Sneak peek of my trips

My job requires a lot of leg work. I am rarely in the house. No. I am barely in the Philippines. At times I only get to be in MNL for a day. Literally.

I am a very hardworking person but I also know how to enjoy life.

Come, take a look inside my life as a shopper.

How does a typical trip abroad go?

Traveling is essential for me. If I’m not meeting my clients, chances are I am in the sky or researching for something while at the lounge.





My job requires a LOT of walking. Seriously. I walk from one end to another. I hate wasting time. I go to all the boutiques, stores, I meet other society people from abroad who also helps me in terms of connection.

Taking a little break from all the walking


I always go for comfort. I don’t really need too much especially when it comes to profit. As long as the orders covers the trip, I’m fine. My miles can always save the day.



At night I sort the things and prepare them for shipment so as to avoid rushing the following day.15151087_10211022593665134_179369878_n

I go to the shops and buy what my client needs, the clothes if a certain color is not available or comes in a different pattern, I immediately tell my client so she can decide if she would like the alternative or would rather wait till I get to check other shops and brands.

From outside the shop, I take a once-over and would know even on peripheral view if there is something that might interest any of my clients.

Technically, my job requires me to know my clients really well. I should be able to determine which ones would suit them.

Shoes are my favorite. I am obsessed with shoes. Which actually comes in handy in what I do because I can always tell them how sizing goes based on experience.

My clients basically knows what they want I just make sure to update them from time to time.

After a day’s worth of shopping, I make sure to treat myself. I particularly love eating seafood. I cap off the night with some wine to get a good night’s sleep.

My favorite Seafood paella is a must every trip



Usually I would stay up late to talk to my staff from different countries. There are also some brands that I have direct contact with the upper management and communicate with them via mail. Since their time is totally different from ours, I oftentimes wait till our schedules meet so we can talk and email simultaneously.

As I said, I work too much. The only thing I never compromise in my travels, is comfort from my place of stay to the restaurants I dine in.

I usually take the room with a pool view as I find it really relaxing. Although I haven’t been allowed to swim after my LASIK treatment yet, I would usually stay by the poolside and read while waiting for the shops to open. 15065122_10211020207085471_161527575_o



Honestly, I barely have time for myself whenever I work so I make sure to at least make the duration of my stay as relaxing as possible.

Basically this is how my typical day abroad goes like. I will share more as we go along. For now here’s a quick peek.