Just a quick update. hehe

I swear I tried my best to update. Seems like it was only yesterday when I wrote that it was almost June or just turned June. My days are crazier than before and for that I am grateful. hehehe.

Just a quick round up:

So the month started with my being featured in SparkUpPh the millenial arm of BussinessWorld!!!!! I’m not even 30 yet and i have been featured there! I love the whole team and I will forever support them.

By far the best article and feature ever written for me.

Read it here:




My madame friend celebrated her birthday and of course I will never miss it for the world.

I flew first thing in the morning. Literally the first flight out to shop with the one and only queen of all media.

Traveling with her is so much fun! She has this new passion for everything vintage- which I will discuss in the next article.

Ate Kris is fun to be with. She gets happy with the little things, believe me and her happiness is contagious! haha! You get happy when you see her happy. (more Japan trip experience on a different post)


On the day of my arrival – my very own column in spotted magazine was published—-one of my dreams (huhu)


you can read it here     


http://: http://www.spottedmagazine.co/2017/06/07/angelina-cruz-interview/



okay I have a lot more to say but am supposed to make my q and a for my next article for the column so plssss pray that I find the time to write again tomorrow. haha!




Meeting a group of friends who turn out to be your counterpart :D

Have you ever had the chance to meet a group who mirrors your own? Crazy, huh? Well, wait ’til I tell you more about it.

I met the titwas group thru my Insta. It was mommah Racki as I fondly call her who started it all. Because of her obsession with Hermes, little did we know that it will bring us together and would be a start of a good friendship.



So the 3 of them (Tita Ana, Tita Me-An and Mama Racki) and my kuris (Kakat, Maan and I) were officially introduced during my birthday bash.


All six of us were seated together and as the conversations got deeper, we all realized that all three of them were actually the older versions of the three of us!

Mama Racki= (the ultimate madame who loves everything beautiful) = Me (ambisyosa ako bakit ba)

Tita Me-An (the more reserved one) = Maan

Tita Ana (The jack of all trades)= Kakat

Even the way we react to certain topics, people, chikkas are technically the same.


Mama Racki the feisty one who always has a witty response to almost everything resembles my persona in all ways possible. Generous, loving and extremely busy. Of course good traits, needless to say. 😀

Tita Mean always responds with a giggle and a more subtle way, like Maan. Then again whenever she starts warming up and tell her stories and addiction to shoes- be prepared to laugh your heart out- exactly how Maan is the ultimate Kuri. Tita Mean’s love for shoes extended to my shoe room —- we share the same size. What a lucky woman! hahaha!

Tita Ana, (BTW Kakat’s first name is Ana) who never lets her friends down— and is always present is also such a character. Like Keket. She travels to learn new stuff and ask her- just do- to travel the following day and she will make a way to join. (kakat na Kakat di ba?) bwahahah! She lives to travel. Works for her loves—- her passion and shopping included.


What makes me happy and proud about having these girls in my life is the fact that there are no insecurities between us. Everyone supports each other and is always happy about our achievements. Together, we are unstoppable. All three of them technically work in the same field. Each co-existing with one another. They support each other by helping one get good deals should they have clients who needs the services of the other.

Isn’t this amazing? For me, this is how empowered we should all be. Instead of pulling one another down, let’s help each other rise up. At the end of the day, it’s nice to have a bottle of sparkling altogether laughing off the hardships and learning from them too.

I believe the people I lost from the past were replaced by better ones and of course better with my constant group.

I look forward to learning more and enjoying more blissful years with these ladies. 🙂

By the way, we had a small get together with the titwas earlier for Tita Ana’s Bday. Look what she wrote for me instead of I making some tear jerker lines for her.


Touched, blessed and loved all the time.



Of Birthdays, Friendship, Love and Amuys :D

It’s almost the second quarter of the year already! Golly! Where did time go?

Anyway, March 1st is my mama’s birthday. So today we celebrated it with our extended family, the kuris and their fams.

Take 1

Mama her beshie Mommy Christy and My Connor

Mama and her beshie Mommy Christy are already planning their day out haha and I’m all for it! Yup our families are this close and we loveeeee it.

Mama shares the same birthday with Rachel, (kuriKat’s sister-in-law and self-proclaimed member of beshies haha).


 Bday girl Rachel whose alter ego is——— ADELLEEEEE (lan…) chos hahhaah!

We had a simple dinner celebration with our own version of  ‘family’ the ones we chose for ourselves 😉

I know Kuya Aph, (My amuys) Ferds (of FerKat) and Choki (choki chocolate) are waiting for this post since they’ve always wanted to see themselves in my blog. So today, it’s your time to shine! hahaha


Amuys extraordinaire Kuya Aph!!! hahahahah!


Superstar CHOKI

(He actually has a tooth ache today but managed to chew on lechon and steak, as I always say, “maliit na bagay” hahha)

Mayor, Congressman, Senator hahahha


This will be a very fun and light post so enjoy the photos as we had fun taking them.

Yay! Finally complete after almost a month!! My KuriCore

My loves

(Adelle) Rachel, KuriMaan, KuriKat and meeee




Kuya Aph again! Wuhooo! So Bida!!! hahahaha! Rach and cutie Raffa

This is actually kuya Aph’s entry I believe. haha

With the Star of the night Choki!!!

We plan to have another celebration since we missed each other so much that the time we spent today wasn’t enough.

Happiest Birthday again to my mama. I love you!

And yes, Beshie Rachel too! haha

Love you all always!



Maja Salvador’s True Love. The Dance Princess Shares With Loveluxebags.

It was in the latter part of 2016 when I got to meet the Dance Princess Maja Salvador. For some reason we just hit it off! Perhaps we were in tune with our inner cray selves that it was so natural and became close right away.

I often ask her what she likes and what her wishlist is. I have constantly been getting one answer. Every time she talks about it, her eyes will automatically reflect images of heart as if she’s seeing the one she loves. Don’t get me wrong, Maja is really in love—- with shoes. haha

The first pair I shopped for her were her Zanotti harmony heels in nude. Then on, we would always whatsapp each other especially when she can’t contain her love for shoes anymore. haha!!

The very first pair I sourced for Maja


I remember being asked by Maja, or bes as we fondly call each other, to purchase a pair of shoes for her mom’s wedding. I was so happy to buy a very important pair for the most important person in her life.

Then on, she would ask me to look for some pairs and would purchase whatever she decides to get.

For Christmas, I got her a pair of Givenchy jelly link slides which would be useful for her casual days out.


One time, we were talking she told me how she’s actually so into Zanotti shoes. I told her that it actually suits her personality. Maja’s collection of Zanotti’s can be seen on her instagram account @iammajasalvador. From simple metallic stilettos, minimalist designs to unique pieces, booties, and cut out boots— name it -she has it.


Her second pair of Harmony


Recently, I made her extremely happy before her concert. I was asked to look for several pairs of boots. I am telling you—- when it comes to boots no questions asked. She will tell me to immediately purchase as long as I can get her size. She needed those pairs at least 48 hours after our exchange. I told her that it could possibly arrive the following week Monday. She then told me that her concert will be in 2 days. Yay! I told her to please let me work on it and I should update her if it’s possible the next day. Thankfully, I was able to get in in time for her concert! She was too happy she almost cried!!! haha! Really!! I being the shopper, couldn’t be any happier.

Image courtesy of Stuart Weitzman


Image from stuart weitzman


Right after the two pairs, she asked me to look for these pair of fentys in both colors available. A special edition that’s almost impossible to get hold of. I was able to track it for her in her size and she was ecstatic.

Images from google


Alongside her boots, she also asked me to order a pair of Zanotti heels yet again for the presscon of her latest movie. When she sent the photos to me, I told her: “Bes, uwian na, match made in heaven… IBA!” she laughed so hard and told me she was happy with her new shoes.


photos from Maja herself 😉


Although… it doesn’t end there. Yesterday she asked me to purchase Gucci ace sneakers with stars, and Alexander McQueen oversized sole sneakers.



    Photo from McQueen’s site


Yes, just like a real shoe addict— her love and happiness from these beautiful pairs is forever as she says.

“I believe kasi dun nanggagaling yung confidence ko bes, sa mga magaganda kong sapatos. Yun nagdadala for me.”

Indeed- Maja’s true love is her wide collection of beautiful footwear.



My Best Friend’s Wedding

So the big day we all waited for finally came. Brushing aside the incident brought about by the designer, we all enjoyed the wedding and had a great time. It was indeed a celebration of love, family and friendship.

Before she enters and start her new chapter. Photo by Den Montero Photography



While she was walking down the aisle, we were so emotional.


The radiant bride (photo by MUA Imee Sitchon)

with Rv Mitra


Mr. and Mrs. Ferdie Garcia photo by Den Montero photography



LED background by THE JC Florendo of JCF&co photo by Den Montero Photography floral arrangements by amante fleurs


THE man behind JCF & co. My friend, JC who saves the day, always


Ang nagpauso ng loveteam AphRach and FerdsKat 😂

These are just some of the photos I collected which I will update when the official ones are out. It was a very happy and emotional wedding. Maan and I gave our speeches.

As always we didn’t prepare anything. Instead, we talked and shared everything based on how we felt and our memories. After our speeches I saw a couple of friends teary eyed and walked to me to tell me that they were moved. That our friendship and closeness is something they admire. I am happy to hear that from other people. As I always say, I only have a number of real friends. For others to admire the level of friendship that I have with my best friends means so much to me.

I actually am very happy for Ferds and Kat. I pray that they be blessed with a union that’s blissful and meaningful. May you both enjoy this new chapter together and remember that we are just here for you.

Attaching the SDE from RV Mitra photography to all of you. #FerdsKatForever


SDE Video:




Marian’s Love Affair With Florals Is Forever.

There are a lot of things we can associate with Yan that makes her really happy.

If you’re a keen follower of her account, Flowers whether real or printed— on her bags, shoes or clothes are a constant in her feeds. The sight of blossoms makes her extremely elated.

Several days ago I posted her latest loot. All dolce and gabbana nonetheless. Before showing you some of what we shopped, I collected some photos via the net (photo credits to pep, marian ootd and google) of the queen wearing her signature floral printed clothes.








Even foreign designer Jao, made a beautiful dress with floral appliqués for her.

There was also a time when she owned the brooch trend with her floral brooches from designer houses of course.

It’s just as lovely as her. Like flowers that always blossoms beautifully, Marian is ever so blooming. Her aura is fresh, radiant, young and carefree.

Take a look at some of her latest addition to her lust-worthy wardrobe.


Like a kid, she was extremely happy to see the beautiful floral patterns on the blouses, dresses and Zia’s apparel too! You may view the rest as posted on my intagram page and soon on Marian OOTD. Wee!

So expect more impeccable twinning post pretty pretty soon.

To make you feel more excited, I’m delaying my article on her shoeeeees. I’m thinking if I should make it top 15 or 20 hahahha!!!





Year End Special 💖

Smiling from ear to ear while posting this. My days are always extremely hectic and I couldn’t thank God enough for that. I chose to end my year by giving back. Together with my best friends, the kuris, @shoemate_ph @kakatobias @maanabas my Madame friend who has a golden heart and whom I love dearly, her staff, Ms. Shangri-La Magsajo who donated some goodies for our loot bags upon learning that I will be having a feeding, the titwas and my son, we held a simple party for the kids. Organized by the church in Makati. Yesterday, I asked my mama’s help to give several families some goods. Sobrang saya ko. My heart is so full and I’m in the brink of crying. Salamat. I thank all my friends and supporters, followers and buyers. If not for you I wouldn’t be able to share the abundance to them. My cup as I always say is always being filled so that I can share in anyway. Pasensha na I don’t really post my works but pls allow me at least once a year to thank everyone for this. Salamat po. The best year ever. Kulang pa po ang dalawang araw na ito I know and I aim to make it bigger yearly. 💖❤

I know you’ve read that on my instagram as I posted the pic earlier. Nevertheless, I still want to make an entry about it.

In the duration of 12 mos, a lot has transpired. Challenges brought about by competitors, ‘friends’ who in reality never were since day one, some people who took a certain liking in picking up a fight with me, or some who just wish to put me in a bad light. There’s a lot, that some dragged not only myself but my little one as well.

I addressed each of them properly. Where they should be tackled appropriately. Brushing off the fact that some were extremely below the belt, I stood strong and as if God is telling me to just laugh at how low certain people can go, he blessed me so much more than I have asked for. More than I actually imagined. I pray, every single day not just for myself but for my heart to forgive them amidst all this.

Today, despite all the tirades, the accusations which are baseless and pointless, we made some 100 plus kids and more than 50 families(yesterday) happy. I know it’s not too much, but whatever I gave, I gave it with all of me. With my hard work. Every bit and piece of my journey.

So to everyone calling others to tell them not to trust me and not to buy from me, go ahead. If that floats your boat. I will, as I always have, keep quiet and let my work do the talking. No need to put others on a bad plight to stand out. Truth will always come out in the end. ❤

So for the year that will be, my wish is for them to find peace and real happiness so as not to resort to those kind of things anymore.

I may not have too much but I am happy with it, striving and persevering to be better one day at a time.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate with kuris for Karl(maan’s bf) as he turns 50. Char!

So let this be my year end special. I want to close 2016 by being able to bring hope, happiness and love to those who need it, who wants it and those who are looking for it.

May we all have the best of everything for 2017.

Happy new year to my readers from around the globe. Thank you for following my journey.

Love from this side of the globe,




One Kuri is Getting Married. The Adventures And The Lack Thereof As We Prepare. 😅

Two more sleeps and it’s 2017. No, this is not my year ender post just yet. This instead is about the adventures and or misadventures of one kuri as she prepares to walk down the aisle.

Kakat and Ferds got engaged early this year. During one of our yearly travels with all our family members in tow. That was January when Kat celebrated her 28th birthday. Yup we all flew to celebrate with her. Because Kuris love each other that much. HAHA!

Anyway, upon hearing the good news I told her that I will shoulder her wedding gown as my present. Of course, I only want the best for my kuris. After all, they’re my sisters, remember? Plus she does a lot for my loveluxe too. Taga ship si besh hahaha!

I gave her a budget to work on and she was utterly surprised and touched as she never stopped telling me she loves me (hahaha). She never expected that someone apart from her immediate family would do it for her, so I gave her a slight kotong (expect me to be kurimaw when talking about us three) and reminded her that we are sisters. KTNXNEXT. Anyway, one thing I love about my friends is that they don’t like to always be on the receiving end. She worked with a designer whose charge was less than what I told her. They have always been like that. They always remind me to stop giving first since they still have new ones and all (my mama too hehe).

Here’s a sneak peek of her lovely dress. Told her to be heavy on the lace and swarovski. She knows how I like things grand haha. Hello isang beses lang sya ikakasal and we all didn’t have a debut by choice so at least her wedding gown should be bonggacious.

Work in progress


After choosing the designer, Kakat was endlessly talking about her dream wedding shoes and since it’s Christmas I told her and Maan : “Naririndi na ako sa shoes na yan bibilhin ko na!!!” HAHAHA! so there, 5 years in the making I gifted them their first YSL tributes for Christmas! The girls were teary eyed since that was the major gift this year.

Anyway, Kakat is now feeling the stress and the wedding jitters, finally. HAHA!

Last night she messaged me, all stressed out and panicking as per usual, as if I’m hearing her shrieking with the tone of her message. The invitations were supposed to be done by the 1st week of January, given that the wedding will be on the First week of Feb. The designer, unfortunately took his vacation on a time when he was needed most. KALOKS! It was such a relief that I properly introduced her to THE JCF of JC and Co. (Our main tech guy). Believe me when I say, this guy can make things happen in a span of 24 hrs or less. That’s the reason why he is under LLGC hahaha! (gets mo na why cos I know kilig ka na to read this)

Case in point, before I put this site live I was working with a different team and since I was able to get hold of JC what with his extremely busy schedule, I asked him to work on the blog after the previous one did the initial set up. I told JESI as I fondly call him, that I want my blog running in 2 hours. YUP! I told you I’m totally a different person at work. I want things done, ASAP! As if proving me that we are on the same page, 2 hours later loveluxebags.com is ready and can be written on! Galing ni koya!

So, when that situation arose, Kat knew who to contact right away. All Jesi can do was heave a sigh of resignation and said: “Mga kuris talaga”. HAHAH! Voila! Jesi did it again. In less than 24 hours, Kakat is rushing to the printing press and after the holidays, they are ready to be distributed.


Kaloka this Kasalan ng taon! We are all so busy preparing for it but we couldn’t be any happier. Oh, and btw which reminds me I need to have my fitting done by next week. HAHAH! Yup I’m the last one who didn’t meet the designer yet. Beshie knows how my schedule is though.

Here are some photos of what keeps them busy these days.

Flower arrangements


Sweets overload from Bizu like hello she knows what to feed my sweet tooth hahaha


I remember Kakat telling me how she had a hard time with paper works as it requires her presence. It was quite challenging since she also have a day job (karangal rangal ba the term?) hahahaha and her shoe mate too plus she does some shipping works for loveluxe when I have a lot of things to do and can’t go to the courier.

Amidst all the adventures and the lack thereof, I can’t wait til the big day finally arrives. I’m so happy that Kakat found someone who loves her and the kuris (la syang choice) too! hahaha!

I shall keep you posted as we go along.



The Queen And The Princess’ Take On Twinning= Perfection.

Earlier this month, Yan told me about their upcoming family trip. Since then we have been searching for the perfect twinning outfit for herself and baby Z.

We checked several designs from Dolce and Gabbana and came up with this pair in the end.


The print is not overpowering, very refreshing and is nonetheless gorgeous. We knew it would be a perfect twinning outfit for the most beautiful mom and baby tandem in the universe.

Fast forward 27th of December the queen posted a photo of herself and Princess Zia wearing them! I couldn’t help but giggle and look at it over and over again. Indeed, no one does it better than this adorable pair. 😍

This photo has GORGEOUS and Happiness written all over it.


It’s a tie! 😅😂😍 #aroundZworld 🇮🇩 @loveluxebags ❤️

A photo posted by Marian Rivera Gracia Dantes (@therealmarian) on

Yan, pls share more twinning photos in the near future? We just can’t get enough!

Enjoy your royal vacation!

All the love,


What’s In Your Bag? Angelica Panganiban Shares What’s In Hers.

Hello there! For my first celebrity feature under this category, my marsie, Angelica Panganiban allowed me to feature what her bag essentials are.

Come and discover the things our beloved Angge carries everyday.

Since she has regular tapings the beautiful beki mars carries her back pack with her to work.



Inside you will find her red gucci soho wallet where she keeps her bills cards and what nots. 😆

Her coins are placed separately in her YSL chyc cabas coin purse.




Takot si baks sa jabar so she has this perfume in tow.


Fairness mars dami pa ha hahaha! Love you naman!

This pretty Anna Sui compact mirror to check on her beautiful face all the time.


Angelica carries several pouches with her. Goes to show how organized she is. Truth be told she’s quite OC. As I observed. 🙂

This Moncler pouch holds her hand cream, cologne and wet wipes.




Pouch number two is a medicine kit.


Pouch 3 keeps her power bank, cord adaptor etc.

Her mini accessory pouch holds several pairs of earrings. Three of them happen to be mise en Dior. She also has some bracelets and a cutesy watch inside.




Her Dior so real sunnies and Saint Laurent reading glasses are always present.




So that’s what’s inside Angge’s cutie backpack. Thank you marsie for allowing me to feature this. Love you and see you soonest!

Til the next article! 🙂