I think this needs no further explanation.

Thank you for writing a JUST and FAIR article PEP.PH

Let me just give some pointers and answers to the magazine I don’t even want to mention (for causing harm to my little one).

I forgive, yes I do but when it is a 3 year old boy and his rights and privacy are compromised it makes the story turn 360 degrees.

See Ms writer? And the magazine? See what kind of harm you brought to my son? So no I am not forgiving quickly.

Authenticating a fashion item is not something easily done, especially if the item can only be viewed through a photograph, and not in person.

Without finding an exact match to the design of the T-shirt in children’s size 12 on the brand’s official website or other retail sites on the Internet, we could not definitively say that the T-shirt’s design was one from the brand.

And because the image of the receipt from the D&G boutique in Dubai that was sent to us by Ms. Hashim as evidence was very low in resolution and had numerous parts of it blacked out, we could not read the receipt properly and conclusively say it was in fact the receipt of the T-shirt.


So Ms writer, before putting up an article do make sure that you’ve done extensive research. Research that can possibly dignify you and set you apart from the rest of the nay sayers. For the article that you published which put the security of my son at risk, yes you are accountable. Because saying that it was translated verbatim when I have an article dissecting everything is clearly contradictory.

When in the future you become a mother yourself and you happen to be in my shoes at that time, I don’t know how you’d feel. I am certain though that no loving mom would want any of the things I had to deal with.

You interview people to listen and understand. To give light to the dark and start presenting facts. NO – YOU DO NOT ASK FOR CARD DETAILS. YOU CALL THAT a TRADE SECRET.

My points are of significant value and like any other cards you know how fraud has been one of the most common major crimes all over the world.

I’m no pro in writing but obviously I write truthfully. I take my readers with me as if they are experiencing everything as they happen. So no-you don’t question my being a writer in my own way too.

Most of all it is my son that deserves your apology for not calling abroad when you could have because the internet was much more accessible than spending a couple of bucks to ensure the veracity of your statements which in turn inflicted harm to a minor. Yes- I will reiterate that time and time again because as a mother and as an individual, I do believe in upholding morals above all.

PASSION. COMPASSION. I wouldn’t be here today if I did not breathe those.

Life is a learning process and in the same way that I proved my innocence to everyone I will in all means prove it to you tooβ€” Ms. Japan (in private and abiding due process).





Cybercrime Laws And Libel Is No Joke πŸ˜‚

Before posting about the wedding of my bff (the nightmare designer and the fun reception) let me just make a quick update on one of the battles I am properly dealing with.

It’s actually known that I sued the seller who accused me of some nasty things. It came to my knowledge that she thought it was all a joke and that the justice system in the PH doesn’t really work. I got some PMs of posts allegedly trying to laugh it off.

So… after 3 hearings, she never showed herself nor sent a lawyer to counter her criminal cases. Now my time to laugh.

You don’t brush off subpoenas, you don’t laugh off legal orders. I’m no legal pro but I’m well aware of what to and not to do during times like these. Just because you’re out of the country doesn’t mean you’re not liable. As long as it’s under PH jurisdiction Β (what you said and posted) you are accountable for it.



I think you better take things seriously. You were serious enough to make judgements and accusations out of mere photographs and tried to bring me down. Others would’ve let it pass I’m certain. Though, not me. I worked and gave my all to build my name and you go talking ill just to put yourself on the spotlight. I’m more than willing to wait. Whatever it takes, your case as well as the ones who aggravated it is something I won’t be taking lightly.

Now please tell me if I’m just barking or have you come to realize that I am rather sensible basing everything on things that are verifiable? After answering this, then please tell me if you can still think of this as a joke. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Patiently waiting,

A πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚