Objects of desire

Back in 2008 when I graduated, I have this list of things I’d like to buy once I start getting a good job and earning on my own.

Fast forward to 2017, I still have this endless list of what I want to have. Most of the things I listed down before I have actually acquired because of my hard work. So there goes the question, what else do you desire to buy this year?

Oh my God, it’s endless! to cut it short though, will cite my top 5 as per usual nyehehe


5. Hublot bigbang

I know for a fact that it doesn’t hold its value. Nevertheless it looks cool to me, thus I want one! nyehehehe.

image from google



4. VCA 10 motif alhambra necklace 10 motif and Magic alhambra


images from google



A girl can dream right? Working on the 10p motif right about now. The rest, to follow hehehe. For the time being, I have to be content with my sweet alhambra, which I really love.


3. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak in solid gold

On.the.works. Right bruks? (My friend and enabler in JP)


 image from google


2. A blue car

Only because my Connor wants a blue car haha.


image from google


1. 5 carat flawless diamond earrings – heart 

Need. I. say. more?


image from google