My Small Circle Of Friends Always Have The Grandest Presents One Can Ever Ask For

Why hello there lovies! Apologies on being a bit late on updating this site. As you see, December is extremely busy. So let me make up to you by writing more than 1 entry today, okay?

First on the list are the presents I received this season. Truth be told, even a simple hand written note means a lot to me. Imagine my reaction when I got all these babies as presents.


My gorgeous H blanket from my madame friend


My H loot from my sissies and my dear friend Black kelly belt, Bleu paon cdc and silk scarf




Clinique kikay kit from my lawyer who loves me so much hahahaha (I know you’re reading this bwahahah)



From my kuris Rimowa pilot cabin multi wheel


Wee My favorite scents. My friends really know I don’t like running out of the things I love
Some jewelry and a pretty pandora 🙂



Overjoyed to be receiving this from a follower of loveluxe from another country. Thank you so much sis. 🙂 I am over the moon





Some cards


one of my favorite scents from Yan 🙂  

I am so thankful for the presents but above all, I am grateful that I am remembered. I feel loved. No matter how small my circle is, I wouldn’t trade them to a million friends who are only there during happy times. 🙂