Beauty Must Haves

Hello there!

I’d like to finally share to you the skincare products I can swear by. Since the inquirer/preen article, my acquaintances would often tease me about my being a LaMer baby.

Honestly, I have very sensitive skin. Too sensitive that event top and well known derma clinics can’t handle. One wrong medicine and I’m all red and have to meet my allergist. Anyhow, ever since I started the La Mer regimen, I only have good reviews to write.

It all started with the creme de La Mer.

The soft luxurious moisturizer leaves my face extremely soft and smooth. I can run through my fingers and feel like it’s flawless. hehehehhe

So I collected all of them. I’m not certain if I mentioned that I have an addictive type of personality. Haha! In a GOOD way though!! When it comes to the best products and shopping items, I need to have it. Must’ve inherited my Papa’s genes,eh?

My routine is simple. I begin with the facial wash, alternating the refining facial cleanser every 2-3 days. Since the beads may cause my skin to slough off frequently which I don’t like, and also not advisable.



Then, I use the oil absorbing tonic next followed by the treatment lotion.


The soft creme follows and then the La Mer concentrate which helps diminish spots or stops breakouts. It also helps in lightening black spots.

I layer it with the brilliance serum and regenerating serum and use my eye creams altogether. hehehe


The eye concentrate, the eye balm intense and the illuminating eye gel. If you’ve already met me you’ll know that my eyes are very deep set because of my mix blood.

It doesn’t end there though. hehehe

I use my favorite gennaisance serum- this is my holy grail.

This one is used to help you become pore-less. (Of course feeling ko no pores ako, pagbigyan it’s my blog, okay? Okay.


Finally, I use my perfecting creme. This leaves my face rosy. hehe

Before going to bed I use my lotion and body creme alternatively and my lip balm for my lips to prevent it from drying.



PS. I also use the body refiner for bath and the sun screen.

PPS. For travel, I use my regenerating travel kit and moisturizing soft lotion. Sometimes, I also bring the renewal oil along. If I remember hahaha.

My travel buddy


There you go. Hope you try it out soon and feel the difference! 🙂 What about you? Care to share your beauty must-haves too?




Disclaimer: Images courtesy of la mer website