Julia- what’s in her bag. The daytime drama queen of her generation shares with us.

As everyone knows, Julia Montes is my baby. I can actually refer to her as my person; one I can share anything and everything with.

At her young age, she is responsible- hard working, driven, flexible and intelligent. She is very matured in handling things that comes her way.

The young lady whom I proudly call my little sister shared with her ate her bag -and what’s in it 😛😘.

On Julia’s bag of choice:

Often seen in her collection of chanels with a mix of her go to prada tessuto for everyday- she reserves her most precious bag for big deals and important meetings.

Her bag:

Birkin 35 in etoupe PHW

A classic (like her) this baby is often referred to as the perfect neutral. Instead of going for black or white- etoupe is the safest shade for one who loves dressing up.

(photo lifted from google)

Her wallet:

image from google:

Prada tessuto contintental flap ❤

Her classic gucci shades that perfectly accents her meztiza features.

Her black umbrella

Laking lola I can relate. 😛

Her essential =RMK pressed powder

A cutesy pouch,bankbook and her phone and power bank.

Just like how we all know her- the no non-sense persona of this young superstar is reflected on her choice of must haves.

Thank you for sharing this baby. Ate loves you a lot 💜