Who can ever forget the time when Lana marks was introduced to us by the queen herself while trying to look for unique designer pieces that deserves the spotlight?

Before Lana Marks became a household name in the Philippines via the viral Marian Rivera Cleopatra clutch, the brand has made it’s mark on the luxury industry.

Once commissioned by the beloved Princess Diana for a creation that would span generations and would become an icon in a league of its own, Lana marks benchmarked the title of being “the designer to the royalties”.

It is common knowledge that perhaps in this lifetime, the most adored and loved royalty is and forever will be Princess Diana.

A humanitarian, compassionate woman who never fails to connect to people in all walks of life.

In commemorating the 20th death anniversary of Diana, dubbed as the “Princess of Hearts,” LoveLuxe Bags Trading Inc., has once more teamed up with the eponymous label and sat down with the one and the ONLY Lana Marks for a one-on-one:

1. Before the eponymous label, what was Lana Marks doing? Before LANA MARKS I played some international tennis and raised two wonderful children together with my husband and did much volunteer and charity work for underprivileged children, hospital patients particularly children  and the arts.


2. In the many niches in the fashion industry, why get into the bag business? I decided on fine exotic leather handbags because I could not find one in vivacious red alligator for an event we were invited to; to attend The Queen’s birthday on the Royal Yacht Brittania – and it led me to believe a niche existed in very high end fashion handbags in vivacious colours. I had looked at all the Collections.
3. What was, by far, the most intricate and challenging bag you have designed? The most intricate and challenging handbag- actually there are two:
First: The Princess Diana Handbag was the most challenging by far in my career, as it was commissioned by Princess Diana, herself, and in her name, and had to be different than any other handbag ever created and also be regal, fashionable, and be able to transcend the test of time, always be fabulous! When Princess Diana received the first one she said it was tall and slim just like her; and then thanked me in writing for the most beautiful handbag imaginable. She ordered 15 of them.
Second: The most intricate is The Cleopatra Clutch which is hand stitched onto the frame, and the signature front contour is cut by the factory owner in Italy. A 10 in terms of level of difficulty.

4. What was it like designing for Princess Diana? Designing for Princess Diana was an honour and a privelage ! A memory I will cherish particularly as we went on to become very close friends.


5. How it is working for celebrities and designing bags named after them? Do you directly collaborate with them on each piece that goes in each bag? Working with Celebrities has also been amazing! Particularly as the majority have given me complete creative freedom.it is my chance to be most creative. Yes, I always collaborate directly with them on each piece of each handbag- then they know all aspects as we proceed. It is most enjoyable as each star is so different! Again such an honour to have worked with A list Royalty and A list Hollywood.



6. Do you have plans of setting up shop overseas? If so, which regions are looking at? We are in Harrods, London, China, Macau, Qatar and USA, and hope to expand in the coming year. Am open to all regions that like couture handbags.

7. What sets Lana Marks’ handbags from the rest? What sets Lana Marks handbags from the rest is that they are produced in the finest of high end exotic leathers in vivacious colours, and in extraordinary handcraftsmamshio – the most skilled artisans of North Italy.
Also three fashion Collections per year.

8. With the hours that you carefully put in each design, how difficult is it to part with them each time their owner comes in to get them? It takes many hours to design each new Collection and when they are sold quickly it is bittersweet. The new Mosaic Collection – one customer in the USA bought the entire Collection. !!!

9. What is your biggest undertaking or project so far? The biggest undertaking so far is when we opened five new major Flagship stores in China in such a short time. I had to do a lot of traveling, meet many celebrities there and government officials, and do many many interviews there back to back!


10. When can we anticipate a new  LM collection to be released? The new Mosaic Collection is just being released and there are 14 individual and different colours in each handbag, with amazing workmanship and proportion. Two clutches, a tophandle and a tote!

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