Meeting a group of friends who turn out to be your counterpart :D

Have you ever had the chance to meet a group who mirrors your own? Crazy, huh? Well, wait ’til I tell you more about it.

I met the titwas group thru my Insta. It was mommah Racki as I fondly call her who started it all. Because of her obsession with Hermes, little did we know that it will bring us together and would be a start of a good friendship.



So the 3 of them (Tita Ana, Tita Me-An and Mama Racki) and my kuris (Kakat, Maan and I) were officially introduced during my birthday bash.


All six of us were seated together and as the conversations got deeper, we all realized that all three of them were actually the older versions of the three of us!

Mama Racki= (the ultimate madame who loves everything beautiful) = Me (ambisyosa ako bakit ba)

Tita Me-An (the more reserved one) = Maan

Tita Ana (The jack of all trades)= Kakat

Even the way we react to certain topics, people, chikkas are technically the same.


Mama Racki the feisty one who always has a witty response to almost everything resembles my persona in all ways possible. Generous, loving and extremely busy. Of course good traits, needless to say. 😀

Tita Mean always responds with a giggle and a more subtle way, like Maan. Then again whenever she starts warming up and tell her stories and addiction to shoes- be prepared to laugh your heart out- exactly how Maan is the ultimate Kuri. Tita Mean’s love for shoes extended to my shoe room —- we share the same size. What a lucky woman! hahaha!

Tita Ana, (BTW Kakat’s first name is Ana) who never lets her friends down— and is always present is also such a character. Like Keket. She travels to learn new stuff and ask her- just do- to travel the following day and she will make a way to join. (kakat na Kakat di ba?) bwahahah! She lives to travel. Works for her loves—- her passion and shopping included.


What makes me happy and proud about having these girls in my life is the fact that there are no insecurities between us. Everyone supports each other and is always happy about our achievements. Together, we are unstoppable. All three of them technically work in the same field. Each co-existing with one another. They support each other by helping one get good deals should they have clients who needs the services of the other.

Isn’t this amazing? For me, this is how empowered we should all be. Instead of pulling one another down, let’s help each other rise up. At the end of the day, it’s nice to have a bottle of sparkling altogether laughing off the hardships and learning from them too.

I believe the people I lost from the past were replaced by better ones and of course better with my constant group.

I look forward to learning more and enjoying more blissful years with these ladies. 🙂

By the way, we had a small get together with the titwas earlier for Tita Ana’s Bday. Look what she wrote for me instead of I making some tear jerker lines for her.


Touched, blessed and loved all the time.



Takers and Givers

The world is full of pretenders, blinded by money, eaten up by greed. I came across a couple of people this week who actually proved to be a proof that con artist are everywhere. Clad in business attires, disguised as someone concerned yet at the end of the day they only intend to consume you and suck up the life out of you.

Recently, I met someone exactly like that. Since the person saw I find it quite difficult to say no to people in need, this person took that as a way to use it to her advantage.

Although I have a soft spot for the needy, I’m not stupid. The person tried to get everything that would be of advantage to her. Yes, unfortunately despite being in an industry requiring credibility to remain in the circulation, she fell short.

It’s quite alarming how a professional can turn to a con artist in no time. Then again we can’t always shrug it off.

Anyway, enough of that strong and long introduction. I was actually trying to come up with a way to open the topic about dealing with difficult people around us.

Although they may have their reasons and in as much as we want to analyze their situation and empathize with them, admit it, there will always be times when you just can’t take those anymore.

You see, the world is comprised of takers and givers. It’s actually a well known fact that I am a giver. I’m not the one who likes to be on the receiving end. I also find it hard to say no to those who ask me of something.

I know, I am extremely generous and whoever begs to differ most probably never had the chance to be close to me, really. Then again the thin line that differentiates generosity to being gullible is definitely there. It’s amusing to see people who are “users” sorry for the term. When they get something from you, they look forward to more and make it seem like you are indebted to them.

To the rest of the populace like me, I think its about time to learn how to say no. At the end of the day, they need know where they stand and what they’ve done to deserve it.

To the rest of the people who thinks receiving is better than giving. I tell you, the kind of satisfaction you get every time you’re able to help others is different. It kind of feels addicting actually and you feel as though you are some sort of wonder woman (well at least for me) hehehe.




“Man in the arena”

You know I’ve always been open about why I created this site. I never write anything I haven’t felt, seen, or personally experienced. My forte honestly is public speaking. Writing on the other hand, is a venue; an outlet where I can freely express my thoughts. I don’t write for a living. My intention is simple. I want people to see thru the words. I want them to feel the moment as if they are experiencing it with me thru my articles.

I never addressed myself as a successful person. It is others who actually says that and who am I to contradict their opinion? You know, I have always said and I will keep on reiterating, I don’t really have a competition other than myself. Simply put, other sellers are actually not something I have to worry about. Why? There are a lot of buyers as long as there are enough of pretty things to sell.

It’s actually taking me by surprise how others think that I am the one who would create trouble for them when in fact I have so much to do that 24 hours won’t even suffice. Needless to say, why would I even spare a moment to give importance to others who are actually non existent to my day to day living. Down right ludicrous, if I may say.

It is actually man’s common trait to judge as based on looks and what someone actually projects. More often than not, the meek lamb deceives us with the way she presents herself and judge the tigress as harmful when in reality the tigress is the one with a very soft heart.

The problem in our world these days is how we have become cynical. We conclude without confronting, we get hurt by news that was delivered by people you barely even know. Some, take the side of the stranger and start a war when the easiest way to avoid such is to communicate. If people try to look at the good more than what others say, and take into consideration the good things the person you know have done then maybe, just maybe, there won’t be a need to throw shades.

People, being the complex beings that we are base everything on what we see or hear without verifying.

Can anyone recall what Theodore Roosevelt said in his most memorable speech of all time?


It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

You know, this is my drive. Whenever I read this, it gives me hope and make me realize that it is I, the one battling in this field and is heavily involved pouring all my skills, knowledge, time, and effort unlike those who are only in the sidelines who, more often than not disheartens us with the words they spit as if they were with you during the fight who actually deserves exactly what I worked hard for.

Simply put, I live this way. I don’t care about how people would criticize me. I’d rather give my best, my success not only means I triumphed rather, my success is the journey itself, how I’ve done it with all of me than be eaten up by the fear of what others would say.

Bottomline, I may be viewed by groups of people, sellers specifically as someone whom they can step on. Simply because they are pioneers and has a certain reputation to keep, so to speak. They may claim that the only time they can say that I matter is when I finally reach their level. However, I have no intention to keep up with them. This is me, the one in the battlefield day in and out and regardless of what others conclude; what ill they wish of me even without me doing anything to them. At the end of the day, this is me and I am proud of the achievements I have made whatever little those are because I’ve exerted every little thing I have with me.

I am therefore, the man in the arena. 😉



On Being Strong And Becoming Stronger Day By Day

When I was in pre school at the age of 2, in a very small Chinese school near my lola’s house, I can still vividly remember how I would always be at the back of the line. I remember being the go to person of my chinese classmates. Often the leader of the team or group. When I was in grade school I skipped a couple of grades and got accelerated. By 11 I’m already in middle school. During the course of my student life, I still remember how everyone would make me the president, the representative or whatever it is that entails a certain responsibility in looking after everyone. For group projects esp in anything speech related, my group mates would always tend to slack off when I’m there. For some unknown reason my presence equates assurance to them.

Being a Dragon baby, most people say that I am born to lead. Some, would say that my persona is really strong. That I can handle everything.

It was in my senior year in middle school when I last talked to my father before another heart operation he was scheduled to undergo in London. I don’t think I have the heart to elaborate so let’s leave it at that.

At that time, my mom was having a hard time with the dealership. More often it was lolo and lola who looks after me which I totally understand. At a young age, I know the reality and since my father’s passing, it was only my mom who worked day in and out to give me the life I have been accustomed to when my papa was still alive.

I think, having extremely busy parents at a young age was also one of the factors why I became independent.

When I was in college, I remember some of my block mates asking me to make an essay, write something for them to make it to the finals. I willingly obliged every time.

You see, from the very start I have always been like a rock. Solid, unmoved most of the time. I am the one who always looks after my team mates, my group mates, my friends and everyone else.

When I was pregnant with Connor I had to face a lot of challenges. Even during the time when he was newly born. I had so much struggles. I cried and cried til no tears ever runs down my cheeks anymore. At some point I was mad, hurt and belittled. Yup, by people I barely even know. I then realized one thing. I have always been the one every one leans on, why am I even trying to fit in? Why do I care so much about what others will say? They’re just on the side lines anyway.

I reminded myself, I started from scratch. I can endure hard times. I prayed every single day that my pain and anger for the people who belittled me finally be taken away and for me to understand why those things had to take place.

I almost gave up. I had myself, my Connor and my mom and the rest were looking down on me. I persevered. Afterall I am strong.

I worked. I worked until slowly I get to achieve little things I have only imagined and prayed for.

Today, I ask myself. Am I really strong?

When I was starting out, I remember there were countless of times major players in the industry tried to bring me down. Called me a scammer or whatever only because we have the same products. I didn’t give up. I crawled, I took baby steps til the day I can finally stand tall.

Today, I look back at the times when I thought I can’t endure it. The days when I wished I had everything easy. Then I remind myself, had it not been for the people who called me names, who looked down on me and my mama, who accused me of being a useless mother and whatever things they posted on social media I wouldn’t be as persevering, as determined, as strong and as resilient as I am today.

I admit that my heart still aches and the wall is still there, yet, I no longer yearn for their approval. Instead, I have created a totally different world where all of us exist yet I don’t get affected with the deliberate acts of them deserting me.

In the past 9 yrs, it is only now,  when people finally get to recognize how differently I work, people try to throw all the dirty and nasty things to me endlessly. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed enough to be able to protect my name, myself, my work and my family in the proper way.

You see, although I have my vulnerable moments, I never let these people rejoice or feel that they’re finally getting what they want. That’s merely an icing on the cake of hardships I’ve been through.

For some reason, since I’ve always been very proper in dealing with this kind of people, truth comes out naturally. Trying too hard makes people curious. Their curiosity benefits me because they get to see whose all talk, all parinig and all show. Me? I will NEVER be ashamed of how I started. Oldie but goodie Vuittons.

I admit that there are times when I feel like I’d like people to be sensitive enough to know that they must’ve hurt me or have done something wrong to me, I don’t succumb. I am a rock that most people I love lean on. I will never glide down by letting others tear me apart. I let my One up there to hold me together. I look up and say what I feel every time.

They say most of the time the strongest ones are the ones who don’t feel pain. I beg to differ. The ones who acknowledges the pain, learn from it and build a better self out of it are the people who are indeed strong. Yes we also need some checking to feel like we are extremely appreciated from time to time.

The strong ones have no room to wallow in vulnerability. Instead, we take that moment as a turning point and come out stronger that before.

So carry on, for all I know you make me stronger every day. You fuel my desire to be better and to make sure that the only competition I have is who I was yesterday. I try to better myself every single day. I make sure to deliver and exceed expectations. I will continue to be like this. I will develop my skills and do better every day.

Yes, now I can finally say. I am me, and I am stronger than you can ever imagine.





So my second magazine feature for the year is already out. YAY!!!

Before finding out that this issue is already out, was actually thinking of a very good way to open a very very important topic for me. Before I go there, you might want to take a look on and read about my journey here first.









As with my other magazine features, I provide my own wardrobe. Simply put, Whatever I wear is something I actually own. I don’t pull out. Why did I have to reiterate it? Simple. I am allergic to counterfeit.

Does anyone recall the song “Live my life”?

In one of the verses, TI said: “I’m the opposite of moderate, Immaculately polished with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid, Allergic to the counterfeit, Impartial to the politics, Articulate but still would grab a n by the collar quick”

As if he is writing for me, I am like that. For one, since I was a little girl, it was never my thing to wear anything that does not belong to me. I’d have lesser (chos) things than most in my ballet class but mama and papa always makes sure I have the best they can provide. At 8, my aunt gave me this apple green dolce and gabbana t shirt. I have two major things I keep in mind ALL THE TIME. Wear something branded all the way, or something that does not have any but is not an inspiration or an imitation.

Growing up, mama always taught me to only embrace what we can afford. NEVER go over what we have just to look cool. 9 years in the business and I still go by that rule every single day.

You see, not that I am bragging nor for the purpose of letting anyone know the kind of life I live, I had to make a decision to open up at some point and let those who warrants and suggests negative things about me get to see who I really am.

Yes, the clothes are all designer stuff. I saved a lot to be able to buy myself those pretty ones. Those who know me knows how I get happy whenever I get to own something from the runway, from the season’s collection of gabbana, fendi, J brand, Valentino, Chloe, Philip Lim to name a few. I’m not talking about overruns (not that I have anything against it either) but you see it’s all hard earned money that I wear. It’s my representation. Why do I have to expound on this? Simple. How can someone who can’t even bring herself to wear something that is not from the store itself ever use ANYTHING knock off? I don’t own one, I don’t support any of those.

It took me 9 years and in the span of 9 years it was only as of late that people try to throw false tirades on me. LIKE COME ON. Please. Look at me in the eye and tell that to me, and I bet you 100 percent it will back fire to you. Even in Jewelry, I’d rather have only one pair of cartier earrings, and a piece of Alhambra necklace than buy something inspired. It’s not me. It will never be me.

Tell me then, does it make any sense for people to say otherwise? When in reality, not even a fleeting moment for pleasantries nor a simple social media check was done yet there they are spitting words as if they’ve seen me grow up.

My Connor is also way too exposed to this. It’s either he wears dolce or wear generic white t shirt and shorts. NOTHING IN BETWEEN.

You see, you can’t force something you are not accustomed to, really. It will show in one way or another, believe me. Anyway, what’s the best and easiest way to try to smear someone’s reputation? Don’t people throw mud to the things that shine? Typical trait of most people in our circle, sadly.

So I only have this to say to them not analyzing clearly: walk in my shoes, it’s 5 inches, stilettos, pointed toe and in every way hurt your toes—if you’re not the owner you can never walk in them with grace. 😀

In short, I am one who can truly claim, I don’t support counterfeit so I will NEVER let my clients have them too. 😉

As I promised I will be forgiving but I will be assertive this year. So know your laws and stick by them.

Again, Hindi ako gumagamit ng peke. Napahiya na kayo sa pictures ninyo kasi mali ang sinabi nyo once. What do I have to prove to you anyway?

Whoever has a shop, or has followers more than yours would always be accused of the fake thing issue how very funny. Stop it. I’ve done my move so do yours. Lawfully. Properly. Honestly and with integrity.  I’m willing to do it over and over again no matter how much time money and effort should be put in to it. Remember that.


And I will see you in court hunny.  😉




The Uncertainties Of Changing The Year

I know we are always positive about the New Year and what it holds. I for one am excited. Then again, at the back of my mind I am still uncertain of what could happen.

Don’t we all have that feeling? Yes we are very eager to start again, to have a new chance in everything or start something as one year ends.

Truth be told? As the year changed and another one began, I am quite scared. Why? Maybe because I haven’t gotten hold of the rhythm, the tempo and the beat just yet. Unlike when its already say for instance the 2nd quarter, somehow you already know how to dance with the tune of the year. I mean at some point you can say that oh I’m on a roll. I need to keep up or something.

I am actually quite certain about life’s uncertainties that every time I try to think about it, I tell myself to just relax, take it easy and continue to do what I am doing with more room for learning. Then again I am praying for everything and am asking for Guidance in every step I take.

2017 is looking bright and promising. Brand is due to be in stores 11th of this Month, (Wed) and another feature for a different magazine, which I will write about once it’s out. A lot of more exciting things are on the works and I’m praying for the best of everything.

Although I haven’t really prepared a resolution, I promised myself to do some things I haven’t done in the past year. I will be stronger yes, forgiving yes of course but will never let anyone ridicule me in one way or another. Never let others’ jealousy get me and affect me, instead as I always do, put things in the proper perspective and fight for what is right.

I have actually started it already. With all the people spreading false rumors; online most specially. 🙂 I will actually write about these things once everything has been taken care of.

What about you? I’d like to hear your thoughts on how you feel about the new year. Do you also feel the same way? Let’s learn from each other and keep the faith together. 😉 Feel free to comment and share your thoughts too. 🙂





One Kuri is Getting Married. The Adventures And The Lack Thereof As We Prepare. 😅

Two more sleeps and it’s 2017. No, this is not my year ender post just yet. This instead is about the adventures and or misadventures of one kuri as she prepares to walk down the aisle.

Kakat and Ferds got engaged early this year. During one of our yearly travels with all our family members in tow. That was January when Kat celebrated her 28th birthday. Yup we all flew to celebrate with her. Because Kuris love each other that much. HAHA!

Anyway, upon hearing the good news I told her that I will shoulder her wedding gown as my present. Of course, I only want the best for my kuris. After all, they’re my sisters, remember? Plus she does a lot for my loveluxe too. Taga ship si besh hahaha!

I gave her a budget to work on and she was utterly surprised and touched as she never stopped telling me she loves me (hahaha). She never expected that someone apart from her immediate family would do it for her, so I gave her a slight kotong (expect me to be kurimaw when talking about us three) and reminded her that we are sisters. KTNXNEXT. Anyway, one thing I love about my friends is that they don’t like to always be on the receiving end. She worked with a designer whose charge was less than what I told her. They have always been like that. They always remind me to stop giving first since they still have new ones and all (my mama too hehe).

Here’s a sneak peek of her lovely dress. Told her to be heavy on the lace and swarovski. She knows how I like things grand haha. Hello isang beses lang sya ikakasal and we all didn’t have a debut by choice so at least her wedding gown should be bonggacious.

Work in progress


After choosing the designer, Kakat was endlessly talking about her dream wedding shoes and since it’s Christmas I told her and Maan : “Naririndi na ako sa shoes na yan bibilhin ko na!!!” HAHAHA! so there, 5 years in the making I gifted them their first YSL tributes for Christmas! The girls were teary eyed since that was the major gift this year.

Anyway, Kakat is now feeling the stress and the wedding jitters, finally. HAHA!

Last night she messaged me, all stressed out and panicking as per usual, as if I’m hearing her shrieking with the tone of her message. The invitations were supposed to be done by the 1st week of January, given that the wedding will be on the First week of Feb. The designer, unfortunately took his vacation on a time when he was needed most. KALOKS! It was such a relief that I properly introduced her to THE JCF of JC and Co. (Our main tech guy). Believe me when I say, this guy can make things happen in a span of 24 hrs or less. That’s the reason why he is under LLGC hahaha! (gets mo na why cos I know kilig ka na to read this)

Case in point, before I put this site live I was working with a different team and since I was able to get hold of JC what with his extremely busy schedule, I asked him to work on the blog after the previous one did the initial set up. I told JESI as I fondly call him, that I want my blog running in 2 hours. YUP! I told you I’m totally a different person at work. I want things done, ASAP! As if proving me that we are on the same page, 2 hours later is ready and can be written on! Galing ni koya!

So, when that situation arose, Kat knew who to contact right away. All Jesi can do was heave a sigh of resignation and said: “Mga kuris talaga”. HAHAH! Voila! Jesi did it again. In less than 24 hours, Kakat is rushing to the printing press and after the holidays, they are ready to be distributed.


Kaloka this Kasalan ng taon! We are all so busy preparing for it but we couldn’t be any happier. Oh, and btw which reminds me I need to have my fitting done by next week. HAHAH! Yup I’m the last one who didn’t meet the designer yet. Beshie knows how my schedule is though.

Here are some photos of what keeps them busy these days.

Flower arrangements


Sweets overload from Bizu like hello she knows what to feed my sweet tooth hahaha


I remember Kakat telling me how she had a hard time with paper works as it requires her presence. It was quite challenging since she also have a day job (karangal rangal ba the term?) hahahaha and her shoe mate too plus she does some shipping works for loveluxe when I have a lot of things to do and can’t go to the courier.

Amidst all the adventures and the lack thereof, I can’t wait til the big day finally arrives. I’m so happy that Kakat found someone who loves her and the kuris (la syang choice) too! hahaha!

I shall keep you posted as we go along.



“Although It’s Been Said Many Times, Many Ways. Merry Christmas To You” ❤

We waited 365 days for this day to come. Prepared the whole month for this celebration. Finally had a chance to spend a day with my family and best friend kuris with their fams.

The merriest day of all came and with a smile in my heart we celebrated it with so much love, so much joy and so much to share to everyone.

This Christmas is by far the best one I have celebrated. The joy of giving and sharing the abundance to others is one thing I will always live for. Thank God for continuously filling my cup to be able to share the blessings to others.

For me, the real essence of the season is giving. Love, time, forgiveness, peace and everything else in between.

Spreading love today and always, Merry Christmas to my dearest readers ❤.


All the love from this side of the globe,

Aimee 💖