days out.


One time, we were talking she told me how she’s actually so into Zanotti shoes. I told her that it actually suits her personality. Maja’s collection of Zanotti’s can be seen on her instagram account @iammajasalvador. From simple metallic stilettos, minimalist designs to unique pieces, booties, and cut out boots— name it -she has it.


Her second pair of Harmony


Recently, I made her extremely happy before her concert. I was asked to look for several pairs of boots. I am telling you—- when it comes to boots no questions asked. She will tell me to immediately purchase as long as I can get her size. She needed those pairs at least 48 hours after our exchange. I told her that it could possibly arrive the following week Monday. She then told me that her concert will be in 2 days. Yay! I told her to please let me work on it and I should update her if it’s possible the next day. Thankfully, I was able to get in in time for her concert! She was too happy she almost cried!!! haha! Really!! I being the shopper, couldn’t be any happier.

Image courtesy of Stuart Weitzman


Image from stuart weitzman


Right after the two pairs, she asked me to look for these pair of fentys in both colors available. A special edition that’s almost impossible to get hold of. I was able to track it for her in her size and she was ecstatic.

Images from google


Alongside her boots, she also asked me to order a pair of Zanotti heels yet again for the presscon of her latest movie. When she sent the photos to me, I told her: “Bes, uwian na, match made in heaven… IBA!” she laughed so hard and told me she was happy with her new shoes.


photos from Maja herself 😉


Although… it doesn’t end there. Yesterday she asked me to purchase Gucci ace sneakers with stars, and Alexander McQueen oversized sole sneakers.



    Photo from McQueen’s site


Yes, just like a real shoe addict— her love and happiness from these beautiful pairs is forever as she says.

“I believe kasi dun nanggagaling yung confidence ko bes, sa mga magaganda kong sapatos. Yun nagdadala for me.”

Indeed- Maja’s true love is her wide collection of beautiful footwear.



Ultimate Bae’s Favorite Shoes. Alden Richards Spills His Top 5

This Morning The pambansang Bae, my dearest Alden and I were chatting. I always take pride whenever he compliments me with regards to getting his orders fast and delivering exactly what he wants.


Image courtesy of google

I then asked him if I could feature him on the blog by posting his top 5 favorite designer shoes. The humble gentleman happily obliged.

Before giving you his top 5, let me just share with you how happy I felt when he told me several meet ups ago (to deliver orders) how his love for Valentino began. (You see, I am very passionate with my job) He said: “Sayo galing ang first Valentino ko”. I felt so happy that even though it was a very simple pair of shoe, I actually somehow influenced him to become a shoe addict. hahah. 😀

I also feel honored for he tells me that he only asks me to source for him or he buys his stuff himself whenever he travels.

I’ve always been very vocal about how much I adore this young man. Always kind and never fails to greet whenever he sees me.

Anyway, let me present to you Alden’s 5 most favorite shoes.


5. Giussepe Zanotti Camouflage high cut sneakers


Image from google


Zanotti has always been known for its unique collections and designs both for men and women. I know a number of celebrities who has a love affair with this brand and just like the hollywood stars, (JLO, KimK, Kanye West et al., they even have collaborations with them) Alden was smitten by the fun and one of a kind designs of Zanotti.


4. Prada slip ons

Thank you for taking time to send me a photo Den hehe


I noticed that Alden loves comfy and easy to wear shoes. This pair of Prada slip ons must be perfect for his casual days out.


3. Louis Vuitton Fast Lane sneakers

Image from Louis Vuitton website


This pair is such a looker: laid back luxury- what with its yellow color and classic graphite damier pattern put together, it created such a beautiful twist to a rather ordinary pair of sneakers. Louis Vuitton never fails to create fashionable luxury footwear for men. No wonder the bae loves it.


2. Gucci Guccisima leather

Image from google

Gucci made a great comeback in 2016 and I don’t think it will stop this year. Re- inventing the classic with their current designs of florals and animals, they’ve been driving everyone crazy. From clothes to bags and shoes. Alden is no exemption. Though he chose to stick with the classic guccisima, this slip ons can take him from day to night. from a casual stroll to dinners with friends or gatherings not needing formal shoes.


1. Valentino lace less open sneaker in white and black.

Image courtesy of google


Of course, Almost every guy I know- clients, friends, acquaintances are all sporting Vs on their feet. Although this is a more subtle version of the rock runners, this is his most favorite pair. We’ve seen photographs of him wearing this and other styles of Vs. Though I must say, this one perfectly fits him. 😉


There you go. Bae’s top 5 shoes. Thank you Alden for allowing me to write and feature them here. Looking forward to writing more about you so your fans get to know these little things (shopping and fashion related) thru the site.

PS: you may also order these pairs @loveluxebags heheheh 😛



Marian’s Love Affair With Florals Is Forever.

There are a lot of things we can associate with Yan that makes her really happy.

If you’re a keen follower of her account, Flowers whether real or printed— on her bags, shoes or clothes are a constant in her feeds. The sight of blossoms makes her extremely elated.

Several days ago I posted her latest loot. All dolce and gabbana nonetheless. Before showing you some of what we shopped, I collected some photos via the net (photo credits to pep, marian ootd and google) of the queen wearing her signature floral printed clothes.








Even foreign designer Jao, made a beautiful dress with floral appliqués for her.

There was also a time when she owned the brooch trend with her floral brooches from designer houses of course.

It’s just as lovely as her. Like flowers that always blossoms beautifully, Marian is ever so blooming. Her aura is fresh, radiant, young and carefree.

Take a look at some of her latest addition to her lust-worthy wardrobe.


Like a kid, she was extremely happy to see the beautiful floral patterns on the blouses, dresses and Zia’s apparel too! You may view the rest as posted on my intagram page and soon on Marian OOTD. Wee!

So expect more impeccable twinning post pretty pretty soon.

To make you feel more excited, I’m delaying my article on her shoeeeees. I’m thinking if I should make it top 15 or 20 hahahha!!!





Bags Fit For A Queen – Primetime Queen Marian Rivera Shares Her Top 5 Favorite Bags

Happy New Year guys!

Of course my first post for the year has to be special. So today, let me share with you what our queen, Marian Rivera’s top 5 favorite bags are!

I know you’ve all been waiting for this. Of course as per every post, I ask for permission from the featured artist before I make my article. I told Yan I wanted this to be my first post for 2017. It was quite difficult for her to downsize her favorites and come up with only 5 since we know that her bag collection is massive. HAHA! I personally cannot recall how many she owns. As I mentioned before she is the type who buys something in all colors once she falls in love with the brand and the design.

Evidently, her Hermes collection alone is to die for. Not to mention other designer bags she has amassed over the years.

So what are the top 5 bags of our queen?


5. Princess Diana Bag from Lana Marks

Designed by Lana Marks for the late Princess Diana.

I wrote about this bag several articles ago. It made quite a buzz in the entertainment industry, not only on social media but the press picked up the story as well (When we first revealed this bag). Naturally, like I said Yan has this ‘Midas touch’. She can turn anything unknown to be the next big thing. Take it from me. I’ve been working with her closely and I’ve seen how some designers we barely even know skyrocketed to a list status after she wore them. As expected, everyone talked about it. For one, she’s the first Filipina to ever own this as per Lana Marks herself, who even wrote a hand-written note congratulating her for that.

She debuted the said bag on Zia’s 1st birthday celebration with Godparents and friends, nonetheless. A very remarkable bag for a very special occasion.

A bag designed for a Royalty deserves to be owned by another royalty (in showbiz that is 😉 )


4. Analeena croc

Awaiting go signal to post the pic.  😀

FYI, Olivia Palermo is crazy in love with this brand


3. Suvimol My sweet box Himalayan croc leather

Long before she showed her collection to the public, Yan and I were contemplating on which bags from the brand to get. If my memory serves me right, She was still pregnant with Z when we started to look into Suvimol’s designs. I told her that even in Dubai, the royalties also carry this bag. Actually, even Eva Chen (EIC of Lucky magazine) herself, one of the icons in the fashion industry adores the brand. Of course being a real fashionista who never sticks with one brand alone, Yan developed a love affair with the creations of S’uvimol.

This bag became her instant favorite. She first wore it to a showbiz commitment. She also used this bag when the family celebrated mommy Amy’s birthday.


2. Hermes kelly 28 in pink nilo shiny croc


I know it would take a lot of you by surprise to learn that Hermes is not her most favorite. Although as I always say, the most fashionable people who are confident with their style never really stick to one brand alone. Just like Yan, being a queen herself, she knows exactly what she likes and is not afraid to experiment.

Although her collection of Hermes bags is honestly almost every girl’s goal, I love how she views them as a mere accessory and not as something to define her individuality.

She doesn’t really identify herself with these bags alone, let alone the brand, in fact she can leave the house and live as luxuriously without them.

Since time immemorial the Birkin and Kelly bags have been a status symbol to most of the society people. They often associate it with affluence what with its hefty price tags and long wait list. Yet, if you know how to carry yourself and if you really can set trends, you don’t let your bag carry you. You carry the bag and still stand out because of you. Exactly how Marian does it, Right?


  1. Lana Marks Bespoke Marian Rivera Cleopatra Clutch

Man, I don’t really think this needs a lot of explaining. It’s not everyday that a renowned designer names a bag after you. Imagine a piece especially created for you and was made according to your style and preferences.

One that can speak for itself; that when you look at it, people will immediately say: “Ah, that’s so her”


As seen on the official website of Lana Marks, alongside Hollywood actors who have their own version of the cleopatra bag designed for them, Marian’s bag stands out and was for a time the photo on their home page.

Ahhhh, makes me feel so proud to be of help to bring this for her.


Whew! I’m sure she had a hard time choosing only 5! I’m telling you, she has so much bags that the public hasn’t seen yet. She has a lot, really. You can’t even imagine. hahaha! Can’t wait for her to share all of them to us. At least one at a time.

Oh, and I know what you guys will say, don’t worry my next top 5 will be her favorite shoes which will be followed by her favorite twinning outfits with Princess Z.

Exciting isn’t it?

Cheers to a positive and happy 2017!




The Queen And The Princess’ Take On Twinning= Perfection.

Earlier this month, Yan told me about their upcoming family trip. Since then we have been searching for the perfect twinning outfit for herself and baby Z.

We checked several designs from Dolce and Gabbana and came up with this pair in the end.


The print is not overpowering, very refreshing and is nonetheless gorgeous. We knew it would be a perfect twinning outfit for the most beautiful mom and baby tandem in the universe.

Fast forward 27th of December the queen posted a photo of herself and Princess Zia wearing them! I couldn’t help but giggle and look at it over and over again. Indeed, no one does it better than this adorable pair. 😍

This photo has GORGEOUS and Happiness written all over it.


It’s a tie! 😅😂😍 #aroundZworld 🇮🇩 @loveluxebags ❤️

A photo posted by Marian Rivera Gracia Dantes (@therealmarian) on

Yan, pls share more twinning photos in the near future? We just can’t get enough!

Enjoy your royal vacation!

All the love,


What’s In Your Bag? Angelica Panganiban Shares What’s In Hers.

Hello there! For my first celebrity feature under this category, my marsie, Angelica Panganiban allowed me to feature what her bag essentials are.

Come and discover the things our beloved Angge carries everyday.

Since she has regular tapings the beautiful beki mars carries her back pack with her to work.



Inside you will find her red gucci soho wallet where she keeps her bills cards and what nots. 😆

Her coins are placed separately in her YSL chyc cabas coin purse.




Takot si baks sa jabar so she has this perfume in tow.


Fairness mars dami pa ha hahaha! Love you naman!

This pretty Anna Sui compact mirror to check on her beautiful face all the time.


Angelica carries several pouches with her. Goes to show how organized she is. Truth be told she’s quite OC. As I observed. 🙂

This Moncler pouch holds her hand cream, cologne and wet wipes.




Pouch number two is a medicine kit.


Pouch 3 keeps her power bank, cord adaptor etc.

Her mini accessory pouch holds several pairs of earrings. Three of them happen to be mise en Dior. She also has some bracelets and a cutesy watch inside.




Her Dior so real sunnies and Saint Laurent reading glasses are always present.




So that’s what’s inside Angge’s cutie backpack. Thank you marsie for allowing me to feature this. Love you and see you soonest!

Til the next article! 🙂




On Baby Julia: Clara Is My Real Life Mara. Shopping For The Daytime Drama Queen.

As I previously mentioned, I will feature my clients as we go along. Particularly on how I built a good relationship and friendship with them.

Julia Montes, my baby made it big when she played the role of Clara on the remake of Mara Clara. The most successful drama series of the 90s. Then on, her career sky rocketed to teenage superstar status.

Julia openly admits that she looks up to Yan Yan and got to know my account because  she learned that I am the queen’s shopper.

After a few talks, several deliveries, we just became really close. You know that level of closeness where you feel like you’ve known each other forever? Thats exactly how we felt.

Bonding night with my baby Julia and bestie Kakat. Missing beshie Maan here



Julia calls me her fairy fashion ate. Whatever she wants or whatever I think would look good on her, I source and bring to her doorstep. She loves the fact that I always suggest different brands that will complement her age and style. On random days, we simply hang out, be it on the set of her top rating afternoon soap, her day off or after work. We would have merienda or dinner together and talk about what’s going on in our lives. What’s stressing us over the past couple of days and so on. Juls got to know me to the point where one time she was so worried that I suddenly wasn’t my jolly self. As soon as I stepped out the set, she messaged me and re assured me that whatever I am going through or whatever stressful events are going on, I have her and that everything will pass.


When she learned about my blog she was so excited and immediately promoted on her account. I felt so happy knowing that I have gained not only the trust of these people but also earned their respect and love.

montesjulia08: this is it !!! congrats my ate @loveluxebags check her blog guys :) Image and caption courtesy of @montesjulia08 on IG
montesjulia08: this is it !!! congrats my ate @loveluxebags check her blog guys 🙂
Image and caption courtesy of @montesjulia08 on IG

As for Julia, shoes makes her happy. She is one of the easiest people to shop for. Why? When she likes something no questions asked. She will just tell me, “go ate, I trust you get natin”.

Her biggest fashion investments, she let me purchase. I told her to stick with the classics in her bags adding some fun designs/brands every so often. Her investment pieces, she would always ask for my advice and would sweetly ask ate to source it for her. 🙂

You know my heart is swelling with pride and joy knowing that my opinion matters. My suggestions are well considered and my work? Appreciated.

You see, my business’ most rewarding profit is not the monetary value, but the happiness & fulfillment I gain whenever I am able to execute my plans and visions, bring in what my clients are eagerly looking for and the experiences & relationships I have built with them.

My goal in love luxe is not to be the most well known shopper there is, rather, I want to be the Lifestyle consultant/friend whom they can lean on at all times. I do not aspire to be famous, I want to be remembered and known for being able to give unparalleled customer service and relationship to the people I cater to. 🙂




Baby sis, I know you are reading this right now and I’d like you to know that in the same manner, I got you. Be it your shopping needs or personal matters, you know you have a sister from another mother right here. I’m always one message away. Okay? Okay. 

Love you always,

Ate. <3

My Generation’s Drama Queen Is My Bekimarsie. Angelica.

It was during grade school days when I started to know Angelica. What with her infamous roles as Becky in princess Sarah, Princesa in Ang princesa at and pulubi (baks, I know you’re reading this, don’t text me to nag why I forgot your character’s name, cos obviously that was 10 lightyears ago. Char!). I love how she can shine even though she can’t be the damsel in distress type of lead. She is so strong she can only afford to be the alta in every role. HAHAHAHA!

Angge and I became really close after several meet ups. A few weeks ago, she celebrated her 30th birthday. She hosted a very intimate dinner in her newly renovated home. I was among the chosen few. Ang taray di ba20161114_215845

Everyone knows her as the easy going, fun loving babaeng beks who only laughs everything off. On the contrary, Angelica is very professional. She is very passionate about her craft. I witnessed it. I can attest to it. Baks would call me in the middle of the night to share how her shoot went by. How she felt and what she’s looking forward to. She shared her love matters and what troubles her whenever she has the chance to talk and update. She welcomed me to the side of her that not everyone gets a chance to even have a glimpse of.

You know, when people want me in their life and trust me to a point where they share their innermost thoughts and feelings, I feel really, really happy. Cos honestly, no amount of material possessions can ever equate to that.

Angelica is so versatile. She can give justice to a role be it heavy drama or heavy COMEDY. hehe. Not that I am patronizing her. It’s just an honest opinion.

In 2010 if my memory serves me right, she played the role of Rubi and I remember wanting to watch every episode. My friends know that I am not the type who would patiently watch a tele serye from beginning to end. Kakat- (who was introduced in my kuri core article) fondly calls me her very own Rubi back then. he he he.

Looking back, I have never imagined to reach this point where my presence would be appreciated on her special events. As Kakat says, we only used to watch her and who would’ve thought that we will become this close.

It is such a great privilege to be called her friend. To see her off screen where is is just her. Carefree, fun loving and no non sense kind of girl.

Mars, your latest project was a work of art. I know what you’ve put in the line to make it worth the 2.5 hrs of every movie-goer’s time. Know that I am always here for you in good and in good. Char! I will always be here supporting your endeavors every step of the way. Kahit yung sabon at lotion mo pa yan. 😀

You rightfully deserve the title given to you as this generation’s drama queen. You worked for it. You totally earned it.

Sharing with you a short video clip for you to have a glimpse on how fun it is to be with her.


Mars, Ganda Ganda ———— Ganda. HAAHAHAHAH! Love you. Thank you for the gift of friendship.