You see it’s 10 minutes short to 4 AM and I’m wide awake thinking of endless topics to write about. I opened my browser thru my phone and started typing. Finally, doing it again.

See, the past coupla days I’ve spent contemplating on how bad I must’ve been how annoying I am or just how unbearable I am to be with. Then I realized, I can’t possibly change who I am to please others who won’t even give a nanosecond of their time to help me should I be having a hard time. Right? Right.

You see I’m down right comfortable in who I am. More often than not, I am far more comfortable than any one else that I just say everything that my brain cells come up with. Seriously, give me a topic and I’ll tell you everything in a split second. (You see I won the nationals for extemporaneous speaking so that must mean something).

Anyhow, I decided to let all of other people’s opinion of me go. Why? It only creates drama. Your perception of me doesn’t make me less of who I am. I single handedly built whatever I have now when the rest of the world was laughing at me. I remember them saying they’d buy me a broomstick to save me on my flight expenses. Fast forward today and I have a small number of people directly on the payroll of my humble Corporation. I pay my taxes as an individual and as a company perse. I pay my lawyer on time and per session. An accountant, secretary and a couple more employees. I bring food to the table and provide for mama and my son. What’s there to laugh about? If I let the #fortuner car I drove a couple of years ago affect me,I wouldn’t be able to create jobs for people here and abroad.

You see my goal is to make it bigger one step at a time. Not because I want to be really rich (not that I don’t want to) but for me to be able to reach more people and hire them. Give them something and help them create the change in their lives they all so eagerly want.

I haven’t gone far enough just yet but I’m grateful. Then again, there are a lot of people who ran off with my hard earned money. Some just tried to create issues to use me and get attention. At least unlike them I can proudly say that I didn’t do those things to get to where I am at.

Bottomline? It just doesn’t matter to me now whether or not you view me as an important part of your life or just merely there to ask me for my shopping services. At the end of the day I’m happy with the work that I do.

We don’t live to please everyone. It only steals the joy of our existence. Trust me. Been there, done that. One too many times if I may add.

So today, I’d like to finally let go of the thoughts; finally brush aside the ideas on my head and stop spending time thinking what is wrong. Because just like me, each and everyone of us are born differently. If someone perceives you not at par to their taste, then it’s not your burden to carry. Let’s free ourselves from that cell. We are unique. Let’s embrace it. Let’s shine and love our unique-ness. If other’s can sit with that,then they don’t deserve a seat in your life. Remember that. ❤


Hoping to write more in the next few days.




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