Maja Salvador’s True Love. The Dance Princess Shares With Loveluxebags.

It was in the latter part of 2016 when I got to meet the Dance Princess Maja Salvador. For some reason we just hit it off! Perhaps we were in tune with our inner cray selves that it was so natural and became close right away.

I often ask her what she likes and what her wishlist is. I have constantly been getting one answer. Every time she talks about it, her eyes will automatically reflect images of heart as if she’s seeing the one she loves. Don’t get me wrong, Maja is really in love—- with shoes. haha

The first pair I shopped for her were her Zanotti harmony heels in nude. Then on, we would always whatsapp each other especially when she can’t contain her love for shoes anymore. haha!!

The very first pair I sourced for Maja


I remember being asked by Maja, or bes as we fondly call each other, to purchase a pair of shoes for her mom’s wedding. I was so happy to buy a very important pair for the most important person in her life.

Then on, she would ask me to look for some pairs and would purchase whatever she decides to get.

For Christmas, I got her a pair of Givenchy jelly link slides which would be useful for her casual days out.


One time, we were talking she told me how she’s actually so into Zanotti shoes. I told her that it actually suits her personality. Maja’s collection of Zanotti’s can be seen on her instagram account @iammajasalvador. From simple metallic stilettos, minimalist designs to unique pieces, booties, and cut out boots— name it -she has it.


Her second pair of Harmony


Recently, I made her extremely happy before her concert. I was asked to look for several pairs of boots. I am telling you—- when it comes to boots no questions asked. She will tell me to immediately purchase as long as I can get her size. She needed those pairs at least 48 hours after our exchange. I told her that it could possibly arrive the following week Monday. She then told me that her concert will be in 2 days. Yay! I told her to please let me work on it and I should update her if it’s possible the next day. Thankfully, I was able to get in in time for her concert! She was too happy she almost cried!!! haha! Really!! I being the shopper, couldn’t be any happier.

Image courtesy of Stuart Weitzman


Image from stuart weitzman


Right after the two pairs, she asked me to look for these pair of fentys in both colors available. A special edition that’s almost impossible to get hold of. I was able to track it for her in her size and she was ecstatic.

Images from google


Alongside her boots, she also asked me to order a pair of Zanotti heels yet again for the presscon of her latest movie. When she sent the photos to me, I told her: “Bes, uwian na, match made in heaven… IBA!” she laughed so hard and told me she was happy with her new shoes.


photos from Maja herself 😉


Although… it doesn’t end there. Yesterday she asked me to purchase Gucci ace sneakers with stars, and Alexander McQueen oversized sole sneakers.



    Photo from McQueen’s site


Yes, just like a real shoe addict— her love and happiness from these beautiful pairs is forever as she says.

“I believe kasi dun nanggagaling yung confidence ko bes, sa mga magaganda kong sapatos. Yun nagdadala for me.”

Indeed- Maja’s true love is her wide collection of beautiful footwear.



Ultimate Bae’s Favorite Shoes. Alden Richards Spills His Top 5

This Morning The pambansang Bae, my dearest Alden and I were chatting. I always take pride whenever he compliments me with regards to getting his orders fast and delivering exactly what he wants.


Image courtesy of google

I then asked him if I could feature him on the blog by posting his top 5 favorite designer shoes. The humble gentleman happily obliged.

Before giving you his top 5, let me just share with you how happy I felt when he told me several meet ups ago (to deliver orders) how his love for Valentino began. (You see, I am very passionate with my job) He said: “Sayo galing ang first Valentino ko”. I felt so happy that even though it was a very simple pair of shoe, I actually somehow influenced him to become a shoe addict. hahah. 😀

I also feel honored for he tells me that he only asks me to source for him or he buys his stuff himself whenever he travels.

I’ve always been very vocal about how much I adore this young man. Always kind and never fails to greet whenever he sees me.

Anyway, let me present to you Alden’s 5 most favorite shoes.


5. Giussepe Zanotti Camouflage high cut sneakers


Image from google


Zanotti has always been known for its unique collections and designs both for men and women. I know a number of celebrities who has a love affair with this brand and just like the hollywood stars, (JLO, KimK, Kanye West et al., they even have collaborations with them) Alden was smitten by the fun and one of a kind designs of Zanotti.


4. Prada slip ons

Thank you for taking time to send me a photo Den hehe


I noticed that Alden loves comfy and easy to wear shoes. This pair of Prada slip ons must be perfect for his casual days out.


3. Louis Vuitton Fast Lane sneakers

Image from Louis Vuitton website


This pair is such a looker: laid back luxury- what with its yellow color and classic graphite damier pattern put together, it created such a beautiful twist to a rather ordinary pair of sneakers. Louis Vuitton never fails to create fashionable luxury footwear for men. No wonder the bae loves it.


2. Gucci Guccisima leather

Image from google

Gucci made a great comeback in 2016 and I don’t think it will stop this year. Re- inventing the classic with their current designs of florals and animals, they’ve been driving everyone crazy. From clothes to bags and shoes. Alden is no exemption. Though he chose to stick with the classic guccisima, this slip ons can take him from day to night. from a casual stroll to dinners with friends or gatherings not needing formal shoes.


1. Valentino lace less open sneaker in white and black.

Image courtesy of google


Of course, Almost every guy I know- clients, friends, acquaintances are all sporting Vs on their feet. Although this is a more subtle version of the rock runners, this is his most favorite pair. We’ve seen photographs of him wearing this and other styles of Vs. Though I must say, this one perfectly fits him. 😉


There you go. Bae’s top 5 shoes. Thank you Alden for allowing me to write and feature them here. Looking forward to writing more about you so your fans get to know these little things (shopping and fashion related) thru the site.

PS: you may also order these pairs @loveluxebags heheheh 😛



Grand Launch… Grand Prize… 💖

And the grand prize has finally been decided. 😍

A brand new prada tessuto tote in Ibisco.

Don’t forget about the 2nd and 3rd and consolation prizes too! Read about the guidelines on my previous post to know more.

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Top 5 Shoes For A Shopper: My Personal Must-Haves

I have received a couple of messages asking me to blog about my top 5 favorite shoes. Those that I can’t live without. Be it for work, a night out, a special event or a casual stroll.

Another reader also suggested to write about my top 5 restaurants.

So I decided to make an archive of all my top 5s beginning today. So you can expect some food places, countries to travel to, brands of clothes, favorite clothes, bags, and the list goes on. As long as it could be ranked and I am fond of it, I can include and write about it.

As my first installment, I will feature top 5 shoes that I really love and can consider as must-haves.

In reality, I am more of a shoe addict. Even before I started loving bags. I was already crazy for shoes. In school, mom knows that I need to have at least 4-5 pairs of school shoes that I can interchange with every so often. hehehe

5. Yeezy

All my closest friends can attest to the fact that I never liked rubber shoes/sneakers until very recently. (Got hooked with NMDs) I only had a crush on yeezy’s. I like Kanye’s music ever since I was in college so it goes without saying that I’d definitely support his shoe line as well. HEHEHE.

Yeezy V2 Beluga
Yeezy V2 Beluga


4. Christian Louboutin Cataclou in high and low heels.

I usually wear the lows when I’m with Connor or if I have a quick meeting with my lawyer or random interviews.


The highs serves their purpose when I’m attending a birthday party where I want to wear heels and yet still want to look casual.




My special pair of cataclou. Signed by no less than the Christian Louboutin himself
My special pair of cataclou. Signed by no less than the Christian Louboutin himself


3. Hermès oran

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I am always out and walking. Thus, my footwear must be comfortable. Of course I also choose the designs that are pretty. So comfort and vanity comes hand in hand so to speak. The Hermes oran is inarguably one of those that falls under this category.

Among my humble collection, this by far is my favorite. I love how sparkly and pretty it looks.



2. Manolo Blahnik hangisi flats

On meet ups or important appointments, I usually wear a pair from my little hangisi flat collection. I can’t choose my favorite pair so let me share some of my flats. I love how comfy and more business-like this shoe looks like. Yet not too formal at the same time. Perfect for daytime events and small night gatherings when you have no extra pair in tow. It can typically be your day to night shoes.


1. My top 1 is still Manolos but in 105mm.

My high heels usually comes out for formal occasions or special events. For shoots as well. hehehe. I choose the color nude as my fave and must have since it pretty much goes with anything or any color of your outfit.

Plus, a little trivia on why this is my favorite: This was Marian’s birthday gift to me last year. So it also holds a sentimental value.



That’s about it. Hope you enjoyed my first top 5 post! Til next!