Julia- what’s in her bag. The daytime drama queen of her generation shares with us.

As everyone knows, Julia Montes is my baby. I can actually refer to her as my person; one I can share anything and everything with.

At her young age, she is responsible- hard working, driven, flexible and intelligent. She is very matured in handling things that comes her way.

The young lady whom I proudly call my little sister shared with her ate her bag -and what’s in it πŸ˜›πŸ˜˜.

On Julia’s bag of choice:

Often seen in her collection of chanels with a mix of her go to prada tessuto for everyday- she reserves her most precious bag for big deals and important meetings.

Her bag:

Birkin 35 in etoupe PHW

A classic (like her) this baby is often referred to as the perfect neutral. Instead of going for black or white- etoupe is the safest shade for one who loves dressing up.

(photo lifted from google)

Her wallet:

image from google:

Prada tessuto contintental flap ❀

Her classic gucci shades that perfectly accents her meztiza features.

Her black umbrella

Laking lola I can relate. πŸ˜›

Her essential =RMK pressed powder

A cutesy pouch,bankbook and her phone and power bank.

Just like how we all know her- the no non-sense persona of this young superstar is reflected on her choice of must haves.

Thank you for sharing this baby. Ate loves you a lot πŸ’œ




On Baby Julia: Clara Is My Real Life Mara. Shopping For The Daytime Drama Queen.

As I previously mentioned, I will feature my clients as we go along. Particularly on how I built a good relationship and friendship with them.

Julia Montes, my baby made it big when she played the role of Clara on the remake of Mara Clara. The most successful drama series of the 90s. Then on, her career sky rocketed to teenage superstar status.

Julia openly admits that she looks up to Yan Yan and got to know my account because Β she learned that I am the queen’s shopper.

After a few talks, several deliveries, we just became really close. You know that level of closeness where you feel like you’ve known each other forever? Thats exactly how we felt.

Bonding night with my baby Julia and bestie Kakat. Missing beshie Maan here



Julia calls me her fairy fashion ate. Whatever she wants or whatever I think would look good on her, I source and bring to her doorstep. She loves the fact that I always suggest different brands that will complement her age and style. On random days, we simply hang out, be it on the set of her top rating afternoon soap, her day off or after work. We would have merienda or dinner together and talk about what’s going on in our lives. What’s stressing us over the past couple of days and so on. Juls got to know me to the point where one time she was so worried that I suddenly wasn’t my jolly self. As soon as I stepped out the set, she messaged me and re assured me that whatever I am going through or whatever stressful events are going on, I have her and that everything will pass.


When she learned about my blog she was so excited and immediately promoted on her account. I felt so happy knowing that I have gained not only the trust of these people but also earned their respect and love.

montesjulia08: this is it !!! congrats my ate @loveluxebags check her blog guys :) Image and caption courtesy of @montesjulia08 on IG
montesjulia08: this is it !!! congrats my ate @loveluxebags check her blog guys πŸ™‚
Image and caption courtesy of @montesjulia08 on IG

As for Julia, shoes makes her happy. She is one of the easiest people to shop for. Why? When she likes something no questions asked. She will just tell me, “go ate, I trust you get natin”.

Her biggest fashion investments, she let me purchase. I told her to stick with the classics in her bags adding some fun designs/brands every so often. Her investment pieces, she would always ask for my advice and would sweetly ask ate to source it for her. πŸ™‚

You know my heart is swelling with pride and joy knowing that my opinion matters. My suggestions are well considered and my work? Appreciated.

You see, my business’ most rewarding profit is not the monetary value, but the happiness & fulfillment I gain whenever I am able to execute my plans and visions, bring in what my clients are eagerly looking for and the experiences & relationships I have built with them.

My goal in love luxe is not to be the most well known shopper there is, rather, I want to be the Lifestyle consultant/friend whom they can lean on at all times. I do not aspire to be famous, I want to be remembered and known for being able to give unparalleled customer service and relationship to the people I cater to. πŸ™‚




Baby sis, I know you are reading this right now and I’d like you to know that in the same manner, I got you. Be it your shopping needs or personal matters, you know you have a sister from another mother right here. I’m always one message away. Okay? Okay.Β 

Love you always,

Ate. <3