Marian’s Dolce and Gabbana Clothes Can Now Be Yours

It’s that time of the year! The Queen, my friend Yan Yan whose advocacies are known to all, wants to clean out her closet to give way to the new season’s collection of various fashion houses. In lieu with this, Yan entrusted me to hold her sale on her behalf. Part of the proceeds will help her advocacies. Again, shopping made even more rewarding by the primetime queen. Alongside the clothes, I will throw in some of my stocks and would also donate a partake of the sales to those institutions Marian supports. She was very happy to hear that when I told her so.

If you wish to participate in this shopping event, you may check out my instagram account and message me privately on which ones you wish to purchase. Her clothes were only worn for a couple of hours so it’s as if buying the item from the store itself.

Here are some items that are included.



Kindly check out the rest on my IG page @loveluxebags

All clothes are size S




Bags Fit For A Queen – Primetime Queen Marian Rivera Shares Her Top 5 Favorite Bags

Happy New Year guys!

Of course my first post for the year has to be special. So today, let me share with you what our queen, Marian Rivera’s top 5 favorite bags are!

I know you’ve all been waiting for this. Of course as per every post, I ask for permission from the featured artist before I make my article. I told Yan I wanted this to be my first post for 2017. It was quite difficult for her to downsize her favorites and come up with only 5 since we know that her bag collection is massive. HAHA! I personally cannot recall how many she owns. As I mentioned before she is the type who buys something in all colors once she falls in love with the brand and the design.

Evidently, her Hermes collection alone is to die for. Not to mention other designer bags she has amassed over the years.

So what are the top 5 bags of our queen?


5. Princess Diana Bag from Lana Marks

Designed by Lana Marks for the late Princess Diana.

I wrote about this bag several articles ago. It made quite a buzz in the entertainment industry, not only on social media but the press picked up the story as well (When we first revealed this bag). Naturally, like I said Yan has this ‘Midas touch’. She can turn anything unknown to be the next big thing. Take it from me. I’ve been working with her closely and I’ve seen how some designers we barely even know skyrocketed to a list status after she wore them. As expected, everyone talked about it. For one, she’s the first Filipina to ever own this as per Lana Marks herself, who even wrote a hand-written note congratulating her for that.

She debuted the said bag on Zia’s 1st birthday celebration with Godparents and friends, nonetheless. A very remarkable bag for a very special occasion.

A bag designed for a Royalty deserves to be owned by another royalty (in showbiz that is 😉 )


4. Analeena croc

Awaiting go signal to post the pic.  😀

FYI, Olivia Palermo is crazy in love with this brand


3. Suvimol My sweet box Himalayan croc leather

Long before she showed her collection to the public, Yan and I were contemplating on which bags from the brand to get. If my memory serves me right, She was still pregnant with Z when we started to look into Suvimol’s designs. I told her that even in Dubai, the royalties also carry this bag. Actually, even Eva Chen (EIC of Lucky magazine) herself, one of the icons in the fashion industry adores the brand. Of course being a real fashionista who never sticks with one brand alone, Yan developed a love affair with the creations of S’uvimol.

This bag became her instant favorite. She first wore it to a showbiz commitment. She also used this bag when the family celebrated mommy Amy’s birthday.


2. Hermes kelly 28 in pink nilo shiny croc


I know it would take a lot of you by surprise to learn that Hermes is not her most favorite. Although as I always say, the most fashionable people who are confident with their style never really stick to one brand alone. Just like Yan, being a queen herself, she knows exactly what she likes and is not afraid to experiment.

Although her collection of Hermes bags is honestly almost every girl’s goal, I love how she views them as a mere accessory and not as something to define her individuality.

She doesn’t really identify herself with these bags alone, let alone the brand, in fact she can leave the house and live as luxuriously without them.

Since time immemorial the Birkin and Kelly bags have been a status symbol to most of the society people. They often associate it with affluence what with its hefty price tags and long wait list. Yet, if you know how to carry yourself and if you really can set trends, you don’t let your bag carry you. You carry the bag and still stand out because of you. Exactly how Marian does it, Right?


  1. Lana Marks Bespoke Marian Rivera Cleopatra Clutch

Man, I don’t really think this needs a lot of explaining. It’s not everyday that a renowned designer names a bag after you. Imagine a piece especially created for you and was made according to your style and preferences.

One that can speak for itself; that when you look at it, people will immediately say: “Ah, that’s so her”


As seen on the official website of Lana Marks, alongside Hollywood actors who have their own version of the cleopatra bag designed for them, Marian’s bag stands out and was for a time the photo on their home page.

Ahhhh, makes me feel so proud to be of help to bring this for her.


Whew! I’m sure she had a hard time choosing only 5! I’m telling you, she has so much bags that the public hasn’t seen yet. She has a lot, really. You can’t even imagine. hahaha! Can’t wait for her to share all of them to us. At least one at a time.

Oh, and I know what you guys will say, don’t worry my next top 5 will be her favorite shoes which will be followed by her favorite twinning outfits with Princess Z.

Exciting isn’t it?

Cheers to a positive and happy 2017!




The Queen And The Princess’ Take On Twinning= Perfection.

Earlier this month, Yan told me about their upcoming family trip. Since then we have been searching for the perfect twinning outfit for herself and baby Z.

We checked several designs from Dolce and Gabbana and came up with this pair in the end.


The print is not overpowering, very refreshing and is nonetheless gorgeous. We knew it would be a perfect twinning outfit for the most beautiful mom and baby tandem in the universe.

Fast forward 27th of December the queen posted a photo of herself and Princess Zia wearing them! I couldn’t help but giggle and look at it over and over again. Indeed, no one does it better than this adorable pair. 😍

This photo has GORGEOUS and Happiness written all over it.


It’s a tie! 😅😂😍 #aroundZworld 🇮🇩 @loveluxebags ❤️

A photo posted by Marian Rivera Gracia Dantes (@therealmarian) on

Yan, pls share more twinning photos in the near future? We just can’t get enough!

Enjoy your royal vacation!

All the love,


Lana Marks: designer to the royalties.

Marian loves unique and elegant pieces. One time we were talking, she asked me to know more about the brand Lana Marks and to try to check their pieces. She particularly liked the bag made for Princess Diana, what with that sleek and sophisticated look. I immediately knew that would be her next “it” bag.

That same day, I tried to get in touch with the Lana Marks team. A little past midnight I got a reply via my email and gave exchanged contact details with their team. I was so surprised when I received a WhatsApp message that said: “Hi Aimee the princess Diana bag should be available in a few weeks.- Lana Marks” As if her message was not enough, (or maybe she sensed that I was in huge disbelief) She gave me a phone call. Yes THE LANA MARKS herself! We discussed how to go about it and that the bag will be made upon confirmation. Weee!!! I was so excited!!


From the 1st message, the 1st phone call, the updates to the finished product 😀

She even attached a photo of herself and Princess Diana and wrote a dedication letter to Marian. Which the primetime queen appreciated so much.

I was so happy to be a channel in making this possible.

The bag and the letter even made it to the local news! See what I mean when I said Yan has a Midas touch? 😉 screenshot_2016-11-27-22-34-14

Let me share with you a copy of the letter from Lana as posted on IG:


Lana Marks' hand written note with a photo of herself and Princess Diana for Marian Rivera <3
Lana Marks’ hand written note with a photo of herself and Princess Diana for Marian Rivera <3


Here is a photo of the most talked about bag fit for a royalty. loveluxebags_lana_marks_marian_rivera_5loveluxebags_lana_marks_marian_rivera_6loveluxebags_lana_marks_marian_rivera_2


Yay! til our next shopping project!