I chanced upon these comments while checking my website and decided that it deserved some space on my blog. Yes Mr.(P) R I know who you are.

Why hello there, you were under a HK line when you made this comment. Unfortunately I had you traced and I know who you are.

You see, Filipinos are being looked down because of our fellow Pinoys looking down on us.




Unfortunately, you seem to be out of the loop these days as Dolce and Gabbana takes necessary steps especially in the Middle East where they have strict guidelines. As for the fashion shows, I am fully aware and that is also part of the contract. However it shall only commence this year since it’s a brand new start. A new year to push the brand and generate revenue for them.

Yes I am fully aware of pull outs (local and international alike), SSI, etc because I used to work for them. RCC. RSIM SSI these are all under one major group let me just add. For your satisfaction I am not a wanna be. I’ve always had affiliations-legit at that in all brands I mention whenever I say I am. For all I know I am the last person to do such thing. I am on the contrary to your very public life. I still keep my private life to those who are close to me.

I do not for one belittle others.

Let me also add to your further maligning me and my capacity that I have 2 countries apart from the UAE both wanting me under their umbrella.

Now hun, did I finally get to satisfy your curiosity? You’ve always looked down on your clients, fellow countrymen, and co-sellers alike. Don’t be too high up, God sees every step we take.

Anyhow, I will post my recognition- International not just per brand in the next few days or might as well check on IG as you alwats do. I hope you finally be happy with your life and business and stop prying on me and everything I do. Yes, I know you. I definitely do.

I do hope that I somehow enlightened you.

Enjoy your trip 😉



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