Just a quick update. hehe

I swear I tried my best to update. Seems like it was only yesterday when I wrote that it was almost June or just turned June. My days are crazier than before and for that I am grateful. hehehe.

Just a quick round up:

So the month started with my being featured in SparkUpPh the millenial arm of BussinessWorld!!!!! I’m not even 30 yet and i have been featured there! I love the whole team and I will forever support them.

By far the best article and feature ever written for me.

Read it here:




My madame friend celebrated her birthday and of course I will never miss it for the world.

I flew first thing in the morning. Literally the first flight out to shop with the one and only queen of all media.

Traveling with her is so much fun! She has this new passion for everything vintage- which I will discuss in the next article.

Ate Kris is fun to be with. She gets happy with the little things, believe me and her happiness is contagious! haha! You get happy when you see her happy. (more Japan trip experience on a different post)


On the day of my arrival – my very own column in spotted magazine was published—-one of my dreams (huhu)


you can read it here     


http://: http://www.spottedmagazine.co/2017/06/07/angelina-cruz-interview/



okay I have a lot more to say but am supposed to make my q and a for my next article for the column so plssss pray that I find the time to write again tomorrow. haha!




I travel with Kilometro.

I’ve always been very open about how traveling is an essential part of my life. My work requires me to travel and I couldn’t be more thankful for the privilege.

At one time, I even dreamed about becoming a flight attendant. Thinking of all the places I can go to and how you get paid for it made me think that I should become one. Little did I know that traveling like papa was really part of my ‘destiny’. hehe.

Okay, so my friend put up a travel agency sometime in 2016. She asked for my help in terms of marketing and she knows I will never market something that I do not trust since it’s my reputation at stake. I told her, if she can give me the same treatment
I give my clients then by all means, I’ll be more than willing to help her.

My friend knows how picky I am with flights ever since I started to almost live on the plane. hehehe. Same goes with accommodation. Even without showing it yet she knows which ones I will and will not approve of.

Kilometro is at par with LoveLuxebags’ standards and since then I have been loyal to them.


Recently, my friend decided to make me their ambassadress. Yay! that’s 2 in a row now (remember E estetique).

I’m always happy to be of help to my friends especially if I know that they will never let me down.


Kilometro has always been Pro-client. Just to share with you, numerous times when it comes to processing my visas, I would ask for them to pull out my passport because I needed to fly. They would patiently deliver it to me-wherever I am without qualms. Right after landing (back home) they will update me and ask if they can already continue and put my passport in line again. This for me is what service should be like.

Visa processing is no sweat- given that they are meticulous enough to check the littlest detail. Imagine one of their staff travelling back and forth North to South just to make me sign papers I missed.

Even my passport- I tend to forget signing the back part, they made an effort to come back again to let me sign.

If Kilo is not the best, I don’t know what else is.

I remember at one time the plane had problems and our flight was moved. My friend learned that the following flight won’t have a business class. They made sure to arrange a different flight for me without any hassle and I totally appreciate that.

You see, at this day and age everything can be done via the net. I am totally aware of that. Then again it’s the service that differs. I never booked my flights on my own since Kilo.

For details please follow @kilometrotravelinc on IG or Kilometro travel and tours on facebook.



Singapore jazz festival and gabbana preview

It was another random trip with kitty kat in tow.

As always, it’s such a pleasure working and having fun at the same time, with my BFF.


SQ lounge





because comfort comes first. my room 🙂
Gastronomic delight 😛




The event was by invite-only and we were escorted to the VIP section where the bosses of AP were located. I feel extremely happy to get the kind of support their team extended. I am also given the chance to get custom-made orders for my clients. Which isn’t available to all. Extremely grateful to be able to offer another unique and personalized service to my clients.

Right after the event we had to rush to Orchard for the exclusive preview of Dolce and Gabbana. I held a small live session on Instagram and was totally delighted that the viewers learned a thing or two. It makes my job all the more meaningful and fulfilling when I get to impart even the slightest bit of trivia to others.

‘Til my next adventure!



And The Winners Are…

It’s 11:50 PM of December 11 and as promised, I will be announcing the winners for my birthjday/blog give away.

First, allow me to thank all of you for taking time to read my posts and articles. Reading your entries made my heart swell with joy. I was left teary-eyed because I never really thought my writing, my stories, my experiences and my life in its totality can affect people in a good way.

I started this blog without expectations. I didn’t put this up for the fame or what not. I did this to satisfy my hunger for writing. To have a journal of my life, the ups and downs and how I choose to always turn the odds in my favor. How I choose to make good of the circumstances that are quite unpleasant.

Again, thank you very much. Yes, please expect more articles as soon as I finish my engagements. I will continue to share my experiences and shopping journeys for your favorites.

Now, here are the winners!!!

By the way Kuris decided to add more shoemate prizes and dinner invitations since it was really really difficult to choose!!

The consolation prizes of 1 dozen shoemate shoe boxes each courtesy of my BFF Kuri Kakat also known on IG as @shoemate_ph are as follows










Major Prizes:

Dinner invitation:







IT services/assistance from JC Florendo and Co. Plus 1 dozen shoemate



Gold bracelet from @jewelryempire_ph




Round trip ticket for 2 to bohol courtesy of @kilometrotravelinc


Prada bag + dinner and surprise loot 



Congratulations to all the winners!!

Please get in touch with me via DM on IG so I can give you instructions on how to claim your prizes.

Please stay tuned cos I might have another one come Christmas Day!



Beauty Must Haves

Hello there!

I’d like to finally share to you the skincare products I can swear by. Since the inquirer/preen article, my acquaintances would often tease me about my being a LaMer baby.

Honestly, I have very sensitive skin. Too sensitive that event top and well known derma clinics can’t handle. One wrong medicine and I’m all red and have to meet my allergist. Anyhow, ever since I started the La Mer regimen, I only have good reviews to write.

It all started with the creme de La Mer.

The soft luxurious moisturizer leaves my face extremely soft and smooth. I can run through my fingers and feel like it’s flawless. hehehehhe

So I collected all of them. I’m not certain if I mentioned that I have an addictive type of personality. Haha! In a GOOD way though!! When it comes to the best products and shopping items, I need to have it. Must’ve inherited my Papa’s genes,eh?

My routine is simple. I begin with the facial wash, alternating the refining facial cleanser every 2-3 days. Since the beads may cause my skin to slough off frequently which I don’t like, and also not advisable.



Then, I use the oil absorbing tonic next followed by the treatment lotion.


The soft creme follows and then the La Mer concentrate which helps diminish spots or stops breakouts. It also helps in lightening black spots.

I layer it with the brilliance serum and regenerating serum and use my eye creams altogether. hehehe


The eye concentrate, the eye balm intense and the illuminating eye gel. If you’ve already met me you’ll know that my eyes are very deep set because of my mix blood.

It doesn’t end there though. hehehe

I use my favorite gennaisance serum- this is my holy grail.

This one is used to help you become pore-less. (Of course feeling ko no pores ako, pagbigyan it’s my blog, okay? Okay.


Finally, I use my perfecting creme. This leaves my face rosy. hehe

Before going to bed I use my lotion and body creme alternatively and my lip balm for my lips to prevent it from drying.



PS. I also use the body refiner for bath and the sun screen.

PPS. For travel, I use my regenerating travel kit and moisturizing soft lotion. Sometimes, I also bring the renewal oil along. If I remember hahaha.

My travel buddy


There you go. Hope you try it out soon and feel the difference! 🙂 What about you? Care to share your beauty must-haves too?




Disclaimer: Images courtesy of la mer website

Sneak peek of my trips

My job requires a lot of leg work. I am rarely in the house. No. I am barely in the Philippines. At times I only get to be in MNL for a day. Literally.

I am a very hardworking person but I also know how to enjoy life.

Come, take a look inside my life as a shopper.

How does a typical trip abroad go?

Traveling is essential for me. If I’m not meeting my clients, chances are I am in the sky or researching for something while at the lounge.





My job requires a LOT of walking. Seriously. I walk from one end to another. I hate wasting time. I go to all the boutiques, stores, I meet other society people from abroad who also helps me in terms of connection.

Taking a little break from all the walking


I always go for comfort. I don’t really need too much especially when it comes to profit. As long as the orders covers the trip, I’m fine. My miles can always save the day.



At night I sort the things and prepare them for shipment so as to avoid rushing the following day.15151087_10211022593665134_179369878_n

I go to the shops and buy what my client needs, the clothes if a certain color is not available or comes in a different pattern, I immediately tell my client so she can decide if she would like the alternative or would rather wait till I get to check other shops and brands.

From outside the shop, I take a once-over and would know even on peripheral view if there is something that might interest any of my clients.

Technically, my job requires me to know my clients really well. I should be able to determine which ones would suit them.

Shoes are my favorite. I am obsessed with shoes. Which actually comes in handy in what I do because I can always tell them how sizing goes based on experience.

My clients basically knows what they want I just make sure to update them from time to time.

After a day’s worth of shopping, I make sure to treat myself. I particularly love eating seafood. I cap off the night with some wine to get a good night’s sleep.

My favorite Seafood paella is a must every trip



Usually I would stay up late to talk to my staff from different countries. There are also some brands that I have direct contact with the upper management and communicate with them via mail. Since their time is totally different from ours, I oftentimes wait till our schedules meet so we can talk and email simultaneously.

As I said, I work too much. The only thing I never compromise in my travels, is comfort from my place of stay to the restaurants I dine in.

I usually take the room with a pool view as I find it really relaxing. Although I haven’t been allowed to swim after my LASIK treatment yet, I would usually stay by the poolside and read while waiting for the shops to open. 15065122_10211020207085471_161527575_o



Honestly, I barely have time for myself whenever I work so I make sure to at least make the duration of my stay as relaxing as possible.

Basically this is how my typical day abroad goes like. I will share more as we go along. For now here’s a quick peek.