Dear ex,

Since I know how much you stalk me and pretend to be oh so concerned about my son- suck this up and move on- one, I have all the evidences of your domestic violence. Two, stop screwing yourself up in public since everyone knows what kind of a psycho you are. Three, stop using Connor and that I am hiding him for hell’s sake you even went to my village and was feeling so high and mighty that you were able to enter despite being bloterred. So that is a big slap in your face right there. How can I hide my son when you know where he is? Go see a shrink you badly need one. I’m not minding you but don’t dare push the wrong buttons. I’m not only exposing you but am exposing the rest of your clan and everything you did to me. All the things you said against us and how your family asks the househelp if we still eat. So much for a God fearing family, don’t you think? 😙
In the same manner you manipulated your 1st wife- selling the house and declaring bancrupcy so that she won’t be able to get anything? Don’t force me to wash the dirty laundry of your family okay? And please do me a favor and tell them that an uber driver can’t possibly chat at home with your family member unless they’ve known each other for a while. Amazing isn’t it? Or do u want me to post your hacking skills? Which I obviously have a lot of screenshots to match? Move on for the life of you. You don’t even cross my mind these days. I’m busy making a living to buy my son some milk, food for everyday and provide everhthing else his oh so untouchable father failed to give. Because all the while he’s been asking for alms from his family who rubs it in every single time. The very reason why they hate me,yeah? I don’t want to do what they want me to do and looked down on the business which ended up helping them acquiring passports when all your money can’t even secure you a slot. (By the way little ms perfect never thanked me for that.😜 so much for being well mannered) Meanwhile, I’ll sit back and enjoy your show. Until one day the cops not only picks you up but might also take them as accomplices since they’ve known from the start and tolerated you beating me right? I still have that email from 2013 so please just because I didn’t grow up in the same village (which also contributed to why I am being looked down-backed up with a facebook post of someone who’s supposed to be classy-) (the facebook post on how I’m not supposed to rest when I’m a mom when I only went home to get something and another post insinuating that I need you and your possesions? Haha)doesn’t mean my intelligence is not above average. We know so well what kind of brains I have. Let this be your warning. Til then. I’d be glad to see you behind bars. I just want you to research on RA9262. I will do everything in my will to ensure you get the punishment you deserve. I’ve been trying to keep you off since I am thinking of my child but don’t push me to the edge. Okay? Ciao!

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