Then came THE Kris Aquino. The one, the only.

Being a friend and a shopper to the primetime queen Marian Rivera is something I can consider a dream come true. Often times, people would ask me, since I already got the elusive queen, is there any one else I wish to shop for?


Image courtesy of google
Image courtesy of google

I would always say, Ms. Kris. Why? Because she is THE Kris A. No one does it like she does. I grew up in a household where her face was a staple of our tv screens. Whatever talk show she has, we watch. My mom is a fan. Mama has always been amazed by her level of intelligence and so am I.

For the longest time, I met and catered to people who had direct connections with her, then again having the mindset that referral and not request is the best form of marketing. I waited and prayed for the day to come.

On that fateful morning, I woke up quite early. My phone kept abuzz. With one eye open, I scanned my phone. Lo and behold an unfamiliar number popped on WhatsApp.


I rubbed my eyes (yes my LASIK treated eyes) and made sure I was wide awake. Re-read the message and checked if I was dreaming. Man, it was indeed her!

The very same day I went to her place to arrange and take care of some stuff.

On the third time I went to her place, when I came unprepared, turned out to be the first time we’d ever meet!!!

My mama prepared food for her since she heard that Ms. Kris wasn’t feeling well. As soon as I entered the room, I saw her! Eyes wide open, beaming with joy and anxious at the same time, I greeted her. She was her usual fun self. All I could do for 5 minutes there was smile. She ate mama’s specialty while chatting with me and I couldn’t be any happier and proud for my mama. She loved her cooking by the way.

What surprised me though was that she was surprised to see me. As you know, if you follow my social media accounts. I never really posted any photo of myself. I couldn’t and wouldn’t forget how she said: “OMG ang ganda mo!” In the duration of my stay she must have said that a couple of times. Good heavens, my charms worked when I needed it most. Nyahaha. (sorry di aka maka move on :D)

We had a chat and she asked me about my job, how I started. The normal getting to know you stage. In no time, I felt at ease. I was just myself telling her and answering her questions from the heart. It felt like I was talking to an elder sister. he he.

“You are so lovable and nice” were the adjectives she used to describe me while having the chat. I would never forget that.

You see my main capital in this industry is sincerity and passion. I’d like to believe that she must’ve seen that.

A few hours went like a breeze. I actually didn’t want to leave and yet I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable or give the wrong impression that I was “feeling close”. hehehe

She read my mama’s letter for her and she smiled. Touched by the gesture of my mom.

Generally, apart from saying that meeting her was another dream come true, the fact that we got to talk and learned more about each other was surreal.

I will forever keep that in my memory chest and would tell the story to everyone over and over again. After all, she is THE Kris A. The one, The Only.