The Trend That Is= Tee Shirts


Eversince Dolce and gabbana launched their t shirt line costing an arm and a leg (1400 USD plus tax) for a white tee with some floral appliqué, almost all fashion houses dropped their version of ludicrously priced tee.

Then again being our ever so fashionable selves, join the bandwagon and buy whatever the holy wood stars wear. Here’s a quick run through of the It statement shirts today.

The Dior shirt that graced the magazines




Very Pregnant and Beautiful Natalie Portman dons the infamous Dior shirt



The one that started it all. Always, Dolce and Gabbana. Each country has a different design with the words I WAS THERE written in their language.


Gucci oversized tee with floral embroidery

Chanel coco cuba shirt


Of course Balmain is a staple

Should you wish to purchase any of these, you may contact me on IG and I’d be glad to shop them for you!