A Picky Eater’s Guide To Satisfying Her Tummy: Restaurant Of The Week – Finestra.


I’ve always been a picky eater. My mom would often scold me because I always taste or pinch whatever she cooks and that’s it. HEHEHE. Thing is, I have specific preferences. So my mom finally got used to it and now tells the helpers not to worry about what they should cook and would tell them: “Hay naku magsasabi yan pag may gustong kainin, pag wala pabayaan nyo.” BWAHAHA.

Okay, so another thing about my eating habits is that I have a certain phase- say for example this month is for seafood, following month salad, like I can eat these every single day until I no longer want to see it.

So during my Italian phase Keket the kuri and I were craving some fine dining Italian goodies since we still have a hang over from our recent trip. I asked her to check the latest and cool restos in the metro and we ended up in Finestra. Maan couldn’t make it cos she was on a business trip abroad.

Let me share with you some of the food we tried and loved and rate them for you afterwards. Since I am a bag momma, I will rate them using bags. Like 5 bags, 4 and so on. heheheh.


Bread for starters. I love bread!! I can finish a basket literally. hahah! I have a love-hate relationship with rice but bread? Man, it’s my constant. haha!


Katrina is such a cheese lover. I often tease her as ‘dodeng’ You know the rat character in Bananas in Pyjama’s? hahaha

That’s her Jet fresh buratta with spiced ham. (for some reason she skipped taking pic of my salad since it’s her least favorite haha)

On the other side, you can see my favorite foie gras 😍 which we often pair with steak and we forgot to take a photo of yet again. Hehehe



Prosciutto pizza and seafood linguine.


Finestra’s grand finale!


I only have this photos for now since we are digging the rest of our 30k plus photos. So I promise to update once I find the rest hehehe.


Loveluxe Score:

As for the rating:
I would give 5 exotic birkin bags for the food

5 exotic birkin bags for the ambience

5 exotic birkin bags for the service- they made sure to accomodate my never ending request (even made a dish for me that wasn’t on the menu, the waiters and servers were so friendly and attentive. The manager went out of his way to serve their grand finale and made it complimentary as well. (PS: I never said that I blog hehe) They were genuinely good to us.

Finestra became an instant favorite and we are now planning our next celebrations there.

Will post more food trips and restos on my next article. Need to rest now as I’ve been down with the flu for several days.