As everyone knows, it was primetime queen Marian Rivera who gave me the biggest break in my career.

I only have good things to say about her. Really! What’s not to love? She’s a goddess. Her beauty radiates from the inside.

‘How does it feel like shopping for such a big star?’

The pressure was present of course. Then again having been friends with Yan made it easier for me, because the pressure was instead replaced by excitement to score whatever the latest pieces are. My Yan knows exactly what she wants, she knows which would perfectly suit her style and which would complement and enhance her assets.

She is always up to date and I would always be on the look out. It worked perfectly that way.

Her closet is what every girl could ever wish for. Her bags? Would make one green with envy. Her shoes? Aplenty.

Amongst my favorites from her collection are:

Ralph and Russo

Dolce and Gabbana

Carolina Herrera

Paul Andrew

and Lana Marks as of late. (which I will blog about in the next days)

You see, not only is she up-to-date, rather, she has the eye for anything classic and timeless. She has a penchant for all things beautiful. Her rule of the thumb? Look neat, clean and stay fresh.

She is an epitome of beauty and shopping for her is not only fun but is a great privilege.


Does any of you remember how Arunaseth made it big in Manila? During the time Marian was pregnant, she made sure that even in flats, she would look stylish and would stand out without compromising her comfort.

She fell in love with the trademark butterfly design of the brand. I found a pair in her size and made everything I can to have it delivered in 24 hours. Yup in 24 hours or less. The following day, it was right at her doorstep. The gorgeous preggy was so happy!

Manolo Blahnik flats were her signature footwear in the duration of her pregnancy. They looked classic and chic that she can dress it up on special events, or pair it with jeans on regular days. She was also the first to carry the hot pink hangisi clutch. I made sure she would get the exact color to match her shoes.




Manolo Blahnik clutch
  Manolo Blahnik clutch

Dolce and gabbana espadrilles were fun and luxurious at the same time which fits her perfectly. She owns a couple of pairs for her casual strolls to use.

Roger Vivier strass chips and slip ons were also among her favorites.


It was Ralph and Russo which was quite a challenge to get hold of. The haute couture house was only by schedule that time. When I was able to get in touch with one of them, I immediately informed Yan and she was grinning from ear to ear.

We ordered her first few pairs of shoes and my designated stylist was taken aback since its not everyday that a Filipino client would order.

This Ralph and Russo Lavender clutch is limited edition. If my memory serves me right, only a hundred pieces or less were produced and she is one of the very few who owns one.


We started collecting new pairs of high heels after she gave birth.

Her pink Oscar dela Renta embellished heels are to die for!


                           My favorite pair. Python rose pumps


loveluxebags_marian_3She is a fashion icon and designers from around the globe are noticing her and have been wanting to dress her up or work with her. Simply put, Marian has a Midas touch. Whatever she wears, expect it to be off the shelves in no time.

Yes magazine even had a feature on her collection of bags and shoes. Man, I tell you. Seeing the things I shopped for her on those pages made me feel like I was there too! ha ha!

Grabbed from my IG account
              Grabbed from my IG account
                           A feature on style bible.


All these are documented on @marian_ootd, her online fashion diary (managed by a fan).






See? It’s as exciting as it gets! That’s how it is to shop for a queen. I am forever grateful to be trusted with such task. 😉






20 thoughts on “Here comes the Queen

  1. Goosebumps while reading this, feels like i’m with you while hunting marian’s needs hahaha.. Thank you for sharing your experience as marian’s personal shopper. More power to you and Godbless.

  2. Marian’s shoe and bag collections are to die for! I like how she never settle to just one brand alone. I also love your recently sourced items for her especially the birkin crocs. I am bookmarking your website so that I could easily visit it everyday. More blessings to you, Aimee.

  3. Love your blog ms.aimee.. i like the part about shopping is not only fun but a privilege. Marian knows the value of money that is why she settles for the most classic pieces. Waiting for your upcoming post. More power.

  4. Another milestone for you sis! This blog is wonderfully crafted with words that come straight from the poetic lover of all things luxe and exquisite! Please keep on writing as I’m sure that I’m just one of the many people inspired by your work and talent!

    Love you sis!

  5. The fact that we have the same name (well Aimee is my nickname… Imelda is my real name) is like I’m proud to have the same name and jealous of having a job like yours… i wish I can afford at least one of Marian’s one stand attire that every woman is dreaming of… I like Marian and love her more when I found out she is a full time breastfeeding Mom… kuddos for her for doing that… anyway after Making blogs for another Queen I have a candidate for you that you might want to make a blog as well in the future … She is Jinky Pacquiao … her style and ootd is also to die for… she’s also an inspiration … thank u for sharing your blog… more power!!!0

  6. Your blog really comes from the heart.. “walang ka ere ere”..sincere.. very inspiring.. im sure your parents are so proud of you.. Goodluck and more power..

  7. I wish Marian’s closet will be featured in a mag…i mean all her Hermes and other bags….her shoe collection….her clothes….her accessories…jewelries. I would love love love to have a glimpse of her closet. 🙂

  8. Love Marian’s shoe collection, not over the top but very elegant! I love your job, shopping and ogling at those beautiful and expensive things! And btw, you’re very pretty. I’ve been following your ig acct and hopefully one day, will be able to buy from you ( wishful thinking ). Here’s to more success to you this coming 2017!

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