Becoming The Face Of Eestetique ๐Ÿ˜

Happy to be the face of Eestetique clinic! Will be writing about this soon!

In the meantime kindly follow their instagram account @eestetiqueclinic.


BTS For Spotted Magazine

Yay! Saw this BTS video on their page today! You may watch the whole video on you tube. Attaching the link ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜ย Thank you for featuring the company and me.

Can’t wait to share with you more exciting news.



Bag Of The Day. My Vintage Gem.

Wee! will finally start working tomorrow. Been married to the bedroom this past coupla days. Preparing for another meeting tomorrow. Something I’ve been waiting for and is extremely special. I can actually consider it a milestone for my career. Yii!!

As I was organizing my stuff, (got my new dolce and gabbana notebook today wee) I chose my beautiful vintage gem of a baby to use for tomorrow.



My vintage Kelly 32 ostrich sellier in gold hardware.

Unlike my pink birdie, this one is more structured since it’s sellier. I use it for more formal meetings since it looks more business like unlike the relax feel of the pink retourne which I often use for casual days out.

Will update this post with what’s in my bag by tomorrow. Happy Friday everyone!




So my second magazine feature for the year is already out. YAY!!!

Before finding out that this issue is already out, was actually thinking of a very good way to open a very very important topic for me. Before I go there, you might want to take a look on and read about my journey here first.









As with my other magazine features, I provide my own wardrobe. Simply put, Whatever I wear is something I actually own. I don’t pull out. Why did I have to reiterate it? Simple. I am allergic to counterfeit.

Does anyone recall the song “Live my life”?

In one of the verses, TI said: “I’m the opposite of moderate, Immaculately polished with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid, Allergic to the counterfeit, Impartial to the politics, Articulate but still would grab a n by the collar quick”

As if he is writing for me, I am like that. For one, since I was a little girl, it was never my thing to wear anything that does not belong to me. I’d have lesser (chos) things than most in my ballet class but mama and papa always makes sure I have the best they can provide. At 8, my aunt gave me this apple green dolce and gabbana t shirt. I have two major things I keep in mind ALL THE TIME. Wear something branded all the way, or something that does not have any but is not an inspiration or an imitation.

Growing up, mama always taught me to only embrace what we can afford. NEVER go over what we have just to look cool. 9 years in the business and I still go by that rule every single day.

You see, not that I am bragging nor for the purpose of letting anyone know the kind of life I live, I had to make a decision to open up at some point and let those who warrants and suggests negative things about me get to see who I really am.

Yes, the clothes are all designer stuff. I saved a lot to be able to buy myself those pretty ones. Those who know me knows how I get happy whenever I get to own something from the runway, from the season’s collection of gabbana, fendi, J brand, Valentino, Chloe, Philip Lim to name a few. I’m not talking about overruns (not that I have anything against it either) but you see it’s all hard earned money that I wear. It’s my representation. Why do I have to expound on this? Simple. How can someone who can’t even bring herself to wear something that is not from the store itself ever use ANYTHING knock off? I don’t own one, I don’t support any of those.

It took me 9 years and in the span of 9 years it was only as of late that people try to throw false tirades on me. LIKE COME ON. Please. Look at me in the eye and tell that to me, and I bet you 100 percent it will back fire to you. Even in Jewelry, I’d rather have only one pair of cartier earrings, and a piece of Alhambra necklace than buy something inspired. It’s not me. It will never be me.

Tell me then, does it make any sense for people to say otherwise? When in reality, not even a fleeting moment for pleasantries nor a simple social media check was done yet there they are spitting words as if they’ve seen me grow up.

My Connor is also way too exposed to this. It’s either he wears dolce or wear generic white t shirt and shorts. NOTHING IN BETWEEN.

You see, you can’t force something you are not accustomed to, really. It will show in one way or another, believe me. Anyway, what’s the best and easiest way to try to smear someone’s reputation? Don’t people throw mud to the things that shine? Typical trait of most people in our circle, sadly.

So I only have this to say to them not analyzing clearly: walk in my shoes, it’s 5 inches, stilettos, pointed toe and in every way hurt your toesโ€”if you’re not the owner you can never walk in them with grace. ๐Ÿ˜€

In short, I am one who can truly claim, I don’t support counterfeit so I will NEVER let my clients have them too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As I promised I will be forgiving but I will be assertive this year. So know your laws and stick by them.

Again, Hindi ako gumagamit ng peke. Napahiya na kayo sa pictures ninyo kasi mali ang sinabi nyo once. What do I have to prove to you anyway?

Whoever has a shop, or has followers more than yours would always be accused of the fake thing issue how very funny. Stop it. I’ve done my move so do yours. Lawfully. Properly. Honestly and with integrity. ย I’m willing to do it over and over again no matter how much time money and effort should be put in to it. Remember that.


And I will see you in court hunny. ย ๐Ÿ˜‰




On Realizing Your Dreams And Knowing Who Your True Friends Are.

Hello there! Do you guys remember when I told you that I have some exciting things that’s keeping me busy as of late? Well, as posted on my official IG acct. One of them is finally out.

In all honesty I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I really am on the cover of a magazine. Yes! What seemed to be a dream for ages is finally a reality.

What was supposed to be a highlight feature turned out to be a cover story. I think Sir Mario, the publisher was quite amazed how I handle things and how I can easily transform from being serious and more business-like to a very kuri, fun and bubbly person during the shoot. (Or so he says) hehehe

Anyway, the magazine will be out next week and I’ve already placed more than a thoudand copies for my clients. Yes they are so supportive and ordered a lot to show their love for me. I am over the moon and ever so thankful as always.


Anyway, aside from sharing this wonderful news to everyone, I’d also like to share what I learned along the way.

I’ve said it over and over again that my circle of friends is rather small. On my birthday dinner ( 2nd celeb) with my family and the kuris with their fam (because we’re actually one big happy family altogether) we had some serious talks over bottles of champagne.

Den my college bff (till now) and Jc the lovey of JCF and Co (my web developer) and beshies were discussing on how some of our so called friends came and went.

Den was saying that in a decade (because I’ve had them for that long now) she almost made a checklist of those people whom she knew were only temporary. Also blaming me for being too trusting and transparent. Hehee.

You see these friends I write about often are the ones who was with me during the lows the highs and throughout the whole roller coaster ride. While others only stick with me when I’m beneficial and ย when I’m on rock bottom because of their personal interest.

I then came to this conclusion;

They say trying times reveal who your true friends are. I beg to differ though. You get to see who the real ones are when your dreams finally become a reality. Why? Because they are the ones who are actually very excited and extremely proud to see you realize your goals and aspirations one step at a time. They cheer you on and tell you to go get that dream. Some of those whom you thought are true are actually disguised as ‘caring friends’ on your lows. Yet, as it turns out they only stick with you during these times because they’d like to make sure that you can never get back up. When you do, when you soar and achieved more than what you actually imagined, they get mad. They don’t rejoice nor like nor make a comment whenever they see you doing good.

I’ve already gotten used to this scenario. I’ve been stabbed in the back countless of times. It used to hurt. A lot. Fortunately, at this point I only feel grateful that my attitude is not like theirs. Only the people who truly knows me know that fact. I may come too strong to others, over powering at times as they say and yet those who are in my core can attest as to how soft my inside is.

On a different note though as if I am being lifted by The One up above, during the most trying times of my career, these opportunities come knocking and I realize that; when life gives you lemons, you wear a beautiful flowy dress with lemons and flowers printed on it and pose for (a) magazine/s instead. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  loveluxebags-exclusive-lifestyle-shopper

hehe Finally showing my face without tje emojis. ๐Ÿ˜…

If you’d like to know more about me and how it all began, pls grab a copy of Brand Magazine next week.




The last days of November is just the beginning of my days to remember.

In 2 days we bid adieu to November. The year went by so fast and in exactly 15 days I turn a year older.

What I thought was another ordinary Monday turned out to be the beginning of the days that I’ll look forward to.

Today, I am on the inquirer online page. My story, My love luxe, is there an is featured. Honestly, I am teary eyed, as I read it. You know having gone through the ups and downs of the business for almost 9 years is no joke. All my sacrifices, my passion, my hard work is little by little getting noticed. I am forever grateful. I thank God everyday for the abundance, that despite the fact that there are people trying to throw stones on my side, He guides me and keeps me calm and dignified.

I have no time to dwell on others’ negativity. I am just so thankful that I am not on the same position as those who are resorting to extremes and false accusations just to taint someone else’s reputation and business.

At the end of the day, I am thankful. The good. The bad. The happy and sad.

The people who left that taught me to be stronger and become more self sufficient and most of all to the people who never left my side.

Let’s put our glasses up to celebrate.

This. Is. just. the. beginning.

Exciting days ahead.