I’ve had enough of you and your trolls. Don’t worry you’ll see all of this during your trial. I don’t just move. I use my head and do my move.



I have a dozen more which you will get to see in person esp the ones you asked for. I’m just the type of person who actually values and respects my clients so much. Now that you’ve been given the right for due process and can’t even face me in court tells more about you than what you try to throw against me. I have all the evidences but who are you to deserve an advertisement from me? Work hard in silence. All the accessories, the ones who questioned and insinuated I’m sorry but you are a part of this too. I told you, I fight fair.  Sorry I already spent too much for you and I don’t mind if that will be the way to get the justice I deserve. I do hope you have a very strong evidence against  me and your claims. Otherwise I know that you know what awaits. I wish you’re more than what you say and post and there’s more to you than blocking me. Evidences don’t lie and you need to face the consequences of your actions.

Need I remind you? Be sure to taste your words before you spit them.

I have a name and a reputation that I’m protecting and fighting for. I am for one a registered practitioner and it is an insult to my license for you to smear my reputation. At 19 I am already holding that license and am still a professional with one to date. I didn’t get accelerated several times for nothing. Sometimes, I need to let it out you know. Oh and I am also protecting the multiple academic awards I am holding, apart from my title and license, my certificate of recognition as a speaker, my magazine features and lifestyle editorials. You see its more complicated than you ever imagined.

I hope you and your gang can actually back up and I do hope they help you this time. Legal matters are different from IG matters. Unfortunately you hit on a person whose shield is knowledge. You pulled the trigger and I’m going to watch how your bullet ricochet.

Oh, and by the way if I’m totally irrelevant to you, how can you and your gang afford to always hit on me on your post? Blimey. You talk? I work. 😅

PS. Thank you to my beautiful and equally genius legal counsel from Frias, Frias & associates for being there and for doing all researches necessary. You and I will last a lifetime Atty. Remember that. Thank you for always fighting for justice.



7 thoughts on “Ricochet

  1. I’ve never doubted you even for a sec. so I’ll be following you on this fight. Sometimes freedom of expression is being abused on social media and some think it is their right to just blurt out anything they wish without thinking of the consequence. Go Aimee, show them who they’re dealing with!

    1. Thank you very much! I am on it. She didn’t show up yet again. All bark won’t do them good this time around. Shall update from time to time as long as my lawyer allows. 🙂

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