Cybercrime Laws And Libel Is No Joke πŸ˜‚

Before posting about the wedding of my bff (the nightmare designer and the fun reception) let me just make a quick update on one of the battles I am properly dealing with.

It’s actually known that I sued the seller who accused me of some nasty things. It came to my knowledge that she thought it was all a joke and that the justice system in the PH doesn’t really work. I got some PMs of posts allegedly trying to laugh it off.

So… after 3 hearings, she never showed herself nor sent a lawyer to counter her criminal cases. Now my time to laugh.

You don’t brush off subpoenas, you don’t laugh off legal orders. I’m no legal pro but I’m well aware of what to and not to do during times like these. Just because you’re out of the country doesn’t mean you’re not liable. As long as it’s under PH jurisdiction Β (what you said and posted) you are accountable for it.



I think you better take things seriously. You were serious enough to make judgements and accusations out of mere photographs and tried to bring me down. Others would’ve let it pass I’m certain. Though, not me. I worked and gave my all to build my name and you go talking ill just to put yourself on the spotlight. I’m more than willing to wait. Whatever it takes, your case as well as the ones who aggravated it is something I won’t be taking lightly.

Now please tell me if I’m just barking or have you come to realize that I am rather sensible basing everything on things that are verifiable? After answering this, then please tell me if you can still think of this as a joke. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Patiently waiting,

A πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I’ve had enough of you and your trolls. Don’t worry you’ll see all of this during your trial. I don’t just move. I use my head and do my move.



I haveΒ a dozen more which you will get to see in person esp the ones you asked for. I’m just the type of person who actually values and respects my clients so much. Now that you’ve been given the right for due process and can’t even face me in court tells more about you than what you try to throw against me. I have all the evidences but who are you to deserve an advertisement from me? Work hard in silence. All the accessories, the ones who questioned and insinuated I’m sorry but you are a part of this too. I told you, I fight fair. Β Sorry I already spent too much for you and I don’t mind if that will be the way to get the justice I deserve. I do hope you have a very strong evidence against Β me and your claims. Otherwise I know that you know what awaits. I wish you’re more than what you say and post and there’s more to you than blocking me. Evidences don’t lie and you need to face the consequences of your actions.

Need I remind you? Be sure to taste your words before you spit them.

I have a name and a reputation that I’m protecting and fighting for. I am for one a registered practitioner and it is an insult to my license for you to smear my reputation. At 19 I am already holding that license and am still a professional with one to date. I didn’t get accelerated several times for nothing. Sometimes, I need to let it out you know. Oh and I am also protecting the multiple academic awards I am holding, apart from my title and license, my certificate of recognition as a speaker, my magazine features and lifestyle editorials. You see its more complicated than you ever imagined.

I hope you and your gang can actually back up and I do hope they help you this time. Legal matters are different from IG matters. Unfortunately you hit on a person whose shield is knowledge. You pulled the trigger and I’m going to watch how your bullet ricochet.

Oh, and by the way if I’m totally irrelevant to you, how can you and your gang afford to always hit on me on your post? Blimey. You talk? I work. πŸ˜…

PS. Thank you to my beautiful and equally genius legal counsel from Frias, Frias & associates for being there and for doing all researches necessary. You and I will last a lifetime Atty. Remember that. Thank you for always fighting for justice.



Year End Special πŸ’–

Smiling from ear to ear while posting this. My days are always extremely hectic and I couldn’t thank God enough for that. I chose to end my year by giving back. Together with my best friends, the kuris, @shoemate_ph @kakatobias @maanabas my Madame friend who has a golden heart and whom I love dearly, her staff, Ms. Shangri-La Magsajo who donated some goodies for our loot bags upon learning that I will be having a feeding, the titwas and my son, we held a simple party for the kids. Organized by the church in Makati. Yesterday, I asked my mama’s help to give several families some goods. Sobrang saya ko. My heart is so full and I’m in the brink of crying. Salamat. I thank all my friends and supporters, followers and buyers. If not for you I wouldn’t be able to share the abundance to them. My cup as I always say is always being filled so that I can share in anyway. Pasensha na I don’t really post my works but pls allow me at least once a year to thank everyone for this. Salamat po. The best year ever. Kulang pa po ang dalawang araw na ito I know and I aim to make it bigger yearly. πŸ’–β€

I know you’ve read that on my instagram as I posted the pic earlier. Nevertheless, I still want to make an entry about it.

In the duration of 12 mos, a lot has transpired. Challenges brought about by competitors, ‘friends’ who in reality never were since day one, some people who took a certain liking in picking up a fight with me, or some who just wish to put me in a bad light. There’s a lot, that some dragged not only myself but my little one as well.

I addressed each of them properly. Where they should be tackled appropriately. Brushing off the fact that some were extremely below the belt, I stood strong and as if God is telling me to just laugh at how low certain people can go, he blessed me so much more than I have asked for. More than I actually imagined. I pray, every single day not just for myself but for my heart to forgive them amidst all this.

Today, despite all the tirades, the accusations which are baseless and pointless, we made some 100 plus kids and more than 50 families(yesterday) happy. I know it’s not too much, but whatever I gave, I gave it with all of me. With my hard work. Every bit and piece of my journey.

So to everyone calling others to tell them not to trust me and not to buy from me, go ahead. If that floats your boat. I will, as I always have, keep quiet and let my work do the talking. No need to put others on a bad plight to stand out. Truth will always come out in the end. ❀

So for the year that will be, my wish is for them to find peace and real happiness so as not to resort to those kind of things anymore.

I may not have too much but I am happy with it, striving and persevering to be better one day at a time.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate with kuris for Karl(maan’s bf) as he turns 50. Char!

So let this be my year end special. I want to close 2016 by being able to bring hope, happiness and love to those who need it, who wants it and those who are looking for it.

May we all have the best of everything for 2017.

Happy new year to my readers from around the globe. Thank you for following my journey.

Love from this side of the globe,




On dealing with people who try to put you down


There’s a hundred things people can say against you. More often than not, 99 percent is not true. If you fail the test of discernment you are unworthy. Because you judge without even trying to open your mind to reality. I have a big heart which always has a room for the grateful ones. Beauty encompasses the physique. It goes over and beyond what our eyes can see. Look through one and know everything. The ungrateful will always be there stuck in the past for he will always look at the faults of yesterday than the blessings of today.

This morning I received another call. You see I have quite a number of loyal acquaintances. Unfortunately, someone has been spreading rumors about me. I found it absurd, really. How can someone so sure, so confident (as one openly claims) go that low? Interesting.
Not so long ago, I used to have a group of so called ‘friends’ who revealed their true colors along the way. Hurt, used and feeling abused, I walked away and never looked back. Amazingly, after dropping these people from my life, a lot of intrigues and gossips surfaced. Me, being the center, of course. Imagine, even my car- that I worked so hard for became an issue to them! Of course, there’s no denying the fact that at some point I wanted to reveal their secrets, wanted to get even and reveal to everyone their true colors. Then again, I thought to myself: that wouldn’t make us any different anymore. Sometimes, you keep quiet not because you have nothing to say, but because you are more dignified than people whose happiness relies on trying to pull others down. Ironically, I learned this from a person who turns out to be someone who cannot live by example.
Then it hit me, I still have messages of these people asking me to offer their products! If I am the type who likes bringing others down, I would’ve easily forwarded those or posted for everyone to see. Then again, what would that make me? Yup-their spitting image and I don’t want that.
I may look like a snob what with my foreign features but truth be told? I am rather rational and have a good heart.
“If you live your life believing inΒ the saying -an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth then you are a very sad person. You only want to hurt others for hurting you. It means you did not receive enough love and care that you want others to feel as miserable as you.”
This is one of my favorite lines from a series I used to watch.
I smiled and said. I must’ve received so much love from my family that I don’t want others to go through the same kind of pain they put me through.
You see, the solar system has 9 planets. If none of them is named after you, chances are the universe doesn’t revolve around you. In that case you wallow in your misery while we live our lives fully. No amount of money can cover the fact that breeding actually shows when you have every right to confront or fight with people who try to ruin you and yet you choose to distance yourself instead of doing so. You see, regardless of how hard a person tries to get along with everyone and make an effort not to intimidate others by being funny and blending in, maturity and breeding comes out in times like these. Most of all I will always be proud of my mother never probing or trying to ignite the flame by trying to sidesweep one’s personality based on how highly they think of themselves. She doesn’t take my side simply because I am her daughter, instead she weighs things and when I am at fault she never lets me get away with it easily. I get scolded to death till I make things right. If there’s one thing I learned from my mama, that is to be very intelligent with my battles and respect others regardless of how bad they’ve hurt me. At the end of the day the luxury of having peace of mind is something not everyone can afford.
I view loopholes ahead of everyone else when someone tries to put something up. I have that complex ability to see through. You don’t praise yourself, you let others do that for you esp when it comes to “upbringing”.
Luxury is too accessible these days that you can’t actually size up a person with her possessions.
Just because I don’t show every bit and piece of my life doesn’t mean yours is better. It simply means that boasting isn’t my expertise.
Most of all, anyone born with a silver spoon in the mouth never goes out telling other people that she is. Whoever does so clearly isn’t.
I even heard others saying that I don’t even travel. he he he. I just don’t post them because my social media accounts are not for that. My IG is mainly for business. That’s the reason why I came up with this blog as well. Because this is the proper place to do so.
So I’d just like to reiterate that if you carry on with that, you leave me with no choice but to formally bring it to the proper venue. Live and be confident enough that your work will speak for itself. Deliberately ruining one’s reputation to make you look better isn’t the way to go.
Β Xo,