Lana Marks: designer to the royalties.

Marian loves unique and elegant pieces. One time we were talking, she asked me to know more about the brand Lana Marks and to try to check their pieces. She particularly liked the bag made for Princess Diana, what with that sleek and sophisticated look. I immediately knew that would be her next “it” bag.

That same day, I tried to get in touch with the Lana Marks team. A little past midnight I got a reply via my email and gave exchanged contact details with their team. I was so surprised when I received a WhatsApp message that said: “Hi Aimee the princess Diana bag should be available in a few weeks.- Lana Marks” As if her message was not enough, (or maybe she sensed that I was in huge disbelief) She gave me a phone call. Yes THE LANA MARKS herself! We discussed how to go about it and that the bag will be made upon confirmation. Weee!!! I was so excited!!


From the 1st message, the 1st phone call, the updates to the finished product 😀

She even attached a photo of herself and Princess Diana and wrote a dedication letter to Marian. Which the primetime queen appreciated so much.

I was so happy to be a channel in making this possible.

The bag and the letter even made it to the local news! See what I mean when I said Yan has a Midas touch? 😉 screenshot_2016-11-27-22-34-14

Let me share with you a copy of the letter from Lana as posted on IG:


Lana Marks' hand written note with a photo of herself and Princess Diana for Marian Rivera <3
Lana Marks’ hand written note with a photo of herself and Princess Diana for Marian Rivera <3


Here is a photo of the most talked about bag fit for a royalty. loveluxebags_lana_marks_marian_rivera_5loveluxebags_lana_marks_marian_rivera_6loveluxebags_lana_marks_marian_rivera_2


Yay! til our next shopping project!