Hi! Before any light articles I finally mustered the courage to put it out in the open.

I tried to protect the father of my son for one reason. I am more human and humane than most people who projects themselves as such. Yes my so called friends before used it against me thinking that it will shatter me. No Lo, it will not. In the same manner that my photos and IDs being presented to the public will never even bother me. Yes Jazz you are the only one who holds my expired driver’s license which fell on your car a yellow Honda in 2014 when you asked for my help to sell your bags to keep your status as a VIP in a certain store. When I asked about it days after, you denied. Then again what good does can expired license do? A blackmail? For what? Nope you failed on that again.

Yes I am battered. For 5 long years now. All photos you have and have given to your circle of friends only worked to my advantage.

At least it shows that I know my limits. (At least when I thought things will still change)

I kept my silence because I am a mother and I have a son to protect. I wanted to somehow let him grow up in a normal home. With mommy and a father. As years passed the beating never did. Physically yes it lessened but the threats, the emotional abuse, the verbal abuse and the psychological abuse I have and am still suffering should finally stop.

People who knew- the people who bashed me took it as a joke. Took it so light that they thought life being battered was easy and was just like that.

Today I’ve had enough. I’m scared for my life. My future and my son. I can take the beating. I’m tough enough to handle that, but the emotional attacks are too much for me to handle.

I came home tonight only to find out that the air-con in the rooms were disassembled for me to suffer. It’s fine I can take it.

At some point even my things were being hidden to me. When my son was barely 1, he locked the front gate for us not to be able to leave the house after a huge fight.

You see I’m still human to not write the details.

Then again I can only take it to this point. I’ve had enough and there’s no point in hiding it.

I know people can be harsh and that they will write a gazillion comments to judge me. I don’t really care at this point. All I want is to start a new.

Believe me, I tried. I tried so hard to keep it together when even myself am falling apart.

For now, I want to focus more on my business and enjoy this journey with just me and my son.

Updating: August 7- here I am posting all the evidences because finally I am ready. I’ve been travelling for a few weeks now and he started doing nasty things to me and my mom. He messaged all of my friends,hid my stuff and posted maliciously about me online. Telling others that he would eventually be contacting the bashers to give info and all.

Yes I need help. So whoever is reading this please spread this so whatever happens to me my mama and my Connor you know how to deal with it.



By the way, this is the very reason why I work like a horse. So to everyone prying on me and what I am doing and my goals, this is my motivation. Stronger than my son’s father’s beating and stronger than the gossips you spread. The very reason why I am a one woman show.

I’m very sure the gossipers and the people who have bad intentions for me will talk about this. Go by all means, but remember if you are a woman and have relatives that are women too think of them and pray they never go through anything like this esp the people who are very eager to find fault in me and my job. I pray that no one ever has to deal with this.

Thank you for taking time to read.

To the sister of this person- here see for yourself- may your next relationship not be like this. Also, you really don’t have to idolize me because clearly my sacrifice for so long wasn’t worth it. You’re young and immature although I wish you well if time comes and you suffer and the man is richer than your all high and mighty status-looks down on you. Texts your parents to curse at them I’ll show you the way to the authorities. Until then you’ll never understand.




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